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Black Magic

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Black Magic
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Before I begin on my post, I would like everyone to clearly understand the only time I like to classify magick as a color is when I can not find a better word to describe what I am talking about without confusion to my readers. We all have different views on the Craft, what I write is my view. This does not mean I am correct or incorrect, but also understand this is my aspect of Witchcraft, and ones aspect does not always reflect to another. The best we can thrive for is to help you find your true calling.

We understand not everything always goes accordingly as planned in our lives. Those of us who know how to use energy flow, understand if it is a logical request, most likely if the Spell is done correctly will get what we desire. We are not hierarchy or even above the average man, we are not above the Earth, and we need learn experiencing traumatic events are natural. Revenge and desire play a important role in using Black Magick. What we seek is to find control in our lives through the power of magick, and in some cases its all about personal gain. As a person of many beliefs, I do my best to do good to others, and hope others will do unto me as well, sometimes I can be weak as well though.

My experience with Black magick is you get what you ask for, but my belief system, and the kind of Will power and Intent I use creates a punishment for me. I allow karma to control my life; I expect to be punished for disturbing the natural flow of the universe. However, Karma is not a universal concept so it does not apply to other systematic beliefs. Over the years, people who know me personally or just as pin pals have asked me to perform curses for them. It is very rare for me to accept to do someone else's dirty work, but everyone in my life gets one favor, what happens after its casted is out of my hands.

Love spells could be described as a form of Black Magick, the idea is to get that person to think only of you and connect a binding from you to them. In other posts I describe the importance of what exactly your ritual consists of, how it is made, direction, and correct energy flow. Failing to not correctly create a spell, and not just letting it come naturally can be dangerous, especially for those of you who have experienced a back fired spell, you understand.

When we have a desire that involves another person, we want to keep them, so we begin casting. I see so many people disagree love spells do not work and they are false, on request I could give you several people who I have casted for and had amazing results, as well as others who have casted Love Spells, it’s all about the Will and Intent.

When casting a love spell, there is a way to make it not so dark. You could request a call to your soul mate, you could create a spell to find true love, you could even use divination or scrying to try and locate the one that was made for you. I noticed for some odd reason when I cast a love spell for someone it works in a manner of three. You could go through three people before you find the one, it could be three decades, years, months, weeks, days, or even down to the hour.

Is it possible to completely take over someone else, like roll them to make them yours? In that aspect, I would say you could never truly corrupt someones thoughts and Will. If it is possible I have yet to understand it.

Black magick to me is unnaturally addicting and controversial to the ways of how I or others work. This kind of Art is misunderstood, even by those who put that energy out into the world like that. When I create my curse, I take my time, filling my mind and spell with that thought of corruption and dangers in emotions I normally would suggest against using. So this goes back to how my method of payment works, we pay through our actions and the sacrifice and cost for the spell. Sometimes, dissecting a animal or amphibian for that correct part I need for that spell has to be done. Boils down to how you cast your spells and what you’re willing to do to get what you want most.

Now, we learn what items could be used to satisfy ourselves in this particular Art. Some have been known to use Coffin nails, Coffin Dust, Graveyard dirt, Chicken bones, Rusty objects, Animal parts, and many other means. A Witch knows this, DNA, Pictures, and a Full name, have always been wonderful focusing objects in both aspects of Witchcraft. Just by using these in the spell it can be directed right to your front door or in general to find you. In my practice I prefer to use props and focus objects, as explained before the spells I create are made to represent a metaphysical body, after it has been etched in my mind what it does, and how it works, I can naturally use it afterward once I have an idea of its appearance and existence.

As far as Black Magick being the most powerful, this could be debated for years on how untrue this is, it depends on your preferences. All Magick is equal in my eyes, because no matter what type of control and energy work we use, it’s all energy. Energy has no appearance, it has no prejudice, and it has no body. Energy even used in this Art is the same, energy flows through us and gives us life, it flows through all things, we can entrap it, manipulate it, but we can never truly be the master of it. As I get older, I am learning never to doubt someones beliefs, even if it is overly fetched, we need let others learn.

Black Magick has been practiced for as long as Magick and Energy have been used, I believe no matter the branch or flavor we prefer, we should test out everything, or at the very least come to a understanding with all aspects of Witchcraft, including Black Magick.
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Re: Black Magic
Post # 2
I am unclear as to what you mean by Black Magic?

Do you mean 'baneful magick? Hexing, cursing, etc?
Or are you referring to the summoning of entities to carry out your bidding/influence free will etc. Eg Goetic, golems etc?

As far as powerful magic goes - forget black magic - the wrath of an angel is way worse!!!!

Regarding karma - If you read the bagavad ghita (where it originates) - it is explained that it is your attachment to karma that creates it ie guilt etc.

We are all adults who can make effective risk-benefit judgements.

I would not really call love spells baneful magick.

Interested to hear if others feel differently though?
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Re: Black Magic
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Probably the most tasteful post on the darker side to magick that I've read in a long time. Nice job. =)
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