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Writing a spell?

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Writing a spell?
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Writing a spell?
Post # 1
I've been told repeatedly a spell is more powerful if you come up with it yourself and use your own words. I'd appreciate help with that c:
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Re: Writing a spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
i started out my studying other spells, and altering them slightly to be more personalized. you should get a pen and paper, start by figuring out what you want to accomplish. we'll go with luck as an example. next, write down some things associated with luck, could be symbols, colours, items, crystals, or herbs. third, figure out what type of spell you'd like, a candle spell, a honey jar or witches bottle, a potion, a charm.

let's go with a satchel, you took an aloe leaf, a green drawstring bag, some cinnamon incense, and agate. you then choose to pass each item through the smoke and say a chant, say it's something like 'with this (item) turn my luck around, only good fortune shall abound, so mote it be'. write down how the spell went, then carry the satchel for a month, record if your luck changes. if it doesn't, go back to the spell and see what you can alter, or needs fixing.

spell writing is sort of trial and error. start small with things like luck and money, before toying with love spells or curses or things like that. study will help you as well as experience. keep in mind, the chant doesn't have to rhyme if you don't want it do, and you can use as many items as you want, just be sure they all have the same properties as the spell you wish to cast. lastly, some items you'll have a stronger connection with than others, if you don't like one, substitute it for something you do like. hope this helped.
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Re: Writing a spell?
Post # 3
NekoShema made great instructions. ^^

I would like to state some more things about what you have been told about using spells which were made by your own in comparison to other spells you find elsewhere, since you got the impressions they are more "powerful".

The statement that your own spells are more powerful is partially wrong but however it has some truth in it, it might be more effective as it probably answers the following criteria:
-A spell written by yourself is attached to your own (personal) energy, so you can build up and raise energy to direct it upon your intent more easily and simply. It absolutely makes the process of energy manipulation and directing easier.
-Besides that, a spell written by yourself is designed by yourself, above all. This means that you can make a spell which specifically fits your intent / desires and of course, your needs and requests from the spell work you are going to perform. You can be way more specific and accurate this way.

That being said, you can still use spells you didn't write since after all, the results of the spell mostly depend on how you cast it although a good spell is required. While it can be neat to use spells you make by your own, if you find difficult working on spells, you have the free will to choose to use whichever spell you'd like to.

In conclusion, writing your own spell does not make the spell itself more powerful. Not at all, most of the spell depends on how you cast it and how you direct your energy upon your intent. To be more accurate, your own spell makes it just more comfortable to use.

Do whatever feels comfortable for you.
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