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About Spells
Post # 1

This is a little thread on spells, how to make them, why they don't work, and more.

Spells are like prayers. When you pray you are asking the universe, god, goddess, spirit, etc for help on something or meeting a goal you have planned out. That is basically what a spell is. Asking the universe or whatever you believe in for guidance to increase the chances of something happening or meeting a goal. However, you must work hard too because as long as you work hard a spell can increase the chances of you meeting your goal. It's like a student goes to high school and wants to get into a good college. They do a spell to help them, but they did their best and made straight A's. Since they worked hard the spell worked. A spell won't work if you are lazy. It's like a student doing a spell and they make all F's without any effort. The spell won't work because you didn't earn it. Of course spells can curse people and all that, but it's mainly to help you. Spells are not good nor evil because magick isn't. It's our own intent that makes it a good or bad purpose. Magick is energy and our spells direct that energy verbally after focusing it through meditation. Magick has no color and is not good or bad, but our intent makes it a good or bad purpose, like I said before. Not every spell will work too. It takes practice. We are human. Simple as that. We are not perfect.

There are a few ways to make spells, but that is up to the caster who is casting them. When you write a spell it's more powerful to you as an individual because you put more of your own intent into it which allows you to be more connected to it. Go into a meditation and ask yourself questions about the spells. Ask and answer questions (to yourself):

  • What items am I planning on using for the spell? (Make sure they work with the spell)
  • What is this spells purpose?
  • What will the spell say?
  • Is this what I need?
  • Is it going to bring joy or bring pain?
  • What type of spell is it?
  • Anything else you might add.

These are all things that I, maybe even you, ask when making a spell. You don't have to have items in your spells. Items just helps your spell. They help them because they are also composed of energy as are we. If you can't use a real candle then take a battery power one. The reason why is because it too as energy. As stated, we our energy, magick is energy, the universe is energy. It is best to use candles and items that work with your spell's purpose. Plus be very detailed with your spell. You never know what might go wrong.

There are also multiple reasons why spells don't work, but practice is also good. Reasons:

- You have not practice that basics. The basics include:

  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Centering
  • Grounding
  • Moon Phrase and more.

Not every path tells you to do the basics, but several paths suggest you do these for a year and one day to be able to cast a spell successfully.

- The spell breaks the laws of the physical plane. We have laws that govern nature. Laws to keep our world stable and to keep out chaos. Plus common sence plays a key part in this. Teleporting won't work because you can't split you atoms and transport them, transformation won't work because you can't change your DNA; we have over six feet of DNA in every cell in our body and our bodies contain trillions of cells, you can't fly because you can't bind gravity, you can't control the elements; they help us, and more to this list.

- You aren't casting it correctly.

- You aren't using the same items. If you don't have all the items to a spell then look up what items can be replaced with what too.

- And a few more things that may come in mind.

When looking for a spell please use common sence. Common sence is important with finding one that works. If you don't think it'll work then make your on. Use mind over matter. Hint hint.

I hope this helps you all. More to come.

Brightest Blessings. ^Grg.Legend^

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Re: About Spells
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: About Spells
Post # 3
Very good. All I would add is that not all basics are universal. For instance, in my path, grounding and centering are not really basic. However, a good amount of knowledge into religion and religious practices is necessary in order to do certain things. :)

I would also like to add that lack of conviction in your working can lead to a failure.
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Re: About Spells
Post # 4

Thank you, DanniBird.

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