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Book Suggestion

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Book Suggestion
By: / Beginner
Post # 1


I wish to ask if anyone can guide me to different books of theurgy,about other paths(wicca, pagan, DRUIDISM,norse, etc) and elemtral magic? And,not important,maybe a book on thaumaturgy?

Also, I may have another question:because I live in a different country, that means I have a different pronountiation thatn the other people. Is this affecting my mantras? I mean the "t" in my language is different from the english one. If a mantra contains "t", would it affect it?

Thanks for reading and responding to my questions. Blessed be and may you achieve succes in every endeavor you'll do.

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Re: Book Suggestion
Post # 2

Hello Andre,

One thing you might find beneficial is learning to centralize your efforts when researching a topic. Let's say for the month of March you only look into Spiritual and Magickal topics that relate to Thaumaturgy/Practical Magick or otherwise known as Low Magick. Doing this, you wouldn't divide your time into looking at it for a day, then becoming bored and looking into material on Wicca or Northern Shamanism.

When people are new to an area, niche, culture, etc. they tend to let themselves become overwhelmed by everything that it encompasses. This hinders them actually learning anything useful, finding out if it's worth their time, and leads to an unproductive journey for everyone they come in contact with, let alone themselves.

So, when you get book recommendations, divide it up into sections and don't look at any other section until your month is up. Along the way, keep a list of things you want to look at further. This allows you to keep on reading and not get caught up in the jargon and terms that have had centuries to accumulate by those who make that niche their home.

Having said all of that, I think you might find books by Jason Miller to be good for Practical Magick/Sorcery. He's good for learning overall concepts of something and seeing the bigger picture, but he might not be good to read for the absolute beginner.

As for Wicca, most anything by Scott Cunningham is good. Raymond Buckland is also a staple in this area. Both are also good for other areas of magick outside of Wicca, too.

It's hard to find decent resources on Druidry because until the late 1800's, it was a fairly dead culture. Druids largely died out centuries ago because they were the Advisers, Scholars, and Lore Keepers. What better way for Kings to subjugate a people than to kill their history, culture, and intellectuals? Some old knowledge did survive by hiding in plain sight and keeping their teachings in the family, imprinting their knowledge into objects to reveal it to those family members over time when they've developed enough spiritually, but they didn't record it in written record that I've found. So, you get those who are neo-druids and took what you'll find largely from an amalgamation of paths based on mythology.

You can find some decent neo-druid information from Black Mountain Druid Order at www.bmdo.org or from the Order of Bards and Druids at www.druidry.org.

If I'm not mistaken, Wolftrest, a member on this website is from a family that has managed to pass on their old druidic practices. He was going to start taking on students locally if I remember correctly. If you find you're serious and not going to waste his time, you might look into contacting him.

Just keep in mind that most people are quite busy, so it's good to have been sure before committing to something like Druidry which has a history of having 12-13 years of initiation before making yourself a Druid.

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Re: Book Suggestion
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Thank you for responding to my thread and please forgive me for thanking you barely now.

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