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Name: AmitysLight
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About Me:

I enjoy delving into different perspectives of anything, and the various disciplines of magick, occult, and spirituality are no different. It's always interesting to see what one person finds their truth in that another doesn't. It is my hope that those on SoM who also share this passion will message me and debate these aspects.

What I Am Practicing:

I haven't done much traditional spellcasting. I don't feel I am there, yet. I enjoy Tarot for divination and have been studying the art of the Pendulum. I am working towards enlightenment (aren't we all), and have found through meditation that I'm needing to take my advancement in the occult slow at this point in my life, so I haven't actively practiced other forms of magick as of yet. I also have been studying Kundalini and Yoga for spiritual growth.

To Contact Me:

If you're someone who understands that you can't become a vampire, werewolf, fairy, mermaid, etc. then you're welcome to contact me. I do appreciate you filling out a meaningful subject line so I can find your message later to review our prior conversations. Also, I'm a fairly blunt person who doesn't get emotionally invested in arguments. If you're getting worked up over something I said or taking offense, chances are I didn't mean it in the context that you're reading it. I'm not much for drama.