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The Younger Futhark

Forums ► Norse Paganism ► The Younger Futhark
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The Younger Futhark
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The Younger Futhark are the runes of the Northern areas of Europe. These were the runes of the Viking Era. They come after the Elder Futhark which is Germannic in origin.

Fe - Wealth, Power (F)

This is a rune that suggest wealth is on the way. Wealth can be of mundane or spiritual value. This rune also suggests the coming of power and self-improvement.

Merkstave: Lose of money, power, prestige.

Ur - Drizzle, Slag, Strength (U)

This rune encourages to drive out weaknesses. It promotes self improvement and the finding of strength. This rune also advises independence and freedom.

Merkstave: Weakness, obesessin, domination by others.

Thurs - Giant (TH)

This rune is a force of nature. It implies that strong natural forces are at work in your life. It is also a rune of aggresive protection and sometimes a warning of harm.

Merkstave: Delusion and misunderstanding.

As - God (A)

This is a rune of improvement. It encourages communication and learning. It advises to be close to divinity and to have an open mind. It signals self betterment and surpassing limits. This rune is closely linked with Odin.

Merkstave: Confusion, delusion, and misunderstanding.

Reidh - Riding (R)

This is a rune of travel and change. It signifies a life change and spiritual grow and travel. It also is a force of direction. This rune used in magic directs the flow of energy. It is also a force of guidance.

Merkstave: Crisis, standstills, injustice, irrationality.

Kaun - Sore, Fire, Creation (C,K)

This rune is a force of change. This rune represent the forces of fire and it's ability to both forge a tool to help or to harm. Kaun is also a rune of generosity and inner warmth of the soul. It represents anger as well and its ability to hurt others.

Merkstave: Breaking of things, lack of compassion, aggression.

Hagall - Hail (H)

This rune is usually a warning of crisis and harm to come. It represents the hailstorm that can destroy homes and crops. But for a field to regenerate and become more plentiful than before the destructive storm must first appear.

Merkstave: Harm, inability to heal, inability to change.

Naudh - Need (N)

This rune represents resistance. Resistance as a force that holds something back. This can be both positive and negatice. This rune also suggest adaption and self improvement.

Merkstave: Opposition and stalemates.

Iss - Ice ( i )

This is a rune of stillness. It is a rune of inner calm and a sign to be patient. It encourages the concentration of will and the practice of discipline.

Merkstave: Stagnation and isolation.

Ar - Good year (A,J)

This rune represent the cycle of nature and the affect of the seasons. This rune is a sign of prosperity and peace. This rune encourages friendship and enlightenment.

Merkstave: Poverty and conflict.

Sol - Sun (S)

This is a rune of success and enlightenment. This rune encourages activity and involment in all things you do. It conflicts with Iss. Sol is a feminine energy and is associated with strong female figures in your life. This rune is a sign of a break through and a success.

Merkstave: Delusion and false sense of victory.

Tyr - The god Tyr (T,D)

This rune is the rune of law and honor. It promotes honesty and nobility. This rune also governs things legal and injust. This rune promotes self-sacrifice and nobilty of values.

Merkstave: Disloyalty and lingering on old injustices.

Bjarkan - Birch (B)

This is a rune of transformation and self-improvement. It represents becoming something new. It represents growth and change as an individual. It also teaches the respect of life, death, and rebirth.

Merkstave: Stagnation and the inability to grow.

Madhr - Man (M)

This rune represents the beauty of humanity and all the gifts we have. It signals grow and developement of the self. It also represents second chances and forgiveness. This rune signals relationships with the gods.

Merkstave: Depression and grief, delusions.

Logr - Water, Lake (L)

This rune is a rune of movement. It is a rune of inner-will and strength. It represent the abilty to move on and to go to better places. Thus it is a rune of peace in death and in life. This rune also represent standing up before a force and never giving in.

Merkstave: Fear

Yr - Yew (R,W)

This rune represents man and the connection we have with all things spiritual. It is a rune of protection and divinity. It represents the ability to be strong and to have pride but not arrogance. It is a force of black and white, life and death, the two sides of the coin. It suggests examining things carefully.

Merkstave: Confusion and ignorance.

Sources: Northern Magic by Ed Thorsson

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