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demonic presence

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► demonic presence
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demonic presence
Post # 1
I need help. My family n I are very open and aware of spirits and it is usually not a problem but we have a very evil dark entity in our house that wont leave. I'm not a novice and have warded the house several times but last night it was able to physically hold me down. I need something a whole lot more effective to get rid of this
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Re: demonic presence
Post # 2
Burn sage. That is quite effective from what I have heard.
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Re: demonic presence
Post # 3
Did that and then some. As I said I am not a beginner but this thing is way beyond what I have done. Thanks though.
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Re: demonic presence
Post # 4
If you haven't already, I suggest talking to it to find out what it wants. If you're dealing with a demon or some other spirit then it must have something to accomplish. If you can't reason with it then there is an easy way to get rid of it, force it to through sheer willpower. Spirits can only take hurt or control us if we allow them to, if you believe in your heart that you cannot be harmed then you will not be. Once it has been made clear to the spirit that it's lost the advantage, they will be much more open to leaving you alone. The key is to mark your territory and make it clear that you are in control of the situation, don't worry you are so long as you don't lose faith in yourself. Just keep telling yourself that you can do it, and believe yourself when you say it, and no spirit can stand against you.
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Re: demonic presence
Post # 5
I agree - try to communicate first.

It concerns me that you experienced physically being held down - was this while you were sleeping - ?could be sleep paralysis or could be djinn - did you get any form of visual?

Anyhow, most can be moved on by asperging with blessed water and salt. Vinegar also helps. Make your environment appealing with pleasant smells and candles. Tibetan singing bowls also work a treat.

Command it to leave if you can't talk to it. Be unafraid.

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Re: demonic presence
Post # 6
it may be a couple of things, one someone is using a invisibility spell which is hard to master but I doubt this because usually those types of spells cannot effect a person without the person eventually being seen by screwing around with the environment or other people causing someone to be seen do to the fact invisibility spells were meant to do harmless things such as not wanting to be seen, although I have met some people with the forbidden power to violate and hurt or harm someone. But even then they usually end up being seen or caught or at the very least being seen. Now the solution to a person invading your house is to do a spell from any magick that works for you that enables the person to be seen or to be discovered. but don't worry usually invisibility spells only make you be not noticed instead of being invisible therefore the invisibility thing is most likely not the issue
second possibility, it could be a ghost, demon or astral projection that is attacking you, what you must do then is control the demon, bind him, or banish it to something, someone or send them somewhere else, if this is a curse I suggest sending the curse to someone else to deal with it, usually you will want to send it to someone that's pure evil, mischievous or bad, that way the curse will stay with them, usually you will want to find someone with little or no power and someone that's not a friend nor a enemy, but of course a curse usually or sometimes finds a way to come back at you or it's sent back to you especially if you bind it or banish it to another person which is why you should send the curse to a object rather than a person, and besides objects can't fight back nor send it back to you, so I suggest sending the curse to a street lamp or to a object and putting it somewhere away from the house and as far as from you as possible, remember if you send a curse to someone it will always or most of the time come back not only because of the 3 fold law but also because people send it back, banish it back or prays against it. putting it within a object lets just say a egg this is a spell I learned, you get a egg and absorb all the negativity and spirits within the house into the egg, then you bury the egg outside where you leave the negative energies there forever. Anyways evil can be controlled especially if you use a higher power with positive energies. I can tell you more about this if you e-mail me on here. But if you can't get rid of the evil inside your house then the biggest suggestion is to leave the evil energies behind, move away, doesn't mean that you move immediately but as soon as possible and do not tell anyone not a person, no one, and renounce and forget every curse or spirit that you did not banish after doing a spell, and do not try to think to much about where you are moving, just find a place that's peaceful and calm and bless your home with a welcoming spell welcoming positive energies, doesn't nessesarly have to be spirits, I just suggest happy and loving and compassionate energies, and feel then energies just flow within it and create energy full of life and love. But if you move I suggest waiting till you have enough money to move do not say out loud to the spirits where you are going, and start a new life somewhere else, and don't forget to summon loving, positive, happy, joyful, and peaceful energies and keep everything positive with everything that you do, and find positive energies and positive things to do and feel positive then your life will be much greater. And don't ever think or try to think about the negative stuff instead focus on positivity, and one last thing I suggest filling your house with positive things such as plants that's a symbol of life, a water fountain is a symbol of life, and objects such as angel statues, faeries, and stuff that will make you laugh whenever you look at it either in happiness or something comical, but make sure it isn't negative or evil laughter. just fill the house with things that will make evil scared to be there like happy things, and keep your house clean and have no dust or dirt on the floor, and keep salt which is a good symbol in the corners of every room. And try not to invite evil or negativity back in even if someone wrongs you, just bless them and bless yourself and let the power of good take care of everything, and once you invite a curse or any curse back it's all over. Sorry this will be the very last thing, be sure you go to a neighborhood that's protected and positive, never go to a place with negativity. that's all for now.
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Re: demonic presence
Post # 7
Invisability spells dont work.
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Re: demonic presence
By: / Novice
Post # 8
I agree with Darkmoon this is concerning. This would be the time if you've ever used Angel magic to use it now. Call for your angels to fight this for you. Stand firm and like Darkmoon said command it to leave. Tell it that it has no authority there. Start at the back door of you house with sage and walk through each and every room working your way to the front door. Then even it doesn't have to be open for the spirit to leave open it anyway and tell it with force to get out and not to return. Close the door. Go back to the back door and over every threshold put sea salt if you have it. If not regular table salt will do. I know your not a beginner so you know this. However if you need any help with calling for your angels just let me know. I've had to face this kind of thing before. Your not alone, keep the faith, and command it to leave.
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Re: demonic presence
Post # 9
Annamare has just provided a great smudging technique. You can do this anytime you feel a presence you aren't comfortable with, or just for general astral buildup.

Throw in the LBRP and you have a powerful spiritually purifying and centering technique. For those serious about magical paths, LBRP should be done daily.

As far as Angels go, ask Archangel Michael for help

Let us know how you go

Brightest blessings
Dark Moon
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Re: demonic presence
Post # 10
Buy a conch shell and tie it to a black woolen chord and hang it in front of the house, The place where the conch shell is present, negativity will become inactive. Burn sage before doing this, while burning sage, remember to have the doors and windows closed, so the spirits taking a luxurious life at your home will eventually get gone. A suggestion.
hope this helps,
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