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Demon Hunter

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Demon Hunter
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Demon Hunter
Post # 1
How do i become a skilled demon hunter where do i start?

Re: Demon Hunter
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Other Spells Discussion.

Re: Demon Hunter
Post # 3

You cannot hunt demons.

Re: Demon Hunter
By: / Novice
Post # 4
1: Buy a '67 Impala sedan and have it painted black.
2: Buy an butt load of guns.
3: Get a brother named Dean.
4: Go hunting.

Seriously, you won't find anything like that here. There are hunting lodges that look for bad stuff and "take care of it", but they don't normally accept nubes. If you are really interested in that type of thing, start learning the magic from a reputable lodge like the Golden Dawn, B.O.T.A. or Ordo Templi Orientis. I am not saying that someone from pagan traditions would not be accepted into a hunting lodge, but in the lodges I have had dealings with I never met anyone from pagan paths. Then you would have to get thier attention. That may be the most difficult thing, as they do not advertize. Once you do, then you'll have to talk to them for thier own requirements.

Hunting lodges are kind of unusual. They are a different breed of occultist.



Re: Demon Hunter
Post # 5
Someone's been watching too much Charmed and Supernatural

Please learn what a demon is first and what they really are before thinking they're something that is even possible to hunt

I beg of you to pull your mind out of this fantasy world and pick up a non fantasy book on demons

Re: Demon Hunter
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I do watch a lot of Supernatural. It's one of my favorite shows. But, it is fiction. And yes, the the sarcasm I made at the beginning of my last post was drawn from there.

I first read about them in Dion Fortune's book Sane Occultism. She states:

"Cases also occur wherein people volunteer to assist in some difficult and dangerous occult undertaking, such as the hunting of a black magician." (Page 179)

In another work, Psychic Self-Defense, she states:

"In addition to the Occult Police, who function solely on the Inner Planes, there also exist certain groups of occultists who have banded themselves together for the purpose of combating Black Occultism. I suppose they give themselves different names, but I do not know what these are; I have always heard them referred to generically as the Hunting Lodges. Upon various occasions I have skirmished on their flanks and looked on at some lively forays."

I have also read about them in the works of Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, but unfortunately those books are in my storage room and not available to me at the moment. I'll be happy to post them when I get them out.

As far as what I have read, I have studied the works of the Grand Grimoire, the Grimoire of Honorius, and the Theurgia Goetia, as well as several of the more modern works. But most of the new works are just reworks of the older ones.

I don't want to go through the list of things I have done, books I have read and what not. While I do enjoy works of fiction (Never liked Charmed much, although it does get the blood flowing. Lol!) I can insure you that I don't draw upon any fiction when discussing such things.



Re: Demon Hunter
Post # 7
More importantly you should know what your messing with demons are not beings to be taken lightly they're extremely dangerous especially for inexperienced hunter such as yourself (no disrespect intended) but you should know what your up aginst before you go hunting something your not prepared for safety is a key role is that particular activity -moonlight disaster

Re: Demon Hunter
Post # 8
Lol How funny it would be if you go searching for Demon to hunt that is impossible but still and instead Demon starts hunting you lol XD
well not possibles They cant be killed atleast we humans really dont have any magic or power to kill them and they are fallen angels so imortal they are So you better not mess yourself with em or they will mess your life... They are Gods/entitie you can say this Demon means Divine power or replete of wisdom or lesser spirit of god who if wish can make you dead with there eye blink lol So my advice Let Sam,Cass and Dean hunt them you just watch and enjoy..
Bright Blessings

Re: Demon Hunter
Post # 9
merry meet Erick i would first learn all about demons (spirits),and learn some old medival summoning spells/solomon grimoire has it online summon and banish etc. till you get good at it then put a add for hire in the news paper and help those who are haunted,possessed, etc.

Re: Demon Hunter
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
*cough* fluff stuck in my throat *cough*

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