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True Vampires

Forums ► Misc Topics ► True Vampires

True Vampires
Post # 1

Before I begin, I would like to apologize to everyone; as Im sure we are all getting tired of seeing this subject arise time and time again. However, I have hopes that this article will prevent or at least minimize similar posts from being created in the forums. In an effort to make this article as beneficial as possible, I will be straight to the point, state my stance in the beginning, and then give you my lengthy reasoning. Although many articles could be written on each mythical creature, in the interest of time, I will be focusing on Vampires considering it is the most popular topic on this site. Thank you for your time and patience.

So, without further adieu, I present to you my thesis; you wont be able to change yourself into a vampire, and vampires dont exist.

All information included in this article has been collected from 7 years of study, which has been compiled from sources such as interviews, books, essays, articles, websites and videos. If you are interested in looking into these sources, I encourage you to contact me.

How do I become a vampire? I really want to become one and Ill do anything for it!

Fortunately, you will never have that opportunity. It is widely accepted within the community that it is virtually impossible to be changed into a vampire. However, to entertain the idea that everything is possible, I will combat this line of thinking with the reasoning that even if it was possible to become a vampire, I can say without a doubt that you would neither posses the determination or ability to accomplish such a feat with magic. Furthermore, if you were able to put in the time and effort into researching on how to become a vampire, you would realize that the vampires you were thinking of dont exist and are rather the products of Hollywood entertainment.

Im a 1000 year old vampire, thank you very much!

Luckily, you arent. The fantasy vampires that we all know and love from twilight dont exist and never have. Some people say that vampires reside on the astral plane, considering that so much is possible there I wouldnt have the jurisdiction to disagree with them. However, let it be noted that they stay on the astral plane and never visit the physical world. So if someone claims to be a vampire they are fluff.

Religious Vampires (Or Vampyres)

Some would encourage me to end there, but there is more to be said. I fully agree that you cant become/be a vampire; however there are people who practice a vampire like, lifestyle. These people call themselves Vampyres, much like we put the additional k on magic to pick out the difference between fluff and true practitioners. To these people, it is nothing more than regular religious practice, much like being a Pagan or Wiccan. They do not consider themselves as the mythical creatures that Hollywood has created; rather they simply use blood in ritual and tend to have a more gothic theme when practicing. They do drink blood on occasion; as blood is believed to be a powerful and sacred substance in many religions, however they do not hunt down people and forcibly take their blood. It is very easy to go to the local butcher and pick up a bag of blood, a by-product of creating edible meat. All one has to do is pour the blood into a glass and consume it, just like any other liquid. However, human blood is usually preferred so a donor is found. This person is essentially a blood donor and allows the Vampyre to drink/use their blood by making an incision in their skin, usually with a knife or razor. The process of getting a donor though is a very serious and time-consuming endeavor. The donor is required to obtain blood tests and go through a physical at the hospital before any blood can be donated. This is to ensure that the donor is safe to give blood and that the donor wont transmit a disease to the Vampyre, such as HIV. If you care to know more, message me.

But Vampires Do Exist!

Im sure weve all heard this before; at one point I said it as well(in different context, but still). Whenever a post of this nature is created there are typically a few people who bring up how vampires do exist and they usually have the same reasoning behind their claims. However, the people that are used as evidence to support the idea of vampires are really not vampires at all; they are just ordinary humans with a couple of disorders. Some of the most common lines of reasoning are for each attribute for a fantasy vampire are

  • Burning up in the sun
  • Nocturnal
  • Drinks blood
  • Superhuman abilities (flying, super speed/strength, night vision, etc.)
  • Altered physical characteristics (fangs, pale, different eye color, claws, etc.)

Taking all of those attributes into consideration we can begin to eliminate and explain why these qualities may occur in someone who is completely human. It has been recorded that photophobia exists in some humans. This disorder can cause symptoms ranging from migraines to serious injury when they are exposed to sunlight. Their bodies are unable to handle the radiation from the sun and it actually kills their skin cells. It is very common for people who have this disorder to change their sleeping habits to become nocturnal as a remedy for this. However, as a result this can create changes in skin color and minor changes in eye color. As stated above, it is completely possible to drink blood however it is done more for ritual then for an actual food source. And, the rest is usually attributed to mutations in DNA.

Now the people who actually have these genetic abnormalities, which are used to explain the possible existence of vampires, are not actually vampires at all. They are just normal humans who have a disorder, nothing more, nothing less. Their disorders might mirror what happens to vampires in the entertainment industry but in no way does this justify these people being vampires.

But I have cravings for blood!

If up to this point and you believe that what Ive said could apply to you, first off, I am sorry to hear that, and two, here is the process you need to go through. Symptoms of this nature generally occur after puberty, which can rage from 13 to 25 years of age. If at this time, you begin to start developing similar symptoms to those I have described you are encouraged to visit a doctor immediately. If you are craving blood then you should ask your doctor for an Iron Deficiency test, since one of the symptoms of Iron Deficiency are cravings of blood. If you are sensitive to light there are a couple reasons for this. If it mainly is affecting your eyes then its probably a problem with how your pupils dilate and an eye doctor should be seen if the condition persists. However, if it resulting from the skin then visit your doctor immediately and they will be able to preform tests to get you the best care. If you are having any other symptoms please visit your doctor. (Just for the record, Im 15 and by no means have my medical license, please dont self medicate based upon what I say.) As you can see, there is no cause for alarm or to just to conclusions. If you are experiencing symptoms then calmly find the correct doctor/professional to assist you. Its always better to be safe then sorry when it comes to your health. This includes considering the Placebo effect. Its possible to actually create symptoms subconsciously, so make sure the symptoms are real and not imagined.

Hopefully by now you have gained a new outlook on the subject of vampires. From what youve read you can now draw the conclusion that vampires do not exist (except for perhaps on the astral planes), that being a religious Vampyre is a very serious matter & they actually have many of the same troubles as our community; just like we have a problem with fluffy witches, they have just as large of a problem with fluffy vampyres (those who are fantasy, not religious). However, despite how both groups have similar problems, the vampyre community has something the magical community lacks; the vampyre community is able to accept that witches have their beliefs and that it is NOT there place to challenge them or call the entire group fluffies. All Im asking is that we have the same decency the vampyres do; if they can accept us for whom we are and acknowledge that our beliefs are sacred and special to us, then can we please extend the same courtesy to them? Instead of labeling an entire group as fluffies, rather learn to discriminate between the fluffs and true practitioners in the Vampyre community. If we continue to implement a cure all plan for the tolerance of Vampyres then we will lose valuable knowledge in the process.

All in all, I hope this article has accomplished the goals I intended for it. Ive talked about how vampires only exist on the astral plane, common misconceptions about religious vampyres, discredited the arguments for the existence of vampires, and an overall a lesson on acceptance. For those of you who know me or have seen some of my other posts, you are probably shocked about my new stance on the subject. But, in reality, this article has a much deeper meaning than vampires, as that is only scratching the surface. My true purpose for writing this article was to bring us together as a community so that we can work as 1 entity, rather than as multiple fractions. We will never be able to accomplish anything if we only argue about meaningless topics day in and day out. So I hope that this article can do what every previous article has aspired to do; put this subject to rest. I have addressed both sides of the debate and have summarized most of the arguments for and against this topic. I do not seek to argue, but if there is something you wish to add please state it below. Perhaps in time this article can be pinned in the forums as a deterrent to those who wish to be fantasy vampires or bring up the subject again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article (as it was quite lengthy) and I appreciate what you are able to add to this subject. I hope you are all in good health, take care,



  • Vampyre (spelled with y) signifies the difference between a fluffy and true practitioner. However the spelling/name used for them are only semantics so I would appreciate if that was not brought up in the discussion below.
  • I realize that this is a very complicated subject, if something seems unclear about what Ive said I encourage you to message me as the purpose is to inform rather than confuse.
  • Yes, this article was removed once before, however it has been heavily edited and approved of by muiltiple people who are against the existance of vampires so I feel it is alright to re-post.
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Re: True Vampires
Post # 2
Oh my gosh! This clears so much up for me! :D
This is by far one of the best articles I have ever read! Thank you so much!!
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Re: True Vampires
By: / Novice
Post # 3
amazing post RainCaller, i hope it gets pinned. you make excellent points, while i'm sure you're going to get a bunch of people yelling at you, you did an amazing job and made excellent points. i still don't get why so many want to become vampires, and [as you mentioned] just because you cannot become a fantasy Dracula vampire, why not simply incorporate it into your life and magic work?
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Re: True Vampires
Post # 4

Thank you Lymle and Nekoshema. It took around 7 hours to make it, rewrite it, and write it again, so I'm happy it's payed off. :)

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Re: True Vampires
Post # 5
I'm not so sure. There are other characteristics of vampires, too that attribute to magic.
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Re: True Vampires
Post # 6
Thank you for your summery :D
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Re: True Vampires
Post # 7
I've heard they can read minds and control others. What about being allergic to garlic? Do they also heal fast?
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Re: True Vampires
Post # 8
Great post! I agree, also i think the fluff people who say they're 1500 year old vamps make the real energy vampire and sanguine vampier communities look bad. Recently i just aruged with a guy who called their life style fluff. I think its rude and disrespectful to call anyones life style fluff. Thanks for the post i think we needed this
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Re: True Vampires
By: / Novice
Post # 9
Amazing post! It's about time someone made them aware of the truth. There are no vampires. Get over it.


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Re: True Vampires
Post # 10
how do you explain the vampire legends all around the world then or the fact that vampires are one of the most common feture in mythology every place has there version of these cretures no there not like holly wood portrays them but that is holly wood they protray witches in the same way and yet here we are we dont fly around on broom sticks or cackle so why would you beleave that vampires are what they say in hollywood and since those things can be disproved then there not real but if you look up the based mythes there not like that yes a comon ting is that they drink blood and yes most are nocternal but take it from some one who has done reserch as well just becouse it doesnt fit inside your tiny box doesnt mean its not real oh and about the iron thing i crave blood and have been tested for iron defisency and dont have it explain that
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