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Post # 1
Since I was born I suppose I've been a Necromancer. Spiritual activity elevates wherever I go. I can see, hear, feel, and even smell multidimensional beings. These beings are technically everywhere and in ridiculous amounts, but when they notice me noticing them they start following me. I'm not haunted by any specific spirit per say, but they come to visit me. Even as young as 5 I could tell when someone or something was about to die or dying. For a long time these things scared me and I tried to snuff it out. I succeeded for the most part, when I stopped seeing them for years, but I couldn't get rid of it completely.

Now that I'm older and more understanding I can see them again. It's all coming back piece after piece.

Regardless of the fear I had, I still was obsessed with magic in general and have since I was 3 been researching and dabbling in it. But no matter how much I tried or how passionate I became, I never got really good at any of the specific styles. Nothing felt right. One day another diviner told me that I was spreading myself thin and that I should focus and become adept in a specific style first THEN conquer others.

When this happened, and after much consideration, I decided that I would specialize in Necromancy (seeing as how that's what I'm good at anyways). After much self reflection, forced interaction, etc etc, I'm ready to truly start pursuing Necromancy properly without the emotional baggage of my childhood.

Problem is is that I'm not sure where I'M specifically supposed to start or what I should do. I already own some books on basic Necromancy/Death Magic from my past research, but what they ask for I could already do (even doing my scared phase).

They talk about surrounding yourself with death and doing certain rituals so you can summon spirits and talk to dead ETC
but I can and have already been doing that (technically even before deciding to pursue this). Even when I was scared, I surrounded myself with death anyways like some sick love-hate stalker.

I see dead people all the time, so I don't need rituals to summon them. Hell, they come around so much it feels like I have roommates that don't understand that it's creepy to stare at people while they pee.

I even read about how Necromancers need to "give gifts" to convince the dead to help them or whatever. I don't need to do that at all.

I've tried researching other books, looking on the internet, talked to tons of other mages, and I haven't found a single person who can help me figure out what I'm supposed to do next.

I was thinking about reading "Exu and the Quimbanda of Night and Fire" and I was recommended to read "Geosophia - The Argo of Magic" as a starter for Necromancy. Have any of you read these? Are they good? Will they help me?

Anybody out there got some Necro advice?

OR simply if you just want to share your story about how you got into magic or if you have any questions for me or other people PLEASE SHARE
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 2
Ahh I'm so lonely lol.

I'll talk about dead people experiences while I wait. First of all, I notice that dead people don't seem to have any manners. Either they've been dead for so long they don't remember or care, OR maybe it's that they're so used to being ignored that they just do whatever they want.

You know how weird it is to be taking a shower, or going to the bathroom, or having sex and to look over for a second and see some dude just staring at you? Sometimes there's more than one watching you.

I get kinda mad when they do and tell them to go away and stop being creepers.

Some of them listen, some don't, and some get mad. This old guy who smelt like cigars got really mad. But always remember that as mages we have strong spiritual willpower and thus if you don't like them being around, just make them go away.

I don't tell them to go away but rather to give me privacy for certain things.
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 3
From my personal experiences in necromancy I've learned that while bribes aren't necessary, they are useful and can help you obtain greater results than those previously wished. Generally I use the same bribes; blood, alcohol, chocolate, or pomegranates.
One of the single most useful things I've come across in necromancy was simply knowing that while spirits may not be seen by many, and while they may be rude: they were once a person and still deserve to be treated as such. It doesn't matter how rude they are to me, I will still be polite (unless they become violent then I will either banish or "capture" them - whichever mood I'm in).
In general, necromancy can be such a wide field of study, that the only important thing is to remember that it's mostly an "as-you-go-along" kind of magick. My practices include a lot of ancestry work and bone-based divination.
My hope is that is helpful and that you are safe and well in your endeavors!
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 4
One of the most common questions I get from people is "what do ghosts look like?"

For the most part majority of ghost just look normal. They take on the form of their most recent physical body and stay that way until the ghost chooses to change or not.

Frankly I think a lot more people can see spirits and just don't even realize it because of how normal they look.

However, there are some ghosts/beings that do look different.

I've seen some shadow people. They look like moving silhouettes and have no discernible features. It's almost like they're not fully manifested in this dimension.

Then there's the scary ghosts. From what I've seen so far, certain ghosts appearances are affected by extreme emotions. Ghosts that suffered traumatic deaths tend to obsess over that end to the point that it manifests on their appearance. I've seen ghosts that had blood on them, ghosts that had no color, ghosts that were wet looking. These ghosts have bad energy. They can either make you very sad, very angry, or can just be scary to be around, depending on how they handle their attachment to their end.

I think that the ghosts with the bad energy are kind of insane.
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 5
I've noticed that a lot of spirits exist in three possible ways: how they died, their most common emotions, or in their most comfortable state as a human. It really all depends on the spirit though. I've met many that don't even remember much about their life since so much has happened to them in death. One of which is a distant great cousin whose above ground coffin was used by locals as an altar against her will. She used to be angry and cold, though now she's calmed down quite a bit.
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 6
Thank you.

I suppose if it's an "as-you-go" then I can just dabble in what I want. I'm ok with this.

I'll definitely be careful, I've had my share of run ins with the dangerous spirits before.

Part of the reason why I was so scared for a long time is that when I was a baby, my family lived in a very haunted house. One of the ghosts there was a murderer and he tried on several occasions to kill us. He almost succeeded twice.

But of course my parents didn't know what to do, and once again I was just a baby so what could I do?
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 7
Yeah it's true

Once I was hired by a couple to do a seance at their home for Halloween. I was kinda insecure about the whole thing (being that I was just starting to get over my baggage).

But it turns out I was pretty friggin good at it. There was this old man that was haunting their home and mad at them.

He was mad because he still felt like the land belonged to him and they were trespassing. He was also mad because the barn they turned into a garage used to be where he would put his airplane.

The family came into an agreement that they wouldn't change the barn if the ghost promised to stop being mean to them.

I haven't heard from them since so I can assume everything is working out.
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 8
It's not uncommon for a household to attract violent spirits, since the energies in buildings are of such a variety. Basic cleansing or detroying the spirit's anchor would easily rid them from the building, unless they are metaphysically attached to the entire building. Which can happen sometimes. It's good to see that you are safe from the murderous ghost, though.
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 9
Yeah I'm safe. Luckily for me, even though my parents where skeptics at first, they learned pretty quickly xD.

At the time there were 3 ghosts living there.

An old man who actually built the house long ago. He was nice.

The other two ghosts were a black woman and a white man. The black woman was a piano teacher that was murdered by the man because he was racist. He had actually hid her body in a secret compartment that led underneath the house.

However the townspeople found out anyways. They dragged him by horseback around the streets while people attacked him and then they shot him in the front yard of the same house.

The closet door of my room would constantly open all the time. Dad became a believer when he welded, bolted, nailed, and even glued the door shut with a pad lock too. The very next day the door was open.

The woman ghost whispered to my mom to look in the closet and one day mom finally did and found the skeleton.

The murderer ghost was trying to destroy the house because he didn't want the body found. On multiple occasions he would turn on our stove in attempts to burn the house down. He came to my mom at night and tried to choke her to death. I don't know why, but on one occasion the murderer tried to crush me to death with my own mattress. The dog we had saved my life.

Last I heard, the house has been destroyed and the skeleton was removed.
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 10
or maybe he was trying to smother me with the mattress. Either way..
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