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Spirit trapping ritual

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Spirit trapping ritual
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Spirit trapping ritual
Post # 1
Hello I'm going to share with you the art of trapping spirits safely and easily (provided you get the right materials). The ritual itself is highly simple and always comes up with good results for people.

Required ingredients:

1 or more Desert's rose minerals
Purpose: If you read my Minerals and gemstones post in General Information you would know why most likely , the mineral itself absorbs excess energy , a spirit is always excess energy in any enviroment so draining the spirit while you trap it is very important.

3 Small amethysts (prefferably cut in a simple shape such as a sphere or cube)
Purpose: Amethysts have a uniquely strong ability to amplify energy of any form , so a proper usage of them would allow yourself more power for your spells.

1 Wood Opal (Prefferably cut in a Cuboid shape but any can do)
Purpose: Wood opals attract all manners of creatures from Corporeal creatures such as animals to Ethereal creatures such as spirits and demonic entities.

Rock salt or Lapis Lazuli paint which needs to be drawn/placed in a Triangle on the floor.

An item to trap the spirit in , i preffer to use spiral Seashells but most people just simply use a jar or box (its sorta funny like "whats in that jar?","Oh its just a spirit i captured"). Only with a seashell can you hear the spirit speak which usualy sounds like static electricity coming from the seashell which normaly sounds like a toilet flushing , some people who have performed the ritual even say their guests heard whispers from the shells to be set free , which is sorta creepy.

Draw a triangle in Lapis Lazuli paint or Rock salt on the floor.The triangle should be atleast 50 Centimeters from the middle to each point. Draw a circle in the middle and place the wood opal inside it and as many Desert's rose minerals around the edge of the circle.Place the 3 Amethysts on each point of the triangle.

Have the Trap object nearby for a swift capture.The ritual itself requires no incantations whatsoever , aside from those that allow you to slip into a trance faster.Meditate infront of the Ritual space , focus on the Opal and use a harmonic cycling chant which repeats itself if it helps you fall into a trance. Once you fall into a trance you should feel a mysterious affinity for the Wood opal yourself , after a few minutes the first spirits or even animals would become attracted to it once you feel the presence of one or more of them swiftly take the jar or box or seashell and put the opal inside it (if the opal is too big get a bit of its dust or a piece and throw it inside. If it is too big you will also need a bowl of water to place the opal inside , which will stop its effects.

Once the spirit is inside you can freely pack up the ritual equipment and enjoy your Ghost in a jar. What you do with the spirit and its object is entirely up to you , depending on if you trapped a malicious spirit or a passive spirit you can choose to give it to someone (maybe with some evil intentions) or you could keep it as a curiosity as i do with my two Spirit seashells. Under any circumstances do not let it out anywhere near your home its better to let it stay sealed inside the object and be 18 meters underneath a lake then be set free seeking revenge or worse. If you are asking yourselves if its cruel to the spirits , not at all , most wandering spirits are cursed ones and this only attracts such spirits. To know if its a malicious spirit or not you would need to seek 2 things , 1 if the jar whispers with an actual voice rather than static asking to be set free or by feeling its energy during the trapping.

Never trust the whispers and keep children away from these objects at all times , since those buggers have a way of getting to them , especialy children under the age of 10 their whispers are mesmerising to children , pets might react very strangely around the objects if there is a malicious spirit trapped inside.

Cheers guys if you have any questions , feel free to ask!
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Re: Spirit trapping ritual
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I'm appauld by your ignorance concerning spirits. But thankfully, I highly doubt this would even work. You can't trap a spirit like in Ghostbusters (setting up a trap and sucking in the nearest spirit). I would suggest others NOT try this because a failed attempt at trapping a spirit makes for a very angry one. You should respect spirits, they are people. How about I trap you after you die?
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Re: Spirit trapping ritual
Post # 3

I would be absolutely fine with that but this ritual does not trap human spirits only the spirits of wandering animals and malicious ones , your choice whatever you believe in , i know what i've seen people do and have done so myself. The ritual works , whatever you believe is your own thing and its 100% safe unless you get tricked by it. All but one that i have seen trapped was the spirit of an animal,numerous people captured malicious and demonic being attempting to attract children to break or open them , without the children knowing what was inside the object or where the object was. Its not suggested for a novice or anyone inexperienced dead humans are not captured by the ritual or attracted to it. This is meant to expand peoples knowledge and to as always give them the possibility to do as they wish in their life. The spirits of dead humans are either stuck in a space or summoned , they are not attracted to the Wood opal.
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