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For Your HG: Garlic

Forums ► Herbalism ► For Your HG: Garlic

For Your HG: Garlic
Post # 1
~Garlic: Allium sativum~

Garlic is an biennial herbacious plant with a *history of 7,000 years of use. Garlic has the relatives of Onion, Leek, Shallot, and Chive. A Garlic's roots are irregular, condensed, and flattened. It has steep & narrow, flat leaves.

The health benifits of Garlic are many. They include smaller benefits like slightly lowering blood pressure to helping prevent cancer, especially of the digestive system. They are also used to fight infectious disorders.

Mythological beliefs stated Garlic was a herb to keep vampires away and werewolves at bay. Brailled Garlic was hung up to ward away evil spirits. A bride-to-be was 'beaten' with Garlic to protect them from future illness and to have healthy children.

**Today, Garlic is used as a common kitchen herb.

***The magickal properties of Garlic are healing, protection, exorcism, repulsion of vampires, and purification of spaces and objects. This is also used to invoke Hecate. Garlic repels negative magic, spirits, and the envy of others. Hang Garlic in a home to bring togetherness within the family or keep your will power. Garlic is also said to have warded off bad weather if worn during outside activities. It also has been said that Garlic can ****absorb diseases: rub fresh, peeled garlic against ailing body parts then throw the garlic into running water.

*-Garlic is native to Central Asia
**-Most do not even know Garlic is so much more then they think it is.
***-Garlic is also called Stinkweed
****- Of course, Garlic will not magickally make a disease you have go away.


~All credit goes to these sites for the information I have gathered~

I hope this helps you.

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Re: For Your HG: Garlic
Post # 2
Very nice, Seeked. Garlic is truly a wonderful thing. I use garlic daily. And when I feel a cold coming, I double the intake. It usually works, if I catch it in time. Gelcaps are what I take, 1000 mg a dya, double when I'm sick. Jsut more info for you.
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Re: For Your HG: Garlic
Post # 3
No wounder why Garlic is my favorite seasonal topping expecaly Elephant Garlic Bread. For some reason when I am near garlic there was no negativity around it. Thanks for the infermation about Garlic :)
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Re: For Your HG: Garlic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I am with tombstone on this .I also consume everyday at leasts one capsule of odorless garlic . We still cook a lot with it .Garlic is one of the main ingredient in most Four Thieves Vinegar recipes .It was used since ancient times to ward off ,something that was so deadly that was called the Black Death (Plague ).
In my country people dry the garlic ,by breading its leaves in long breads .Those are left to dry either on the veranda or either in the attic ,along with the good old strand of dried red chillies .
Sometimes when we want to cleanse our house and grow at same time ,something green on the windowsills ,we plant garlic .
I love this plant's medicine and spirit .I grew up with it since childhood .My dad used to leave always a big patch of land ,which me and sister used to plant with garlic .Garlic is so delicious when it is still young and developing . While it is in growing stage it does not taste or smell so pungent .You can even eat the young leaves and they taste very good , packed with nutrutient and antibacterial properties .
My nana used to rub with raw , freshly crashed garlic each and every bee stings ,which me and my sister would get ,while exploring the world with eagarness and naivity .
Old folks had deep repsect toward this plant and they passed this to my generation .Garlic is one of most used on daily basis plant allies ,that we as race ever had since the down of time .
Grow it ,respect it ,know its power and use it !
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Re: For Your HG: Garlic
Post # 5
Fabler if you are not going to contribute something worthwhile then please don't bother at all because this is just taking up space.
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Re: For Your HG: Garlic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I always have been ambassador of the idea of the two opposite sides of the same coin .

Some people will see only one side ,some will notice the opposite side .Finally very few will notice all sides, plus attempt side view in few directions, without getting frustrated .
This not necessarily mean, that there have to wrong or right side or angle of view .Peace with all of you !

Now ,since we have mentioned most of the benefits of Garlic above ,it is time also to mention some possible side effects .
I tend to give the side effects, it just got out of my mind .

Linus Pauling Institute concluded that garlic and onions (they are included in Allium Genus )can give you a gas also known as wind .Eating them raw will give you more gas, than if you cook them .

They also can upset your digestive system (according same Institute research ) , therefore give you even diarrhea if overdosed especially in their raw form .

You also may develop some form of nausea .

References :http://www.livestrong.com/article/387543-digestive-problems-with-onions-garlic/

You can be actually allergic toward garlic .Both garlic and onions can irritate the digestive and excretory system of someone suffering from IBS flare ups (they can occur rarely or nearly every day ).

Chemical compounds :
Garlic contains volatile oils including the sulphur compounds allicin and allin ,B vitamins ,selenium ,germanium ,flavonoids .

What gives the pungent smell of garlic is the allicin and allin compounds .
Those two compounds are part of the protective system of the plant .When the plant get injured or cut it releases those compounds which are toxic to microorganisms and insects .
Hence why it is antiviral fungicidel ,antiseptic .

Allicin is in most high content when we eat the garlic raw and in big doses .
My theory is that it inter-reacts with the microorganisms, which live in our colon and are helping the colon to function .When your colon does not function well, bloating and wind are common .
If you are allergic it will trigger your immune system ,causing various complications .Which is why keeping an eye on your diet and the health related issues with it is important .

Advice generated from all above :
If you have IBS or allergy consult your doctor and avoid consuming raw garlic and onion (if the doctor agrees with you consuming any and it is enough safe for you ).

Never take too high dose of raw garlic or onion
.It is unlikely somebody will really eat more than few raw cloves garlic and more than a slice raw onion per day .

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Re: For Your HG: Garlic
Post # 7
Thanks Arte. On that note let me say, I use the gelcaps because eating garlic upsets my stomach and gives me "wind". I get the benefits without the side effects. Also, if you want the taste, you can eat garlic chives. I do. Onions are the same way, so I eat the chives. Both are very easy to grow. Green onions are sold at grocery stores. You can even use them as starter plants. I did. But the garlic chives I can't find, but are so easy to grow, I have a potful growing all the time. So there you go.
Blessed Be...
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Re: For Your HG: Garlic
Post # 8
I want to add that giving a small sprinkle of garlic powd. er on dog's food keeps them healthy and makes their blood taste bad to bugs; ticks, mosquitoes, worms, etc. I also give my dogs olive oil 2 to 3 times a week. This keeps their fur from drying out (actually the skin underneath), as well as keeps the stools soft, for those who give dry food, like me.
Garlic is just good for so many things. BB
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Re: For Your HG: Garlic
By: / Novice
Post # 9
Thank you for the wonderful post, Amora.
And for the add-ons Arti.
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Re: For Your HG: Garlic
Post # 10
I am not sure if this has been added but this is my own knowledge of garlic whih I use daily if not more often than that...

Garlic has been known to be anti-theft in european countries in he medieval days.

In some magic or potions it is used to boost courage.

Excrosism are often in use of garlic depending on region or religion and rite.

As many others have mention Garlic is used for healing purposes.

Also it was used in protection. And in some recollection I recall seeing garlic in some spells involving love.

Garlic also helps with prevent nightmares. In some tales they hung a sock a the foot of the bed with a clove of garlic for protection or to prevent night mares.
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