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Post # 1
Hey all.

Okay, so I have a little bit of a problem with the house my flatmate and I are renting. About a month ago we moved into an old farm house that's been moved into the suburbs. It's quite small, and the rent's pretty cheap, and we were quite desperate for a place at the time, but I kinda regret it now.

For the first few nights we would hear someone walking around as well as a very strong, malevolent presence. It progressed to cupboard doors opening and slamming, doors opening, even glasses being slid across the bench and shattering on the floor. The shower would turn on and off by itself, and one time when I was cleaning the jug suddenly flicked on.

Up until a few weeks ago, we had a kitten that we would come home to find cowering (and shaking) at the back of her cat-carrier whenever we went out. One night we came home from the movies we couldn't find her anywhere, but the house was filled with this HORRIBLE smell. We don't have any cat doors, all the doors were locked and the windows were all locked, so that made the stench even worse.

I looked in the cat-carrier, expecting her to be hiding at the back there, but I saw nothing. Then I heard my flatmate scream. The cat was lying on the bathroom floor, murdered. She had teeth marks in her sides and there was blood all over the walls (evidently she'd been shaken). We suspected a dog must have gotten in, killed the cat, by unknown means and without leaving a trace. After that we started seeing him. We call him "Mr. Smiley" as he always has this horrific grin on his face. We've even had people who don't know the house is weird come and stay with us, and they've seen him standing out in the garden or even woken up to his face right up in their grill!

So yeah. Any ideas on how to get rid of this guy?
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Re: Help?
Post # 2
speak directly to him and tell him to get out and consecrate the house. or do a banishing ritual.
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Re: Help?
Post # 3
We've tried blessing the house, and I knew a good banishing spell. But last night my flatmate woke up with him touching her neck.

This thing's pretty bad :/
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Re: Help?
Post # 4
Hummm.... I would get paranormal experts to check the place out. It could be your fear haunting you or a ghoast. Before anything like this happened did you have any marble sounds rolling on cabnits? My friend had the same exact problem in her house but more terrifieing. The creature haunting her house was feading off a dead coyote in the garage. I can tell you this to truely band something out of your rental house like that get st. benidict crucafixes and get the activation code from your priest. The crist on the st benidict is supposed to come off and destroy the darkness in the room. It has worked for me once. I felt something else in the room stairing at me I forgot the words and said what I could remember and i saw a big light come off the cross and go to were whatever it was and banded it. Do some house research on who lived and died there get as many questions answered. Put st benidict crucafixes in in every door way of your house and burry them in corners of the house. Get a priest as well. I also had simular experience with my family. But not that horrifying. It was at my uncles cabin and a ghoast just likes to flick on and off the lights and turn on sell phones if there off nothing scary scary. The ghoast will only show itself if you want he to show up (law of ghoasts) they dont come out unless if you want them too. So ya I agree shout at the ghoast "Get out ghoast and undead unwated things. Darkness is unwelcomed and only light is welcomed. God and his guardian angles are only aloude to be here so I ban you from this house.!" Ya the ghoast might be mad at you from some time go to church and take communion (they would not be able to go near or harm you) get a priest involed and put charm protections around your house. HOPE the ghoast go away :)
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Re: Help?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

This is what you need to do.

Protect yourself with the strongest protection you can muster. If you know anyoneelsewho will do this with you, have them protect themselves as well. Don't just cast magick, the protection MUST be on something physical. Spiritual beings cannot touch physically based magick. Wear the object.

Grind one cup of sea salt, half cup of peppercorns and 1/4th cup dried white sage. Grind the salt and pepper by hand as you burn the sage. Pray either psalm 91 or a pagan prayer against evil as you do this. Add the sage, ashes and all, into the mix (after extinguished). And mix that in.

Now take clove, garlic and basil and mix it into olive oil (or whatever cooking oil you have on hand). Pray over this as you prepare it.

Cleanse and purify all herbs, salt and oil individually before adding them together.

Take the prepared exorcism salts and oil and go to the top floor and work your way down. Be sure to close the door behind you.

Now go there in the DAYLIGHT. Turn on every light you can. This is for your sake, nothing magickal about it.

Open all the windows, screen and all if possible. *very important*

Pick one window (preferrably back of the house) but if you only have one window that opens, use that one. This will be the last room you move to. Start from the opposite room.

Pray, recite any banishment you desire, but most importantly, sprinkle the salts in every corner of the rooms liberally. Take the oil and mark every wall with either a banishing pentagram or a cross (your preferrence). Work widdershins (counterclockwise) from the open window or door (whichever is available). When you are done, if there is a window, close it and mark it (you can sprinkle the salt over the window ledge as well). Leave the room, close the door and mark it, or if there is no door, mark the threshold. Work forward in this way toward the last exit (open window) you have designated the last point.

Make the last room the grand finale. Be loud, be stern. Say your prayer or banishment chant and really show authority. Continue to do this until the room feels lighter. This means they have left. It cannot go up because you have blessed and sealed upstairs. You have trapped it in the last room, and now its only exit is the window. Mark and salt the window ledge and close the window.

Now take the salts and lightly sprinkle it as you walk around your property widdershins. (Don'tdo this on dirt it will kill plants and vegetation). Continue your prayer/chant. Mark the outside of your front and backdoor and any windows you open. This will prevent it from returning.

Do not back down from this, no matter what happens. Be confidant in your protections. And if you feel overwhelmed, go back into one of the already blessed rooms and wait until you can recover and try again.

If you get stuck and you can only corner it into one room. Bless and seal off the entire house EXCEPT the one room. Use sweetgrass and white sage to smudge the house. Or frankencense incense. Go to every window, doorway, mirror, drain and vent, make sure to seal those too. Use something like oil or a mark of some sort that remains there. Basically, set up a boundary so that they cannot move elsewhere when you finally remove them.

If you don't have the willpower to get them out of the last room, evoke something that can. This all depends on your religion/belief. If you're Christian I would suggest St. Benedict or Metatron. Since you've probably never evoked before, I would recommend making an altar for them with their image and things that represent/correspond with them, set up an offering and then pray your backend off until you sense their presence, then follow your instincts (because they can give you instruction through intuition if you can't communicate to them). If you're pagan, I would suggest a protective and defensive deity of you're particular chosen pantheon instead. Personally, I think Metatron would work either way because he is considered a god in some texts. But it all depends on what makes you most comfortable. Always call on who you feel closest to. And DO NOT forget to thank them afterward!!!
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Re: Help?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Do not forget a single room...doesn't matter if its a closet, an attic, a tiny little storage space, and especially if you have a basement...the backroom of the basement should be your last stand. If you don't have a basement, the backroom of the first floor.

Be sure to keep physical protections (also called "wards" and "amulets") on yourself, around your home, and in your car afterwards. Just because you push it out of your house doesn't mean it can't try to return and get to you elsewhere.

I'm very sorry about your cat. I don't believe a spirit murdered it, but spirits can influence other animals and one could have gotten inside. IF a spirit really did manifest and kill you're kitten, then it can physically harm you and you're in real danger and need to assess this asap before it gets any stronger.
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Re: Help?
Post # 7
Well, I attempted to exorcise the house and it kind of worked...

We started with the bedrooms, but when we moved out to the center of the house (right next to the kitchen and the bathroom) we hear this terrible "meowing" sound, as though he was trying to mock us :/ We trapped him in the garage and he started pounding on the walls. It was actually the intense fury we could feel from him which creeped me out. I wasn't able to set up an altar for anyone I wished to evoke, so I prayed instead and he seemed to go away for a period.
He came back earlier though, but he doesn't seem to be making too much trouble. But I still don't know what happened with the cat. The idea of Mr. Smiley manifesting himself seems absurd, but then again so does the idea of an animal getting in and out of this house without leaving so much as a trace.

I worry more for my flatmate though, as he seems to be targeting her. Although I've felt him touch me, she feels and sees him a lot more than I do, and often I wake up to the sounds of him walking around outside her bedroom (the first time I heard this I thought it was her, but I got up only to find there was nobody there).

Fortunately our lease runs out in a month :)
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Re: Help?
Post # 8
try useing a oujia board to find out what it wants but first do a protection rituel oh and dont try and leave the house it will follow you and make you life a living hell and it will start to attack yoü so be careful if you need more help just mail me
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Re: Help?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Do NOT try to communicate with it. He has made it obvious that he is not friendly. Communicating is inviting and that is the opposite of what you want right now.

If you had done it successfully, it would have been trapped in the garage and not been able to come back in. You need to repeat the exorcism and be thorough in sealing off all window and door frames. If you did so last time and he got back in, you may need to be more thorough and seal all mirrors, vents, and drains too. Its weak inside the house at the moment because you consecrated the space and removed the energy and links it formed in each room. Give it time and it will strengthen again. So don't give it time, take this opportunity to try again.

If you are good at sensing energy, try to walk around and sense if it's presence is strongest around a particular object. This could be anything previously owned by someone else...furniture, jewelry, clothing, etc. It's also another possible way this spirit could have returned despite seals. It could be linked to a physical object in the house. If you find such an object, remove it from your property. If its something you can't part with, banish the energy of the object, severing all ties and clearing all past energy. If it is linked to an object, and you move with that object, it WILL follow you.

Its making noise to scare you, but in truth, you were winning. Don't let it bother you next time. Just keep going, trust in your physical protection, and kick it out completely.

As for your flatmate, get an amulet for her. I can suggest ones if I know her religion/beliefs.
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