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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Vampires?
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Post # 1
Please, nobody bite my head off because of the title! I was wondering, even though its impossible to actually become a vampire, why are there so many spells that claim they can do it? And why do these spells have 5 star ratings? People tell me that " the side effects really happened", so, assuming that the spells are real,(not just some rhyming words somebody's posted on the Internet) what do they actually do to you?

Re: Vampires?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
because spellcasters [currently being taken over] lets anyone join and post whatever they want. so, say someone see's a spell on tv, they think it works, so they post it. then they rank it at 5 stars. they ask their friends to rank it 5 stars also. eventually it's ranked so high it's hard to rank it down. plus Pet is very busy and he's the only one who can delete these spells. so it becomes a waiting game of taking them down.

the only side effects these spells give [depending on the ingredients] is a placebo effect. it warns you you'll feel sick, or light will bother you, or you'll crave blood, and your subconscious will start to do it. it's not really happening, it's just your mind telling your body what should happen. this is a common thing your brain does, think of people with eating disorders, the mind will cause you to perceive things that aren't true, and cause you to get sick. sometimes woman who desperately want to get pregnant will start to show symptoms of pregnancy, all because the mind is convinced.

Re: Vampires?
Post # 3
Nope no spell will work vampires are people who drink blood to help like purfyea it make you crave for blood mail for questions

Re: Vampires?
Post # 4
Yeah, Vampires are fake none exist those spells were just added there to probably prevent mixing real with a whole lot of fluff spells, but thats just my opinion.

Re: Vampires?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

"...why are there so many spells that claim they can do it? And why do these spells have 5 star ratings"

The simple answer to this is that technically any member can upload spells here. You just have to be in council in a coven, and some (such as SpellCasters) automatically promote members to that position- thus anyone can upload spells. We do not have a system for approving or checking or editing spells currently, and so fluffy spells get added to the site. We cannot remove them, so they stay. They have high ratings because other members go and rank them up. If you would like to be productive around the site, try to rank down the fluffy spells and report them as spam.

Re: Vampires?
Post # 6
no vampires are real and i know this because i am werevamp. that can draw energy and drink animal blood but i can't turn people into vampires.

Re: Vampires?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

You are not a werevamp. You are a roleplayer. Please note in the rules that roleplaying is not allowed.

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