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Dragon Spirits
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Amaru -The ancient Andean snake spirits, gaurdian deities of the Incas
Aryong-Jong - A Korean dragon Goddess of water, rain and fertility, the consort of the first king of Silla
Benten-Japanese dragon Goddess of sex, fertility, music, dance, love, and wealth, has dominion over all earth's treasures
Dragon Goddess of Borneo-The Dragon Goddess of Borneo protects the living and guards the dead, guiding them to the next realm
Dragon Kings of the sea- Dragon kings appear in the mythology of various east asian people, they may or may not be the same spirit. Although there are many dragon spirits resident in the sea, the Dragon king is their chief, lord and master
Dragon Queens- The Dragon ladies of Asia, control winds, and precipitation. The protect sailors, travelers, ships and all those who ply the sea.
Hydra- Greece, Hydra was the daughter of Echidna and Typhon and Hera's beloved foster child. she lived at the sevenfold source of the river Amymone
Kyeryong- The Korean dragon spirit may be translated as "rooster dragon" or "chicken dragon" depending on the gender of the dragon, they have dragon bodies but their heads resemble poultry.
Ladon- A giant Greek snake or dragon appointed by Hera to serve as the golden apple tree's guardian.
Long Do- Vietnam, literally means the dragon's navel. He is the patron spirit of the city of Hanoi and the guardian of the land on which it is built.
Long Mau -China, Mother of the Dragons, the story of Long Mau the girl who found stones by the river and raised the dragons as her own children
Melusine- The French dragon woman, who must always bathe in the fresh streams
Ryujin- The Japanese dragon King of the sea, rules an underwater realm from his luxurious palace at the bottom of the sea.
Toyotama-Hime-The Dragon princess daughter of Ryujin
Typhon-The Greek son of Hera and Zeus, sent by Hera to kill Zeus and over throw him
Vouivre-Mysterious french dragon spirits, guardians of the earth's treasures
source; Judika Illes Encyclopedia of Spirits
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Re: Dragon Spirits
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Here are some Japanese-specific dragon spirits as well:

-Yamata no Orochi: An 8 headed and 8 tailed dragon who was slain by the wind and sea god Susanoo after forcing a village to give up their daughters to the dragon every year for 7 years.
-Wani: a dragon who may look like a crocodile or shark
-Mizuchi: a river dragon and water deity who was fed human sacrifices to appease his anger at Emperor Nintoku for destroying the river Mizuchi lived in.
-Inari: the god of fertility and agriculure, sometimes appears as a dragon.
-Mucharinda- the Naga King who protected Buddha when he achieved Bohdi.
Kuzuryu: 9 headed dragon kind who likes to be offered steamed rice and red beans. He is associated with water.
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Re: Dragon Spirits
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Typhon was the half-humanoid, half-serpent child of Gaia and Tartaros, sent to attack Zeus by Gaia for imprisoning the Titans. He’s the father of all monsters.
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Re: Dragon Spirits
By: / Novice
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You missed the Chinese / Japanese dragon lung :-) don't know much about him only he bore an egg that is the world . The Chinese lung had 3 toes on each foot and Japanese had 4 or vise versa
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Re: Dragon Spirits
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Thank you so much for this post! You have no idea how much you just helped me out on my draconic path.

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Re: Dragon Spirits
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I am so glad to hear that it helped someone Seeked! Made my day thank you.
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Re: Dragon Spirits
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The Chinese Lung is just that, Chinese. Not Japanese. Lung is also not a spirit, it is a descriptive word.

Chinese Dragons have many toes, 5 for the Emperor, 4 for Royalty, and 3 for the Common Folk. Japanese dragons had 3 toes always, and would only gain toes the further they flew from their homeland.

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Re: Dragon Spirits
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Chinese-Specific Dragons

-Tianlong: celestial dragon that guards heavenly palaces and pulls divine chariots, named for the constellation Draco.
-Shenlong: thunder god that controls the weather, appearance of a human head, dragon's body, and drum-like stomach.
-Fucanglong: underworld guardian of precious metals and jewels, associated with volcanoes.
-Dilong: controller of rivers and seas.
-Yinglong: winged dragon associated with rain and floods
-Jiaolong:hornless or scaled dragon, leader of all aquatic animals.
-Panlong: lake dragon who has not ascended to heaven.
-Huanglong: hornless dragon representing the Emperor.
-Feilong: winged dragon that rides on clouds and mist.
-Qinglong: animal associated with the East in the Chinese Four Symbols.
-Quilong: defined as both hornless and horned dragon
-Zhulong: giant red solar deity, with a human face and dragon's body, created day and night by opening and closing its eyes, and created seasonal winds by breathing.
-Chilong: a hornless dragon, or a mountain demon.
-Longwang: divine ruler of Four Seas.
-Longma: emerged from a river to reveal ba gua to Fu Xi.
-Hong: Two headed dragon, rainbow serpent.
-Shen: a shapeshifting dragon or sea monster believed to create mirages.
-Bashe: giant python dragon who ate elephants.
-Teng: a flying dragon without legs.

There are 5 colored Dragons who are "kings"
-Azure Dragon Spirits (Qinglong)-Compassionate
-Vermillion Dragon Spirits (Zhulong)- Bestow blessings onto lakes
-Yellow Dragon Spirits (Huanglong)- Favorably hear all petitions
-White Dragon Spirits (Bailong)- Virtuous and Pure
-Black Dragon Spirits (Xuanlong)- Dwell in the depths of mystic waters.

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Re: Dragon Spirits
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9

I find this really interesting. I've never read much about dragons. In Norse lore, there's often not a large seperation between the word "dragon" and the word "serpent", and certainly not many descriptions regarding either.

The main dragons from Norse lore are:

  • Fafnir: Who became a dragon due to greed over a cursed ring
  • Jormungand: Called the "Midgard Serpent" or "World Serpent", son of Loki.
  • Nidhoggr: The dragon who eats the dead at the bottom of Yggdrasil.

Throughout the lore other dragons do appear, but they are not as important as these three and thus are not described more fully. Much like Loki, they were representations of change.

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Re: Dragon Spirits
Post # 10
There is a type of dragon that changes colors based on its mood. Does anyone know the species name for it? I have been researching and it's hard to find.
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