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Grammar: Negatives & You

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Grammar: Negatives & You
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Grammar: Negatives & You
Post # 1

Summary for those who can't be bothered to read:
By Negatives , I am referring to grammar used in mental, vocal, and written dialogue we have with ourselves and others.

Do they affect our psyche and spiritual growth? Do they lower our vibrations and have a detrimental effect on Occult and Esoteric practices and goals?


Actual Article for those who wish to read my thoughts:
I woke up this morning realizing that there's a lot of no , not , don't , can't and other negatives in my everyday vernacular. This got me thinking about how it affects myself and others. Does it hinder my psyche and spiritual development? Am I damaging others a little at a time, preventing their spiritual growth as well?

Think about it for a moment, our common vocabulary as a society shrinks more each day. Delightful phrases such as, I could defenestrate you right now for being an hour late , to tell someone how annoyed they are making you are left by the wayside with ones such as, You didn't call. I can't even look at your right now. The first tells someone just how you feel, the later leaves them wondering because it's so overused and is quite depressing when take a moment to think about it.

While pondering this, I thought back to yesterday when MentisAmor was discussing with a student of hers in the Public SoM chat about working with energy and communicating with spirits, entities, etc. in different emotional states. She pointed out that it's harder to raise your vibratory rate when you're depressed than when you're not since they are tuned in on a higher level than us normally, so you'll pick up a static or white nose kind of sound.

If this hindrance is noticeable when you know you're depressed, what about the rest of us dealing with society's negative reinforcement that's constantly bombarding us? Are we actively hurting our spiritual growth and others when we are phrasing our intentions and dialogues with negative phrases when we could phrase them another way?

For those who have taken Psychology as an elective or major in your undergraduate and graduate work, or even those who read a lot of parenting books, you've undoubtedly come across the articles on Positive Reinforcement and Ways to say No without saying No. They are an interesting read if you have nothing better to do, but some of the interesting statistics you might find are that children exposed to less Stop it or Don't do that phrases in the first years of life have lower IQ, cognitive reasoning, imagination, independence, etc. than those met with a reasoned phrase such as Let's play with this instead because... This is likely due to using more words, but it also forces their brain to visualize and develop new neural pathways.

Perhaps this negative bombardment is also a contributing factor for us having less vivid dreams, imaginations, and other aspirations as we get older. This is likely a correlation, just as how by age 14 nearly 65% of children have theirs fully calcified due to environmental factors and diet with it exponentially growing each following year. However, it does make you think. The more we ingrain negative phrases into our mental and outward dialogues with ourselves and others, the more we might harm the good parts of our ego and lowering ourselves from actively knowing the higher vibratory rates of our Higher Self, Guides, and whatever else might help our spiritual journeys.

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Re: Grammar: Negatives & You
By: / Novice
Post # 2
According to a study with a one million person testing pool conducted out of Karolinska Institute in Sweden, creative people are at greater risk of experiencing mental illness, and over twice as likely as the general public to commit suicide. These findings reflect those of many other modern studies on the connection between creativity and depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. The implication is obvious: people with active imaginations tend to be sadder.

An active imagination is useful for visualizations, which are the foundation upon which all magic is based.

There is a spiritual entity of every emotional flavor just waiting to get in touch with like-minded spirits. When we project negative energy into the universe, negative creatures respond. When we project positive energy into the universe, positive creatures respond. I believe each and every one of us is abuzz with spiritual activity corresponding to our current emotional and mental state - whether we acknowledge their existence or not.

Thus, I'd venture to say that depression doesn't inhibit one's ability to commune with /all/ spirits ... just the nice, benevolent, helpful ones.
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Re: Grammar: Negatives & You
Post # 3

I've not heard of that study, Allison, but that is interesting. It'd be intresting to know the root cause of such suicides: if they were caused by constant berating and put downs from such negative entities saying, "You can't finish this," or, "You're not any good."

I know that most phrases like that are just darker aspects of ourselves that we need to love and accept in order to make them go away, and not an external entity that's plaguing us. Still, it's a thought on correlating depression witth this topic.

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Re: Grammar: Negatives & You
By: / Novice
Post # 4

The mind is absolutely amazing. It is no wonder that theories such as the Law of Attraction have caught others' eyes.

Most probably know what it is, but just to clarify: the Law of Attraction says that positive thoughts will attract positive things, because certain thoughts emit particular levels of vibrations and encorporating those thoughts in every day life will magnetically attract events with the same vibratory levels. People usually either simplify or complicate the definition, and hey, whatever rocks your boat. This "Universal Law" is merely a theory and some may claim it to work or be defective.

I despise how often I've begun using the no-no phrases, because this is a willful neglect of the self and the people surrounding me. It would make sense that subconciously fighting everyone else and one's self would hinder not just that person's spiritual progress, but everything concerning their life.

More so, declaring an absolute stop for the self and not allowing the possibility of things being out of your control is translated to the self as not being good enough to live up to those words. Example: many New Year's resolutions.

Try not thinking of peeling an orange. Try not imagining the juice running down your fingers, the soft inner part of the peel. The smell. Try and you can't. The brain doesn't process negatives. -Doug Coupland

And I agree, 'defenestrate' is a very expressive word ;)

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