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Grumpy cat forever.

I will be attempting my own depictions of the some of the Norse gods and goddesses, so if you'd like to see my progress let me know.

I have been a pupil of the sacred arts for a quite a couple of years and my apprenticeship has no horizons and no finale. I see no reason to go on infinitely about myself and list all the contradictory factors of my existence. If you have doubts or questions, I welcome them.

- Currently my interest has peaked in the subject of sacred geometry and its relation to various mystical sites and practices. As well as, the application of mathematics in understanding the laws of nature, and others.

- Independently, at this time I am exploring anthropology and a little of microbiology.

- A peculiar knack of mine is to find possible logical explanations for mind-boggling events, sightings, and theories.

- In the past, I have studied metaphysics, mythologies of multiple cultures, texts concerning works of alchemy, runes, methods of divination , lucid dreaming and the deciphering of dreams, elemental magick and some I would prefer not to speak of in a public profile.

- I am perfecting reading with my tarot cards and would be overjoyed for people willing to help me on that matter. Free of charge readings.

On another point, I'm learning more about Irish and Norse mythology.

~Short and simple, Blessed be

" Cattle die, kinsmen die,

one day you yourself must die.

I know one thing that never dies;

the dead man's reputation ."

-Havamal, Sayings of the High One

"The sky rings with thunder,

Then the clouds shined with lightning

And he appeared into existence, as if by lightning

The son of Svarog, Perun the Thunderer!"

-Kniga Kolyady

"It is not by me

That hatred shall be shown to thee;

I will do better towards thee,

To celebrate thee in poetic eulogy.

Sooner hadst thou gone to the bloody bier

Than to the nuptial feast;

Sooner hadst thou gone to be food for ravens

Than to the conflict of spears;"

-Excerpt from The Gododdin Poems