Looking for apprentices

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Looking for apprentices
Post # 1
Hi again, my previous advertisement was removed as I included my email in the thread.
But I'll see it from the bright side, allows me to make a new, better post.

I am looking for apprentices willing to walk the Scion path with me.
Scion, as a path, focus on physical, mental and spiritual development.
Yes, many other paths say the same thing, but as I formed Scion, something must be different.
In this case, the different thing is the aim for superiority, to become better, and better, and be powerful.

Scion is technically a left hand path with some right hand features.
There is an established magic system that will be learned and practiced, but Scion is a philosophy, magic is only part of it.

We are very few, that is why I have no limit on the amount of apprentices.
1 or 5 or more does not matter.
Most of them will most likely not make it, as the standards are high.
But everyone will be given a chance, and everyone decide for themselves if it is all worth it.

Be serious about this, I don't want any "fluff" or "roleplayers".
I have patience, but it is not infinite.

Send me a private message with your application.
Of course, questions can also be sent over private message.
Not all questions will be answered, because Scion still keeps its secrets.

Other than that, I thank for this space and will return to the rest of the site.
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Re: Looking for apprentices
Post # 2

Seriously Its better to learn yourself i always say " your best teacher is yourself."

But thats my opinon.

blessed be


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Re: Looking for apprentices
Post # 3
Which is irrelevant, really, because I was just offering my path.
If you want to follow it, follow it, if you want to know about it, ask, and if it is not for you, then you will find your own.

I do not claim to be a master magician, I am a philosopher.
My path is not better or worse than other paths, it is merely a path leading toward a direction.
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Re: Looking for apprentices
Post # 4
Out of curiosity, is your path based upon one or more of the forms of Satanism? I'm curious because the philosophy portion reminds me of LeVayan Satanism, whereas the actual attitude reminds me of a Luciferian. Very interesting regardless. :)
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Re: Looking for apprentices
Post # 5
Partially, Luciferian or Asetianism would be the closest religions in similarities.

Scion is omnitheistic in terms of divinities and a practitioner may call on any deity.
But important to note is that Scion is not much about praying, but more about becoming divine through ascension of body, mind and soul.
So...praying is optional.

It is not purely left hand, as some aspects are more right hand, such as kinship, a sense of duty and majesty of self and your kin (aka, Scion).
I really dislike saying left/right hand, but do so to categorize for others.

I have a hard time defining Scion, as I simply live Scion.
I desire superiority, I believe in deities, but I do not worship them.
More like idolizing them, seeing them as teachers.

As keywords, I would say "exclusive", "elusive", "power", "kinship", "ascension", as some words to describe Scion.
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Re: Looking for apprentices
Post # 6
Rather interesting indeed. I like how you have seemed to balance the different paths and at the same time make your own stamp on things. I wish you good luck in finding apprentices, and good ones at that.
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Re: Looking for apprentices
Post # 7

This is interesting.

When you say, "superior", how do you define it? I only ask because I wasn't looking for it, but I was picking up a little touches of the elitism that is associated with neo-Nazis that tend to give Satanism much of its bigotry.

If it's not your intention, perhaps you might adopt a different phrasing so you won't be attracting those types of personalities.

Also, how did you come by the name, Scion?

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Re: Looking for apprentices
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Where can I find out more about Scion? When I search for information related to Scion I just get information on a rather vulgar brand of Toyota cars and some vile role play game. How long have you been following this path for and how did you get into it?
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Re: Looking for apprentices
Post # 9
Thank you, Kebs. :)

Alvastar, elitism is part of the Scion structure, but it is more about glory of one's own achievements and ability than it is about background, gender, etc, etc.
Scion is a lifestyle for the ones who have a hunger for power, ambition for higher level of existence.
There are plenty of paths like this, but I find these paths...well, not in my liking.

This superiority is all about developing yourself, training your body, trimming your mind and awaken your magical talents.

Power is not all, it is also about how you express that power and if you do so.
I believe that someone who have high power of the self, strong body, strong mind and strong soul, should mind each and every step taken, and avoid corruption and hubris.
Of course, I am aware that arrogance is something bound to happen to the Scion in the future, but by involving caution and constant introspection as part of the path, the worst effects may be averted.

I believe in ambition, but I also believe that the most powerful hand can also be very gentle.

Hence, a Scion is expected to be an exemplary citizen and well-mannered.

Power comes with responsibility, and since Scion focus so much on attaining power, then it also have to deal with responsibility.

About the name, it was a name that stuck when I was young, it just slipped into my mind a night and I decided to keep it.
I looked it up, and I really liked the meaning of the word, making it even more solid.

Scion means follower, guardian and heir, among others.

To ESK, there are no reliable sources about Scion except me.
I have been "Scion" for years now, and I am the first generation, the founder and, in a completely humble way, the only master.

I have not reached the desired level of existence to truly call myself master, I am still in a state of being forged.

Scion was a path created when no other paths seemed viable for me, and I have been in many communities.

For every year, I have developed, and as I develop, the old philosophy becomes redundant.

But I can feel that the conditions are being properly aligned.

There is a forum that will be used in the future to handle new initiates, but it is not a viable source of information yet.

Also, worth mentioning are that there are two types of Scion.
Scionist and Scion.

A Scionist is a free practitioner that follow the philosophy, but is not part of the Scion body.
A Scion is part of the Scion body/guild/order/union, which is actually a pretty important part of Scion.
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Re: Looking for apprentices
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Thank you for such an informative response Arcaion. I understand your philosophy and teachings will be related to creating people that are the best they can be in every respect. How does Scion view the weak and the imperfect among society? Are these people viable candidates or would they be rejected?
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