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Tree of Life for Dummies

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Tree of Life for Dummies
Post # 1
Ok I am going to attempt to simplify this as much possible so that if you are just starting to learn about this incredible tradition you wont be to overwhelmed with the information out there. This is by no means a full explanation only a starting point to help you along your path.

Malkuth – the kingdom
Basically Malkuth is the base of the tree of life, sometimes called the seed, it represents our connection to the earth.

So the physical part of the body this corresponds to is the feet, which is literally your connection to the earth. While walking the tree of life your going to want to ponder the virtues or positive aspects of yourself, in this sphere it would be the ability to discern right from wrong and make good choices.

Yesod – foundation
What is meant here by foundation is having a good base of understanding, which is important in any path. Not only having a basic knowledge but having the drive to follow through with it.

The physical part of the body this corresponds to is the reproductive organs, this would again connect with your foundation as this is the starting point of life. As we go along each sphere you might start to notice how all of the things I am mentioning fall together, as with the virtue of this sphere which is independance, ponder on how you make choices free of influence of other people and how that starts you on paths that you can grow as a person from.

Hod – Glory
Do you honor yourself? Do you honor other people? Do you go through your daily life with strength and fortitude to do what is right? These are somethings you might want to think about when we talk about glory it is often times viewed as how others see us, but we miss how we see ourselves if we turn that mirror in ward would we see a person that we would glorify?

The physical part of the body is the legs, which if you think about it makes sense it is the legs that keep us moving forward no matter what the circumstance. The virtue is truth, are you honest? Do you try your best to be honest to the people around you? When we look at this sphere we can see how when we conduct ourselfs with honesty and truth how then we truly can respect and honor ourselfs and those around us.

Netzach -Victory
Victory comes when we work towards a goal and achieve it, it doesnt come out of thin air to grace us with its presence we have to sometimes give up things that might hold us back to achieve victories.

The physical body is the loins hips and legs, those things that move us towards our goals, but might also distract us if we are not careful, causing us to lust after things that we know will lead to a downfall. The virtue is unselfishness, remember that in the pursuit of victory we might unintentionally lust after something so badly we forget about those people around us, it reminds us to slow down and remember that we effect others in our lives intentional or not so remember them.

Tiphareth – Beauty
Beauty is all around us and with in us, are we not a creation of God, are we not all in gods eye beautiful?

The physical part of the body is the breast, when we see something or feel something beautiful we feel it in our hearts first and know that it is something of great work. The virtue is devotion to work, remembering that we can also create beauty in the world by simply being a part of it.

Geburah – Strength
When we go forth in life sometimes it takes great strength of mind to do what is needed, life is not easy and when we go through lifes difficulties we build our own personal strength.

The physical part of the body is the arms, we may build great things with our arms, but we may also embrace another to comfort and share in our strength when our fellow man needs a bit of extra. The virtue is courage, strength and courage go hand in hand, it takes courage to get up when you are afraid, it takes strength to move forward when you are tired.

Chesed – Mercy
When we show mercy to others, when we are kind even to our enimies, when we are solid in our beliefs but are tollorant of others.

They physical body is the right arm the dominant hand showing that there may be power behind that hand but we will use it to be softer towards others and show others that we lead by example. The virtue is obedience, obedience does not mean blind faith or having faith based simply because you were told to do so. Obedience means that you follow God because you believe in him truly with your own mind and your own heart.

Binah – Understanding
Along with mercy, we show others understanding, this may mean that we do not know exactly what they are going through but we try to understand through listening to them.

The physical body is the face of severity, we meet people face to face and show them our best face, we show them our strong face. The virtue is silence because in silence we learn, while others talk we observe and listen to the quiet voice in the dark.

Chokmah – Wisdom
Wisdom comes with age, it is the ability to know something but not to brag, to be kind to others, to have mercy, to have understanding and strength it is all the other virtues combined.

The physical body is the face of mercy, our face we give to others in compassion and times of need, when we share our wisdom and knowledge. The virtue is devotion, the devotion to faith and god, the devotion to do good in the world.

Kether – the Crown
We have walked the tree of life, we have tried to keep those virtues close to our hearts so that we may raise our vibrations with positivity and grace, we have done this so that we may know our god head and our connection to the divine, we do this work out of love.

The physical body is the top of your head or crown, where you are connected to the universal knowledge and god. The virtue is the greatest of them all, the completion of the great work, you have walked the tree of life daily and come to a place where you may speak with the higher entities, the angels, the spirits, the universe.
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Re: Tree of Life for Dummies
Post # 2
The paths, the vessels on their own, are simply spheres of understanding floating in the universe waiting to be picked up and grasped for what they are, but when we add the paths we find a road map to the human condition, the human soul.

To walk the tree of life means to have certain understandings about ourselves and our place in the universe, in gods plan. In order to walk the tree of life you must follow the paths to the vessels, you walk the tree with in yourself through understanding.
So with each path I am going to give you the understanding you need to work with, in order to progress you need to think on each one and know how it relates to you.

Tau – Cross
Universal consciousness, how you are part of the flow, how life and death move with in that flow, good and evil.

Shin – Tooth
Changing and reshaping errored thoughts and emotions, how we bring about our own misfortune through misinformed opinions.

Resh – Head
Changing our position in life, overcoming our circumstances through action and thought, healing our minds.

Qoph – Back of the head
How does sleep effect our waking life, how does it effect the body, pay attention to your dreams they are important, they represent your waking troubles and help you to work through them.

Tzaddi – The fish hook
Tune in to the flow of the universe, spend time in meditation, the birth of new ideas come from with in.

Peh – Mouth
Awaken to spiritual obstacles in your life, and over come them. No one is holding you back if you do not allow them too.

Ayin – Eye
Allow yourself to see the inequality, the injustices of the world, know that change begins with you.

Samekh – prop
How do you see yourself, be the dream in the waking world

Nun – Fish
If you have found you are not happy with the way you are move to change it, transform into the being you want to be, do not sit idle in your unhappiness.

Mem – Water
Water is the flow of consciousness, it is were we find the ability to see past what is and what isnt.

Lamed – Ox-goad
Release your ideas about false knowledge, create a balance in your life based on what is true.

Kaph – Grasping Hand
Understand the law of rotation, what may be true about your life may not be true tomorrow, things change and move in cycles.

Jod – Closed Hand
Be in solitued and understand your spiritual body, be free of physical limitations

Teth – the serpent
Learn to control your emotions, be aware of unbalanced and self distructive emotions

Cheth – Enclosure
Bring all things under the control of the higherself, let go of ego and false understandings.

Zayin – The Sword
Release yourself from negative and distructive mental and emotional patterns.

Vav – The Nail
Improve your intuition, go with in to find your guides, trust your instincts.

Heh – The Window
Work on your sight, see beyond what is known.

Daleth – The Door
Use the concious mind to plant seeds of new ideas into the subconciousness where they will grow and bear fruit.

Gimel – The Camel
Develop a memory that is far reaching

Beth – the House
Develop concentration and memory, become self aware and attentive.

Aleph – The primal energy
Free yourself from deep seeded limitations and negativity, rise above depression and oppressed feelings.

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Re: Tree of Life for Dummies
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Wow this is well written. Very easy to understand. Very Interesting too. Thank you Mentis. :)
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Re: Tree of Life for Dummies
Post # 4
Indeed very interesting script.Thanks to MentisAmor.
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Re: Tree of Life for Dummies
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Lovely stuff. Thank you Mentis.
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Re: Tree of Life for Dummies
By: / Novice
Post # 6
It's very good :-) ever thought of writing a book ?
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Re: Tree of Life for Dummies
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

Thanks for this Mentis. :) I enjoyed it.

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