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3 astral Q's

Forums ► Astral Projection ► 3 astral Q's
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3 astral Q's
Post # 1
1.So ya know how there is a "real time later" and then "not so (earth) real, layers? Well can you chose what "layer" your in? If so, how? 2.I've noticed in certain "layers" I have more control than others, of my suroundings and myself. One night I can fly, the next can't even get out of myself. One night I can induce a lucid dream, the next I can't. Also sometimes (more often than not) I cannot travel (jumper style lol). The last time i projected I couldn't even get out my window, it literaly moved away from me and I fell back into my body. Control of suroundings? Travel? 3.In the previously mentioned ap, I had truble "getting out", then couldn't get outside, then flipped(i say fliped, as in i didnt do the flippi g) around, and fell back into my body. As I did, I (or i think I) let out a low, dark, demonic sounding scream. I've heard of "astral possesion" before, anyone have any knowledge of it? And I'm a bit new to the astral, so it there some "built in instincts" or "helpful spirits" wich would help keep a person safe, in thier room, and in thier body, if "possesed"?
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Re: 3 astral Q's
Post # 2
Ap is very difficult to learn it takes years if not gifted! the laws of universe bind you to do some things if you haven't defeated your anger greed darkness in heart you can't hear any humans sounds nor can see humans or anything spirits animal and there is a thread which connect you from your body!! and many more
Bright Blessings!
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Re: 3 astral Q's
By: / Novice
Post # 3
sort of confused but i'll try to help you

1. we are in the physical right now, when you project, as in first leave your body, you're in the ethral [spelling?] i think of it like the spiritual plane since it's still in the physical, but you're more like a ghost. there are of course limits to what you can and can't do in the ethral, but it's good to float around, try to explore your house, to try and get a feel of things when you first project. when you're ready to go to the astral plane, just think of it. myself i picture a field with a path leading to a cave and mountains in the distance. of course you can picture something else, and go wherever else, or just think 'astral' it will send you there pretty much instantly. when you wish to return, think of your room, then your body. thinking of your body gives you a bit of a 'crash landing' and it's a pretty bad shock to your system.

2. i think it comes down to your physical self. if you had a heavy meal, it can effect your projection, how tired you are, some people don't project with a blanket over them as they feel it weighs them down. another reason could be subconscious, you're worried something might happen, or there's something on your mind preventing you from projecting. keep a journal, before projecting write down something like '8:00, last ate at 6:45, had a chicken caesar salad, rooms cold.' then when you're done, write down your results, it might help you figure out why sometimes it's harder for you.

3. while i've heard of astral possession, haven't heard of any cases because [and what's probably happening] you have a shield up to protect your body, anything comes near it that poses a threat and you're instantly pulled back from wherever you are. there could be something, it could be you're afraid of something, or something on your mind, and so on. like with the above reasons, you could be unable to project for many different reasons. try cleansing, and keeping a journal to record things.
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Re: 3 astral Q's
Post # 4
I've had similar problems as you. The key is to realize that you are always in complete control when you are projecting. When you try to approach something and it appears to move further away all you need to do is tell yourself that you can still approach it and you will be able to. The only limitations you face when projecting are internal, no force can stop you accept yourself. Know that you can do something and do not forget you can, and nothing can prevent you from doing it.

When you start astral projecting it can be disconcerting at first as your mind tries to comprehend what you are experiencing. The key to making sense of what you are seeing when you project is to allow to your mind to expand outside of your body along with your astral form. In a sense, allow your brain to take on ethereal form along with your body and the two will have better communication. Also, take your time. You can easily end up moving faster than you can think so just go slowly at first and warm up before you try anything significant. If you ever go out of whack and loss control or focus, stop yourself and get your barings before going on.
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