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The Voices Within

Forums ► Misc Topics ► The Voices Within
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The Voices Within
Post # 1
I know the "basics" of listening to your "inner vioces", and I do try my best to do it. But im just wonderin, anyone know any techniques, advice or anything to that effect that would aid me in hearing and discerning my inner vioces? thanx in advanced for replies :)
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Re: The Voices Within
Post # 2
merry meet link7 i don't have inner voices persay, but i'm schizofrenic. i only have spirits that talk to me, everyone from my dead ex, to GOD and the GODDESS, are you sure its not them and your guides your hearing.anyway i kinda speacialize in talking to them ,they can talk audibly, or speak telepathically- mentally in your mind, and your guides and otherworld friends can even visit you in the dreamworld / otherworld, what we call the astral plane, dreamtime, even manifest as vivid hallucinations real to the touch when your awake mine did.talking to them is as easy as talking to them, getting GOD to talk to you is a little harder but he will if you annoy him hard enough. same thing with getting them to do what you want be childish and difiant, speak your question over and over lay in bed giving up willing it, they give up and leave, or give you what you want. You can see them telepathically mentally, i do visualise invision the room and look to your self, if they are possessing you like in mediumship you will see the spirit in your place eitherway keep invisioning the room till they appear .bright blessings )O(
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Re: The Voices Within
Post # 3

First, you need to be able to differentiate between your imagination and true clairaudience. With true clairaudience, most agree that you hear the thoughts/voices as clear as if it were a voice whispering or speaking into your head.

What trips most people up is that they will hear several sounds together, such as the hum of their computer and then a pop in a wall. This leads their imagination to try and make sense of it and give them a conjoined sound that's mumbled. They think this is something trying to speak to them, so they then start "making" something happen in their mind.

Now, as far as "inner voices", there are your chakras and "higher self". You may or may not get to the point of actually hearing them. You can concentrate on a chakra, such as your 4th (heart) chakra as a glowing orb or triangle radiating out bright green light and ask it a question. It'll respond in feelings most of the time.

With your "higher self" it could be a thought/conscience type of message that just appears as if you were the one thinking it. I, myself, have felt it sort of as a thought behind a thought. It's only happened a couple times where I " knew " my higher self would respond. This is generally when I had meditated on requesting an audience to discuss a specific issue or goal. I'd repeat the request over and over with pauses filled in to see if a thought or voice would enter my mind without me implanting my own thought. Sometimes it'd happen then, sometimes it'd be me waking up in the middle of the night with the reply in my mind. At the later example you can request an answer to another question and usually "feel" the answer right behind the question you asked.

Regardless, you have to be able to discern truth from fiction, and also truth from you " wanting " or " making " something happen. Most people " really want " a certain reply subconsciously, so it's what they get back.

You might want to read over this URL: http://kundalini-teacher.com/symptoms/voices.php

I have found that it really explains the basics of voices pretty well.

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Re: The Voices Within
Post # 4
I agree with all of you! if your talking about your inner voice such as your gut instinct then do just that! Feel your surrounding's and take every thing of the situation in. I've actually not did something because my gut was telling me not to do it that it was a horrible idea. Even something as simple as going for a walk/jog and i listened and didn't do it, who knows what might have happened had I not. However if your talking about hearing spirits, demons, ghost and even other people's thoughts then that's something entirely. I've had the natural ability to hear thing's not on this plane since I was little, and it's gotten stronger now that I've opened myself to it. Hell, I'm STILL trying to enhance the ability even after 5 years or so of trying, though i am getting better. To tell between your imagination and something else entirely is easy. Simply listen to what the voice said! I will warn you though it's not always words of praise... I've literally been called a slut' and 'whore' by 2 different male voices just for undressing in my room! Now I'm pretty damn sure that wasn't my imagination. To be honest, usually any voice in your head or out loud that just popped up out of no where and might pertain to what your saying or even thinking or something else entirely is not your imagination. Unless your emotions are high and you hear thing's you usually would ignore or you literally thought of what to say then it wasn't your imagination you heard. So simply become more open and let yourself hear don't force or strain because in my experience that made me hear even less. Don't worry you'll get the hang of it! :)
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