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Really Sad!

Forums ► Comments ► Really Sad!
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Really Sad!
Post # 1

I know a member got the reputation beginner and she joined 21 Dec '12 ..

I know a member got the reputation beginner and he only made 3 post on Forum.

Myself on 13 Dec '12 without any reputation :( how sad

I guess you have to be a pagan or wiccan to get voted.

Do I want to learn real magic? Yes I do

I am interested in magick? Yes I am.

Do I want to become pagan or wiccan? No I don't.

And what is this Beginner, Novice, Knowledgeable, Adept lol they make it sound like Knowledgeable or Adept are smarter and better than None, Beginner, Novice. :(

I think they should remove this rank and just use Fluffy, Moderators and appointed advicer.


The knowledge you seek cannot be found unless you are willing to look for it.

Re: Really Sad!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

You do not have to be wiccan or pagan to get voted. You simply have to get the attention of someone capable of voting. The voting occurs by those ranked knowledgeable or adept. If you contribute to the forums, and to the chatter, they may see you and give you a ranking.

The ranking system is designed with the intent of letting members know who some of the more knowledgeable members are around the site, in case they have questions or need help. Those who achieve the rank of knowledgeable or adept tend to be intelligent, mature, and very wise in specific areas. This doesn't necessarily mean they are "better" than anyone. But they have proved that they know quite a bit, and have been ranked up for that.

Many people do not like the ranking system. If you do not like it, that is unfortunate. If you're wanting a rank, contribute more in a meaningful way and you may get one,

Re: Really Sad!
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

If you want a reputation, show that you have knowledge. Post more in the forums, answering peoples questions. Show that you know what you're doing.

Start learning, post what you know. These reputations show about your knowledge. There is no need to be sad. Just study and prove how smart you are. :) Then once certain people (i don't know who) see how smart you are, you will first be moved to Beginner.

Just study and post, answer some questions. Everything would be good. As long as you know what you're studying about...

Re: Really Sad!
Post # 4

I know a member got the reputation beginner and he only made 3 post on Forum, a wiccan voted him.


Subject: To Be A Wiccan:

1: I Wish to be a wiccaen for 1 year now and made up my mind not to go back.i need someone to help me

2: thank u a lot what book should i lean now

3: tank u a lot pls what books should i lean now or read

Oh he contribute alot.. I am deleting my account. because I do not wish to be around pagan or wiccan

Re: Really Sad!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

As I already said, being pagan or being Wiccan really has nothing to do with the ranking system. I'm sorry you do not wish to be around pagans/wiccans, but this site is full of them. I wish you luck elsewhere.

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