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ghost or demon?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► ghost or demon?

ghost or demon?
Post # 1
My father has been haunted lately and we did a spell for peace and friendship. then I protected the mirror with an oil mixture with blessed water so nothing could come through. I said 'show yourself but do not cross' and we lit some frankincense resin. I moved right and the other human scooted left. it appeared after i noticed a red glowing light was still there I had attributed to something else earlier. So at about 51 seconds in the video i uploaded on youtube, and my site, it begins to manifest in the top center. It stays a couple seconds and i said 'oh my god' and it looked at me. I got scared and turned the camera off and looked away. when i looked up it was gone.
Is this a demon or just a ghost?
I can not tell.

It is also on the paranormal investiagtion page of our site

We put some still shots up to of the video on pause when he looks strait and then when he turns his head.
the candles light his face, our candles! Where he faces in to the mirror he is shadowed!

please advice?
Ghost or demon?
help or banish?
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Re: ghost or demon?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I saw face of a man and i have never seen so clear image of apparition before in a mirror .This is impressive !
He looks to me as human spirit ,rather than demon .
Best option you have is to try to communicate with it ,but set boundaries and protection .In case it has malicious nature or motives ,banishing is always an option .
If the spirit wshes he would tell you why he appeared to you in first place ,or why he is haunting your dad (if he really does ).
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Re: ghost or demon?
Post # 3
here's some signs if it's a ghost,
chains clattering,
it's more positive than a demon,
it doesn't growl like a dog or a evil growl,
it doesn't have a evil hoarse voice,
almost anything can be summoned in a mirror but mostly ghosts and spirits appear not demons,
it does something repeatedly,
you can tell if it's a good ghost if it talks nice or doesn't hurt or harm people,

if it's a poltergeist,
it does a lot of noise,
it's more negative than the average ghost,
it's more aggressive than the average ghost,
it works through people sometimes even using or feeding on someones psychic abilities,
it's usually a dark figure sometimes like a white vapor or invisible,

if it's a ghoul,
it lives in the cemetery,
it throws tombstones around,
it's very aggressive and powerful,
it's powerful and angry and furious,
it throws other objects around in the cemetery,
it protects the cemetery and graves and protects the dead bodies within the grave site,
it hurts or even kills people at a grave site,
it's negative especially if someone defiles a grave or dead bodies,

if it's a black dog,
it can be in a grave site,
if you seen it 3 times someone or yourself dies,
it conjures sulfur or fire and brimstone,

if it's a evil spirit,
it's negative,
it hurts or harms people,
it warns people to stay away,
it repeats itself or sounds similar to a demon,

if it's the devil,
it is evil,
it's negative,
it opposes you,
and hurts or harms you,
it willfully serves you,
sometimes not evil all the time but most of the time,
it tempts you,
it tries to rob kill steal or destroy you,
it tricks you,

if it's satan,
it wants to work with you,
it may or may not hurt you depending if you are controlling it or not,
it may trick you but mostly wants to work with you,
if you control it it will serve you,
sometimes mischievous or evil.

if it's a angel,
it's positive,
it will want to work with you,
it protects you or gives you kindness,
it gives you messages from god or gives you a dream a prophecy or a positive dream,
it kills demons or evil spirits,

if it's a good spirit,
it gives you positivity,
it wants to work with you,
it gives you energy positive energy,
it 's kind or gentle,
its vibrations are more calm,

demons vibrations,
it's uneasy and unbalanced mostly very strong and violent vibrations,

if it's a specter,
it's hard to touch,
very vaporous,
it's like air,

anyways that's all I know, also if it's evil then banish it or bind it,
but if it has a reason to be evil or it's misunderstood then try to find out what it wants, how you can help it, or help its way to find God, the good Gods, the cosmic creator or the good afterlife, or try to find a way for it to live in peace or to have a soul once again.

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Re: ghost or demon?
Post # 4
if it's a demon it growls,
it's evil,
it may or may not want to work with you,
it sounds evil,
it's negative,
it plays tricks on you,
it is unsettling,
it is a uneasy feeling and it's unnaturally scary or gives off fear,
it has a hoarse voice.
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Re: ghost or demon?
Post # 5
if the evil spirit is a evil being but does not hurt or harm anyone or if it has done no or almost no crimes to humanity then leave it alone or find a way to put a good soul in it or maintain its good by giving it a soul or remind it to be good and tell it to be good, whether it's a demon or evil spirit, if it hasn't attacked anyone physically not in self defense then try to banish it or bind it, if it fights against you physically or spiritually because you tease it, bully it or hurt or harm it then stop hurting it or controlling it and try to be nice and friendly to it, if it doesn't like you summoning it or conjuring it then don't summon it it will only make problems worse and it's also wrong to do, even demons deserve respect and kindness,
if it's a good demon then don't be mean or hurt or harm it just leave it alons completly
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Re: ghost or demon?
Post # 6
then leave it alone, and don't hurt or harm it.
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Re: ghost or demon?
Post # 7
Thanks. We are always respectful to spirits of all kinds, we may need to be forceful at times but we take it very seriously, and if it is a tormented soul or spirit without a soul, we will try to help it. But we need to be sure before we proceed, if it is evil then e do not want to call upon it or allow it to manifest again.
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Re: ghost or demon?
Post # 8
Thank you Artindark, I was blown away at how clear it was, there was no room for doubt someone/thing was there, and responded to my voice. I appreciate you taking the time to look, you are the second person to feel it is a ghost and not a demon, which I find re assuring. A ghost I can possible help cross over and but a demon is another ball game entirely.
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Re: ghost or demon?
Post # 9
that's good then, remember try not to be to forceful unless necessary, you mostly want to only control it in order to work for you like for magick and stuff, but be warned, do not be forceful to a spirit especially if it doesn't like it, whether it's good or kind or evil or dark never control or hurt a spirit only to control it or if you are doing it just for fun, yes like you said it's good you are respectful but remember spirits are as real and have a conscience more than you think, it can use its powers, spells, or mind against you or even your own mind against you, so be careful and be nice, especially if it's a good being, sometimes even demons just want to live a normal life without pain and suffering and without torment, some demons can be good or want to work with you too, so remember be respectful, if the demon doesn't like circles or binding or summoning then give it respect and do not harm it unless it wants to harm you or someone else, especially if it harms you not in self defense.
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Re: ghost or demon?
Post # 10
oh I meant not to do it for fun sorry.
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