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help from demon/spirit...

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► help from demon/spirit...

help from demon/spirit...
Post # 1
i would like to call a good demon/spirit to be like my friend/gaurdian/if that makes cents to you post anything helps feel free to mail me! bye!
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Re: help from demon/spirit...
By: / Novice
Post # 2
don't work with demons, but if i were you i'd research them, find one that would help you with what you want. once you find the right one, learn everything about it especially how to summon it, to protect yourself, and dispel it if things go wrong.

with spirits, they're all around us really, they can stop by on occasion and stay in a place because they find it nice. while you could invite them in, like put a white candle in an open window, or welcome them in. normally a spirit comes to a place with energy, or you invite them. spirits come and go in my place all the time [guess this is a supernatural boarding house lol] the day i met Rori i was 12-13, sitting in my room reading, i heard a noise, and i could see a figure in my room. we got to talking and he's just followed me ever since. that's kind of how it happens, have an inviting house and they'll find a way in. though, i've never gone out of my way to have a spirit enter. i just have a protection on my house where i state those that wish no harm may enter.

spirits as well as demons can be dangerous, so you need to be careful, research well before you do anything. keep in mind they, like humans, can lie, so take whatever they say with a pinch of salt, as well, spirits [guess demons too, though i haven't met one] have different personalities like us humans, so be aware of theirs. Rori's a trickster, and a bit of a jerk, but he's not mean, he just like messing with people. those who aren't use to it might think he's evil, but he's not.

i think there's also some ceremonies, but again, research as i have not tried them. and no matter what, don't use a ouija board, it works as a magnet and sucks everything towards it, good or bad, so you need to be careful and know what you're doing.

why do you want a spirit/demon if you don't mind my asking? i know you said you wanted a companion, but why? for strength, for friendship, for fun? i know it sounds cool to have something not of this world with you at all times, but it's not depending on the spirit, no matter how use to it i am, there's nothing scarier than you trying to sleep and all you can see/sense is something pacing in front of you, or you're watching a movie and a door slams shut. like i said, not every spirit is like that, but you might meet one who likes to make you jump every once and a while. just be careful what you wish for, and research. blessed be.
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Re: help from demon/spirit...
Post # 3
thanks for that post nekoshema it was helpfull and i just want someone/thing as a friend and im not worried about having like a door slam while im watching a movie/show etc. im used to it my bro is 16/17 and he does that trying to scare me so im used to it but ya i just want a friend cuz' i have friends but i only see them for about an hour every 2 days so i get lonley and my bro kinda dislikes me so he wont hang out with me and i would just like a friend P.S. if you are wondering why i did 16/17 for my bro is he is almost 17) thanks again purple piggy
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Re: help from demon/spirit...
By: / Novice
Post # 4
So, basically, what you are asking is to have some kind of familiar spirit.
Familiars are useful aids in magical working, depending on how much power they have. According to tradition, the most powerful familiars are those given by Demons of high hierarchy (the Faust comes to mind).
In the Grimoire called Lemegeton, one of the books called Ars Goetia (The Goetic Art or Art of the Goetia) is a compendium of 72 demonic spirits, along with it's "properties" and a method of evocation. Some of these spirits are known to give the magician "good familiars".
However, I wouldn't attempt to evoke any of these spirits. The art of evocation should only be attempted after years of magical training and never be taken lightly. I've met many extremely experienced magicians who wouldn't dare to try it. It's rewarding, but extremely dangerous if gone wrong.

If youo wan't to contact other spirits, I'd suggest you try astral projecting and try meeting different spirits...some might be ill-disposed, but some will be well disposed to help you.
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Re: help from demon/spirit...
By: / Novice
Post # 5
you may be use to people in the house, but it's different with a spirit/demon. i've dealt with spirits since i was a child, while 95% of the time i just shrug it off, every once and a while they can do something to make me jump. it can also get annoying, you trying to concentrate, or sleep, or whatever, and there's something running down the hallway, or talking, or moving things, and won't stop no matter how much you ask. [kind of sounds like having a kid though lol] you need to know what you're doing, it may sound cool to have someone with you at all times, but it can get annoying, scary sometimes. i'm not trying to upset you, i just want you to know there's a difference, and sometimes something you think would be cool, or you really want, turns out to be a nightmare.

like i said in the first post, research, but also work on chakra work, it can make it easier for you to sense spirits. keep in mind though, some people just can't see spirits, or can see spirits but not demons.
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Re: help from demon/spirit...
Post # 6
Are you calling to the demon because you think it more willing to help you then a guardian angel type or good spirit? Evaluate your motives and end goals, and ask your self what you have to offer the demon he does not already have? He will not work for free, and one way or another he will take his payment and then some. A good spirit, or angel type will work for free, but will not work in ways that bring harm to yourself or others, even if you do not see the harm coming they do. Try connecting with a deity. See if this can be the guidance you need. If you respect them, they may speak to you or through you.
Also the suggestion to use a familiar is a great one. Has a familiar animal presented itself to you yet? A cat, dog, bird, etc? They stand out from other animals, not only do they connect with you instantly, like they always knew you, but they also are more intelligent then other animals of the same species, I have found.
good luck, and be safe. So recap, evaluate motives, consider good spirits, connect with deities, and find your familiar.
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Re: help from demon/spirit...
Post # 7

I agree that demons aren't the best highly recommended spiritual beings to work with in such cases, however I'd like to make a simple point for educational purposes. Again, they indeed hypothetically speaking aren't the best spiritual beings to spiritually work with.

The thing is that people make these being spiritually awful in a magnificantly not inderstandable way. It's requesting the being's presence. They are intelligent enough to know that, and they are absolutely welcome to leave at any time. Sometimes a demon, once you have developed a connection to it, will even come to visit you if its own volition, according to what I've experienced through out the years..
Humans set themselves up. I think that even in fear, humans just like drama, enough to continue to tell themselves and others that what they're doing is dangerous. That leaks down through the generations and is added to by conservative faiths and spiritual practices that are based on fear. Energy is what you make it and what you expect it to be. If you like excitement enough to be afraid for it, then that's your choice. But, you won't advance until you open. (Again, I'm not directing this at anyone, I'm just sharing my opinion on humanity and why demons have been, well, demonized).

Beyond that I agree with all being said by people previously in this thread.

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Re: help from demon/spirit...
Post # 8
the reason i said demon is cuz i herd that they could be nice but i think i will 1st put a protection spell on my home then try to contact my home spirits then be happy!
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Re: help from demon/spirit...
Post # 9
on a nother note, i think that there are spirits in my home, cents i waz little i have been able to tell if some one walks in the room not by seeing or hearing but if there is some thing that walks into the room i get shivers down my spine and every thing goes a little bit more quiet and ive had that 'go off' like crazy cents we moved to my home is that weired?
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Re: help from demon/spirit...
Post # 10
It seems you are already possesed find out yourself first.
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