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He came back

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He came back
Post # 1
Love Spell, Hello every one my name is Julyn I am Australia I am married with a son, I am here to share a testimoney on how my scatterd relationship got restored. How does it happened? Here is the details. I have been in a state of shambles at a stage in my life after my husband left me and our son to chase after a woman he never knew from adam.

We have been together for 7 years without separation, though there are times when we clash but then we usually settle it within. All of a sudden he just changed without reason known to me at first he went and come back late that day I was so surprised at his action that day, because he usually leave the house for 8 am and come back 3pm. So that day he came home around 8pm which is very unusual, I mean it is unlike him so I was so surprised, I called him and asked him what he came late he gave a flimsy excuses at first I was taken it litely. The second day he began to change his attitude towars me then I knew some thing definitely going on and going on wrongly.

At one point he went out this faithful morning and he never came that day, I was troubled and devastated as well, I was sweating even in the cold whether. When he came back I confronted him and asked where did he go to last night and immediately he answered me with a slap. Then I knew something is truly going on seriously and he went out again and came back the second day, though he later apologised for his wrong did and I forgived him but then he doesn't change his attitude. After about a week this thing came up again he went out and he didn't even border to return for two days.

Then at that time I knew it was no more a joke but rather seiouse matter. So I was thinking on what to do because I can not afford to lose my husband while he is very much alive so I jumped out in search the reason for his attitude and then look for the solutions to the problems. In the quest with pains, I went online to read about the reason for such an attitude and possibly solutions to it. I went to different websites, in the course, I came across this magic world website where they, coven, psychic free reading, auras, tarot,spell of magic forums and many more.

So I began to contact people online for the cause and possible solutions. It got to a point I began to mail every forum that what could be the cause of this act. Aparently most them got them problem right. The problem is that there was a young lady out there who needed my husband so seriously that she has put a spell on him and that he sees me I will never look attractive to him again.

When I got this facts right there and then I had to begin to seek help from different angle so that my husband can come back to me because as at that time I can't even locate him more, and I don't know his where bout again it was terrible. So along the line I met so many spell caster that believe they be able to handle the problem and solve it for me but unfortunately most of them are fake casters they only after my money. But I never relented until I met this man I call him (Master Caster) because he is truly master caster, He told me my husband was going to return but it was too hard for me to believe because of my past experiece with fake casters.

Lo and behold this man did cast spell and it worked perfectly for me, he told me my husband was going to return home in 3 days and that before comes back, he will first of all call me on my cell phone that he will like us to work things out, so he told me that I should make my phone number available that I should get ready to receive a call from him and that it is going to be an apology call and after which he will ask if he can come home. Just like a miracle David came back to me safe and sound and we are living together in peace.

So, I have decided to broadcast him in different forum online that Lord Kowope is a real spell caster no one goes to him and return regretting. Thank you all.
This is his wed address; www.eledakowope.webs.com
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Re: He came back
Post # 2
Merry meet in glad your problem is sorted out your truly luck to be alive,most guys would kill their partners but I'm saying good for and blessings to your marriage
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Re: He came back
Post # 3

I'm sorrry for your situation, honey, but nobody qualified here will be willing to cast a spell for you in order to solve your problem so I believe it's in your hands, and trust me that you can do it as well.
I'd personally tell you this:
To be frank, I don't think that you have to tolerate this situation. If you're in an obviously sour marriage you should move out and get a divorce.

However I fully understand your situation and i'm not a big nay sayer. You've got the right reasons... You have a child that needs father's love and even more than that. So I can feel how it'd be as someone in your situation. Some people would tell you that it's not right. However I disagree. The women who's completely dependant on her roving husband. She has small children, would be financially devestated on her own, has no family or friends to support her, and she wants to do magic to keep her generally kindly husband faithful and committed. Is this wrong, would you tell her to get a life, move on, and develop her own independance? Sure, that's the ideal, but it'll never happen. Maybe what's best for the family/the children is that this non-abusive but flirtatious man stays with them. I withhold my judgement and help her with her goals. Yes, it's ideal to say don't resort to magic, but i've been involved in counseling people for long enough to know that it isn't always so cut and dry. There are MANY justified love spell workings, in my opinion.

Anyway... If you want him to come back to you, go for it.

I'll throw my two cents about the matter and give you suggestions. Here's a great trick to make up and mend fences with your lover. It works for married couples or folks in committed relationships to smooth things out after having a spat. This is not a reconciliation method to return a long-lost lover, or to rekindle relations with an ex that has moved out and moved on. Use thisspell when there's no real threat of a break-up (as you know you aren't broken up, your love is just under a danger), say you've just had it out with your partner and he left with slammed doors to go sleep on his buddy'scouch, BUT you knowhe'll be back the next day. I find this works miraculously for sulking husbands,sullenly steaming in a back room. There are also some relationships where the partners fight a lot - it's just a part of their nature. They're otherwise loving andare thoroughly committed toeach other; they just go at itsomewhat regularly and not necessarilyin an abusive manner. Fortunately, my marriage doesn't fall under that category, but i find myself working this trick a few times a year with great success. Enjoy it and use it in the spirit of Peace.

1) You'll be making a sweet oil jar - what i call a balm jar. You need a sturdy glass jar like a mason jar. I use pint sized ones. It needs a tight-fitting lid. You can also reuse an empty andclean glass jar like a salsa jar or honey jar - just make sure there's no lingering smells.

2) Maketwo name papers - one for you and one for your mate. Get two small pieces of paper aboutfour inches by four inches. For yours, write your name three times, one over each other, three lines total. Turn the paper 90 degrees, and over your name, crossing and covering them, write the phrase "Forgive and Forget" three times making a three-row tic-tac-toe looking grid. Since this is confusing for many folks, here's a sample photo using the name John Smith in pencil and the command "Forgive and Forget" in blue. You don't have to use two different color inks - i just did so the contrast showed better.

Make one paper for you using your name, and one for your mate using their name. Place the two name papers together, writing sides facing each other. Some people like to smear a little honeysandwiched between them as glue tofurther sweeten things, but i'll add that as an optional step. Fold the joined name papers toward you, rotate it and fold it toward you again, and continue until you can't fold it any more. You should have a small little folded wad. Place it in the jar.

3) Fill the jar 2/3 full with oil. Use the best naturaloil you have on hand, preferably Sweet Almond Oil or Olive Oil. If you haveneither of those,just use vegetable oil from your pantry. Baby oil is a total last resort as it's petroleum-based - not very lovey. I would make a quick run to the mini-mart to get some cooking oil before usingbaby oil, but do what you need to.

4) Add a heaping tablespoon of sugar to the oil.

5) Add an odd number ofthe following botanicals. Make sure they are all propertly dired or your oil will spoil. Use what you have;some are kitchen herbs for those who don't have a fully stocked curio cabnet - just be sure to pick 5, 7, 9, or 11 of these helpers:
Dried Roses- especiallydried Roses or other Flowers your lover gave you in the past, Sandalwood,Myrrh, Basil, Majoram, Voilet leaf, Spikenard, Periwinkle, two Balm ofGilead buds, Sage leaf, Borage Flowers, Magnetic Sand, Pennyroyal, and/orAlthea leaf (Althea rootis quite smelly when hot infused in oil).

*If you wish to have make-up sexwith your mate,you can add one orboth of the following botanicals: Dried Ginger root or powdered Ginger, and Cinnamon bark.Only use this whentempers are not hot, becausethese spicy plants can inflame passions which may lead to hot-headedness.Addthe mentioned ingredientsto have productive make-up sex when your partner is sullen, sulky, depressive, and/or apathetic - not hot-blooded.

Add the contents of a vitamin e capsule to the mix as a natural presevative.

6) If you have a supply of condition oils, you may wish to add a few drops of one or more of the following complementary oils: Reconciliation, Happy Heart and Soul, Love Me, Peaceful Home, Marriage Blessing, Kiss Me Now, Heal-All, and Bless My Heart.

7) Stick yourringfinger from yourleft hand into the balm jar and stir it, praying forreconciliation. Here's a great affirmative prayerfor relasing and forgiving:

"(Nameof lover), know thati am holdingus in prayer. Enfolding you in love and understanding, i release any need to control outcomes for us. I am assured that God is in charge, and that Divine Love infuses our circumstance. As wego forward, i trust God to lead us in Divine Wisdom.Making right choices, we moveahead withFaith and Trust.Our desire is for the best for ourselvesand eachother.With unlimited Faith andunderstanding Love, we release and forgive."

Of course spontaneous prayer from your heart is always powerful.

8) Close the lid of the jar tightly, and set it in a cool water bath: a saucepan filled with cool water, the water at thelevel of the oil line in the jar. You don't want your water higher than the oil in thejar, and you especially don't want the water over the jar's top.

9) Heat GENTLY in the water bath.Setthe burneron the lowest setting. You are warming the balm = warming your lover's heart,not heating up his temper, making him steam and boil with anger. Do not let the water get anywhere near simmering. It should barely steam, if at all. One of the points is that on low heat, it takes 10-20 minutes to warm. While it does, you are praying over the balm. Pray to release and forgive, pray the 23rd Psalm, repeat theabove prayer over and over, and/or pray spontaneously from your heart. While warming the balm, youwill usually be contactedby your mate to reconcile. He may call you, come home, or return to you fromhis sulking exile. Greet him with smiling open arms, as you havebeenworking on releasing and dissolving youranger and hurt and you have already forgiven him inyour heart.

10) If he has not yet come to you andthe balm is warm, take it out of its water bath, and if he's home, you go to him. Sit down at his feet and lovingly apologize. Take off hisshoes and socks and rub his feet using the balm. While stroking and massaging his feet, speak your desire to put yourdisagreement behind you and your desire to have a loving rest of your day/evening with him. He will soften to your words, and the foot rub using the balm will dissolve his anger and sweeten him to you. .You can also give him a hand and back rub withyour balm - just don't useit on genitals.

If your loverhas left your home, keep the balm on low heat all night if need be. Youwillhave to turn off the burner for 30 minutes and then turn it back on, maybe repeating this as needed. Keep praying periodicaly while you tend to the balm, shaking it gently. In prayer, you will probably recieve guidance when your mate is open to an apology. Call him then and immediatelyreconcile, speak of no unpleasantness, and invite him back home. When he arrives, certainly releived,offer him a foot rub with your "special homemade herbal massage oil" ;-)

Each time you use the balm, add a littlebit more oil and a pinch of sugar to freshen it. After about six months, theleafy herbs need to be spooned out or they may turnrancid. Bury them in your back yard or in a potted plant by yur back door. The roots and bark botanicals can stayin the jar indefinitely.When you go to warm up another batch, addnew leafy herbs to replace the ones you removed. With use, your balm willget stronger and stronger not only from the herbal infusion but also through your concentrated prayers. Feel free to use this balm inpeacetime as well. It will draw youand your partner closer and make your relationshipmore harmonious.

I'm glad if this helps you. That's something I've been keeping for a while. Also remember to google "Honey jur spells" which are specifically designed to sweeten up relationships. I also highly recommend in addition to this to pray a lot about the situation. Pray, be heard by the universe and always believe that everything will be fine. ;)

Brightest Blessings

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Re: He came back
Post # 4

UGH< I thought that you're asking for help. I didn't read the last part so I probably didn't get that it's merely and Advertisement which has a back up story in order to make the advertisement more qualified... Well, I did this for nothing, but at least it can help out a bit more to other people who are actually interested in such magical work and don't want to waste money over Advertised casters. >.>

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Re: He came back
Post # 5
Is this guy expensive?
Blessed be
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