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Advice for breaking curse

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Advice for breaking curse
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Advice for breaking curse
Post # 1
I was having someone help me with spell work for years, and I told him I did not want a relationship since the spirit he was helping me with is the person I am in love with. Well...long story short he fell in love with me and the spirit made me betray the guy helping us. The guy that we betrayed put curses on the spirit and I, which is justified and I accept our punishment, but he also cursed my future children to have madness.

Is there a way to break that curse? He (the caster) is much stronger than I am.
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Re: Advice for breaking curse
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
A generational curse is simply taking the needle of ate and turning it. All you have to do is turn it back. Instead of focusing on removing the curse, focus on changing it back to something good.

Generations after me
Heed these words and Blessed Be
What is wrought is madness not
Fate do you well as I cast this spell
Peace, Knowledge, and Wisdom, all to thee
This my will, so mote it be!

Or something like that. Find herbs and incenses for wealth, clarity, and wisdom. Do it on Yule if possible. A new year and a new fate. Poetry is the song of the soul put to words.
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Re: Advice for breaking curse
Post # 3
Thank you very much. I had not thought about redirecting it. Its niceto have someone with an outside prespective give a new idea.
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Re: Advice for breaking curse
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
LOL! Yeah. As you saw in chat, everyone has their strengths. Mine is being outside the box. Feel free to mail me anytime. I check every day.
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Re: Advice for breaking curse
Post # 5

People slap curses on each other all the time. I'll tell you all I can in order to help you out for a bit. Once you step away from Neo-Pagan witchcraft magics, curses are a common phenomenon, unfortunately. They're a part of every indigenous system of magic.

The good news is they're often quite easy to lift, especially if the person who threw on you is a novice or a casual practitioner working within their native folk practices. The most experienced practitioner - the ones who could really "kill you dead" with the stuff - are the ones who rarely, if ever, use their skills. They're certainly not throwing on a high school student. So you don't have to worry that your ex is an experienced practitioner, since according to his actions he doesn't sound like one at all. It's not how it works. I believe that if someone throws curse that way he's just someone who does it, so it won't be too hard to lift.

I've got a few useful suggestions for you, choose to use them if you wish:

- Destroy and throw away anything ever given to you by the suspected person or anything ever touched by them. Make sure the suspected person does not have access to any of your stuff: your home, your personal effects such as used kleenex, drinking straws, hair, fingernail clippings, etc.

- Do a spiritual cleansing of your home. If you are too sick to do so, have your caretaker do it for you or at least have them add kosher salt and/or holy water to a bucket of lemon or pine-scented floorwash and pray while they do so. The 23 Psalm is a good one. You may find various methods of doing so, since I'm not going to make recipes or articles telling instructing step by step what to do, it's too easy.

- Take a series of cleansing baths. Bathe three times a week (mon, Wed, Fri) for three weeks with a spiritual cleansing product (Uncrossing, Jinx-Buster, a herb tea made from Hyssop, Purification, etc. I can give you a recipe if you desire).

- Follow this series of Uncrossig baths with a series of Portection or Blessing baths - three times a week for three weeks.

- Put up some sort of protection. If this person has constant access to your personal effects, you may wish to treat them regularly as well (bathing, using powders and oils, etc.). Use energetic types of protections: shields, wards, etc., use a protection spell: http://www.luckymojo.com/fierywall.html , and consider an apotropiac charm for protection as well.

... the good news is that crossed conditions are usually quite easy to resolve and respond readily to cleansing and protection work. Usually people only throw them once in heat of passion and do not continue with repeated attacks.

Curses manifest themselves in many ways and vary greatly depending on the culture. The main rule of thumb is that curses affect whichever system in your body is the weakest before the attack. You have asthma? Then the curse will affect your breathing. You're clumsy? Then the curse will manifest as an accident. You have high blood pressure? then the curse will affect your heart and circulatory system. This is just one more reason to stay healthy and seek regular medical care.

I always take concerns about curses seriuosly, because, as i said before, there are plenty of nasty people who use this stuff without much thought. The only time the validity of the suspicion put into question is if the "victim" suffers from certain kinds of untreated mental disorders: intrusive thoughts of attack and uncleanliness, obsessions and OCD behavior, paranoia, and the like. If i suspect mental illness is a factor, i will always ask a few tactfully-worded question inquiring into their medical past, whether they're taking (or not taking) any prescribed medication, etc.

If the victim is experiencing health concerns, i will not treat them for cursed conditions or prescribe spiritual work unless they've seen a doctor first. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen and is just common sense.

Don't worry about your kids. As soon as you take care of it and banish the negative energy, they should be fine. Energy won't always be of a problem in your place as long as you keep it peacful and banished. There is not need to accept the 'punishment' or the curse. Nobody deserves it... Hope it helps !

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Re: Advice for breaking curse
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Tiffany wrote an excellent post.

I approach curses a little differently. I like to focus the curse into an object that can be destroyed. For a novice like yourself, I would suggest first clearing your home of all energy. Then creating a poppet of yourself out of biodegradable materials (preferrably organic like potatoe (the big ones are perfect for carving human figures). Make the poppet seem like you, fill it with some personal energy and name it after you, but disconnect--it is separate. Like an independent thoughtform/servitor in your likeness. Protect and cloak yourself (I would wear opal to make myself difficult to find energywise and wear a black cloak and gloves to physically conceal me). Curses are dumb. They don't have intelligence, they have a mission. Visualize directing the curse onto this poppet in a coaxing manner, not forceful. You can use a chant, but I prefer my will and a solid trance state. You should feel when the curse has completely attached to its new host (the poppet). Continuing to wear the protection/cloak and wrap the poppet lightly and immediately bury it far from your home (this is good to do away from your home to begin with). Say something to the effect of "dust to dust, ashes to ashes" as if the poppet is "dead". When it decays and energy/life is no longer within the poppet, the curse will die along with it reacting off of its host's departure with no children to feed off of.

Then protect yourself STRONGLY. An amulet you wear constantly is best. This way, if the one who cursed you notices the curse isn't on you any longer and attempts to curse you again, you'll be ready this time. I prefer reflective protections over the famous "white light" versions. Some may disagree that it can hurt those that unconsciously throw curses. But I contest that my reflective protections never wear down but any shield-like ones can break with enough force and abuse. I make sure it reflects both kind thoughts/intentions and nasty ones as balance. People who are nice to me usually have a good luck streak afterward because it sends back their positive energy. It takes "you reap what you sow" literally. I don't need other people's energy on me, regardless if its benevolent, it's foreign. You can program any piece of jewelry to be a reflective amulet. I used to use a ring, but now I just use my necklace that I never take off. It works very well for me. I suggest you try it. ;-)
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