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does he luv me?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► does he luv me?
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does he luv me?
Post # 1
hi its me! i waz wondering something, so i have a crush ( my old one moved and ya) is there any way for me to find out if he likes me back magical or not any post is helpful oh and i see peeps put magik and magic on this site Are they diferent in any way ? thAnks- purple piggy
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Re: does he luv me?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well you can try all sorts of divination techniques but as always the most reliable way is to simply ask him.

Magic and Magick are the same things, some people just like to add the -k principally to distinguish between witchcraft and stage magician magic.
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Re: does he luv me?
Post # 3

On a personal note, while you're saying crush and according to analyzing of your post I assume that you don't know him well enough since you're saying it's a crush, meaning you've got feelings for that person while you don't even know what they feel about you or generally know them...

To me it sounds like people use the term like too much. Liking or in other words having some feelings for someone isn't something too easy which comes by a simple sight, and it shouldn't be used so frequently since things don't work that easily and this term isn't something to use too much.

Getting to like someone is basically a process. You get to know this person, their characteristics, their personality, behavior, values, opinions, life, etc. Having done that you get to develop something for that person, "feelings" is an appropriate word to describe that. You analyze everything you get to learn about them and then see if it suits your standards or at least if you get to "like", which basically means accept or adore, what they have to offer you while they're taking part in your life. That's how it goes.

In case they didn't get to like you from first look it doesn't mean that they won't after getting to know you personally and getting to see your characteristics, personality, behavior, etc... At any point after personally knowing each other the feelings may come on the road. It also doesn't mean that they will get to like you. But it isn't as you think it is. It's a bit more complexed.

Communicate with him, get to know him personally, be nice to him, and take it slowly while you're gaining his respect and trust. That should be the best thing you can do.

If the question is about if you and him are meant to be together... That's also another question which strongly differs from liking. In that case, as Murfie said, use different forms of divination to get the best answer you may get.

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Re: does he luv me?
Post # 4
I believe you are correct. It normaly takes time to like someone. However people go against the natural law a lot. I am an example of that. I've liked a girl since I met her. (Unfortunately she likes me off and on normaly at the worst times.) and I haven't chainges my minde about her (except that I think she likes seeing me in pain) some people don't need to get to know someone all that well to like them. However it would be in your best intirest to get to know him first. Become close to him befor deciding if you really like him.
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Re: does he luv me?
Post # 5
well the thing is he is nice to me and he knows me (sorta) and he hangs with me once in a blue moon and ive kknown him for about a month and my one horrible stop is i am not allowed to date for 2 more years, but by then he will be 18 it sucks... so i know him and he knows me so ya P.S. cents im 14 he is 16
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