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A Spell to over come Fear

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► A Spell to over come Fear
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A Spell to over come Fear
Post # 1
This is not a spell for myself, it is one for another. Has anyone a spell that can enhance your enter self to over come 31 years of fear? This person was in Prison for this long, they need more then my help to banish their ghosts. Any simple easy spell, something that would not intimidate him. Thanks so much

Blessed all be!
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Re: A Spell to over come Fear
By: / Novice
Post # 2
If he's open to the basic practices of magic you can try to teach him some basic meditation and other calming exercises which do work quite well to help someone overcome fear regularly. If not then you can certainly try a spell, I don't know one myself but you can always create your own. Aspects that might help you are;

Candles - blue can help promote tranquility
- gold can help with confidence and courage
- orange can help with courage
- red can also help with courage
- purple can help with self-esteem and inner strength
- white can be used for any purpose
- green can help with security (although that would be more about separating him from his fears rather than conquering them)

Crystals that promote confidence and courage are agate, amethyst, aquamarine, blood stone, calcite (specifically helps to calm fears), carnelian (again specifically prevents fear and promotes calmness), diamond, jade, lapiz lazuli, ruby,tiger's eye, tourmaline and turquoise.

Herbs that help promote confidence and courage are black pepper, cedar, clove, columbine, fennel, ginger, mullein, musk, onion, sweat pea, thyme, tonka bean and yarrow.

(I took the above from "The Pocket Spell Creator" by Kerri Connor which I happened to have handy)

I would mention though that talking is also a very effective cure for such things and as the fears are caused by quite a long time in prison then a spell or a "coat of whitewash" so to speak may not cover it completely. He may need to do a fair bit of soul searching so if he doesn't buy into meditation then try talking to him and if he's open to it perhaps suggest some version of counseling.
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Re: A Spell to over come Fear
Post # 3

May I recommend something which is not a spell and is even more helpful...

There are magicks that will help you, but it won't be any single spell which absolutely take away the fear. It would take more than one visit to a therapist to help; it would take multiple visits and active participation from you and there would likely be exercises or lifestyle changes essentially assigned by the therapist, etc. Magick works in this same way and will take repeated efforts and some things like meditation and changes to the way you live and think.

I suggest that you start banishing on a regular basis. Banishing not only cleanses an area of negativity, it also balances the area energetically. When healing it is normal to experience little bouts or flashes of negative emotions and these emotions affect the energy of where it happened. Haven't you ever walked into a room and been able to just feel angry tension or fear, even though there was no indication that anything was wrong? The emotions had imprinted upon the energy. This can make it difficult to get over negative emotions because the energy only encourages you to keep feeling it. It is therefore important to banish or cleanse the place you live so that you're not held back by stray feelings.

I specifically suggested a banishing over a cleansing because banishings involve balancing the energy in addition to cleaning it up. This is why such damage generally expresses itself as some sort of extreme. Just like with the negative feelings, the elements wherever you are will affect you. Fiery places make you aggressive; Airy places make you intellectual but detached, etc.. Banishing will balance between the elements to keep any from being particularly influential upon you, thus helping to keep yourself balanced.

I would also suggest meditations, particularly zazen. A lot of healing is just digging up buried feelings or thoughts and talking them through with yourself until they don't need to be buried. Meditation aids in this by helping calm and center the mind. I particularly suggest zazen because in zazen there is no music, no visualization, no concept or idea you concentrate on. In zazen you sit staring at a blank wall (or empty floor) and try not to think - it is an exercise in being perfectly alone with yourself. I have personally experienced that zazen can not only dig things up quite well, it leaves you calm enough to actually deal with them.

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Re: A Spell to over come Fear
Post # 4
Take the feeling of fear let it descend into the chest
and then make it disintegrate by blurring the eyes
or looking down at the floor and then the ceiling.
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