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Five Pointed Star

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Five Pointed Star
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I am sure you have seen this symbol way before you first took your steps into the unknown that is part of the Craft. At first it was just used as a symbol of the stars above as (This was what I saw back then). Nothing from what it truly stands for and really means to me now. But even then, looking upon those stars, I still believe that the pentagram holds as much brightness as them.

The star holds five different points and five different lines that make up the figure. The points stand for each element and the spirit of life. Those elements conclude Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. The top is Spirit and clockwise follows water, fire, earth, and air. There are also lines that connect the points of each elements. Those lines are there to banish and to bind each element together into one strong hold. For example, fire and air are connected therefore you can see that you could banish fire to air (putting out the fire) or bind fire to air (feeding the fire). The same goes with each element that is connected, of course not all is connected to each other so if you want air to bind with spirit you will have to send it to fire than fire to spirit. If you keep on binding with the elements you will have completed the star which will create life. Sadly you cannot create life by the star, it just tells a story of what life needs (Earth is for the iron in your blood and carbon of your body, Air is for you to breathe even if you are fish the body breaks down the water into oxygen, fire is temperature either hot or cold, and spirit to give you the ability to be alive. This means differently to each and every person).

When you are casting your circle, you have an option to draw the star inside the circle. This offers you protection as the star fortifies the structure of the circle. People even wear the star in the circle around their necks or hang it on their wall. This will still offer you protection. It is also known that if a friend gives you one of those than the protection is increased with the bond of you and your friend. So giving something like this to a friend will be like you protecting them.

There are different types of stars with different number of points and lines. Those stars are different from the five pointed star so please don't confuse those from this. This star is more well known than those due to the background certain people given it. Like the upside down star version the church spread. Since it is hard to tell if the star was made to be face up or face down, people that do not understand it will always see it as the devils star. Just do not be afraid of wearing the five pointed star or have it as a tattoo.

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