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Most useful spells for me

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Most useful spells for me
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Most useful spells for me
Post # 1
1. Rise with the mighty blaze, Burning Dragon of the Searing Flame

2. Rise with the howl, Feathered Dragon of the Whispering Wind

3. Rise with the Tsunami, Serpent Dragon of the Roaring Tides

4. Rise with the Tremor, Stone Dragon of the Trembling Earth

5. Rise with the Jungle & Forests, Nature Dragon of the Untamable Nature

6. Rise with the power of Tecnology, Knowledgable Dragon of the Tecnicle Tecnology

7. Rise with the power of Harmony, Music Dragon of the Reverberating Notes

8. Rise with the Shining Sky, Solarian Dragon of the Sun and Moon

9. Rise with the power of the Animals, Animal Dragon of the Wild Heartbeat

10. Rise with the Light and Dark, Time Dragon of the Day and Night

11. Rise with the power of Colour, Colour Dragon of the Rainbow

12. Rise with the Good and Bad, Attitude Dragon of the Positive and Negative

13. Rise with the Forget power, Forgetful Dragon of the Absent-Minded

14. Rise with the Truthful power, Truth Dragon of the Truthful Person

15. Rise with the power of everything, Elements Dragon of the Storngest Convergence

16. Rise with the power of Love, Enchantix Dragon of the Enchanted Love

17. Turn our winx into a giant wall, Bounce it up into a rubber ball

18. Physico Clone

19. Negative Darkness Surrounder Illusions

20. Ice Spirals

These 20 spells are very difficult, you must try a lot of time, it's ok if you fail, i'm the Sirenix Fairy and yes, I have Achieve Sirenix. These 20 spells belong to the 3rd Book of Sirenix, The Believix Level.

Best Wishes,
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Re: Most useful spells for me
By: / Novice
Post # 2
hi, i've read a few of your posts, and your profile, i don't like being the one o tell people off or bust their bubble, but you cannot be a faerie. 'Sirenix' is from Winx club correct? i don't study faeries, but i know people who work with faerie magic, and they've never heard of it, and one who is a Winx fan said it's from that show. this is a fictional show, while faeries are real, you cannot be one, you were born human, nothing will change that. you can work with them, gain strength from them, but not be one.

i've seen these chants before on this site, i'm kind of iffy with them. if it's just a chant to increase your energy, that's one thing, but a couple of these i've come across said you gain the ability to control the element, which does not work. please explain what happens when you use these chants? do you become empowered or can you shoot fireballs? only one works. also, most of these dragons aren't real, i'll buy the serpent dragon and burning dragon, because it's trying to sound mystical, but animal dragon, time dragon, colour dragon, attitude dragon, forgetful dragon, truth dragon, knowledge dragon, music dragon, enchantrix dragon no. these are concepts, creatures, senses, and so on, not things dragons can be. i've met many dragons in the astral plane and not once have i met a 'forgetful dragon' or a 'time dragon' and so on. just a word of advise, do some research before posting further on the site, or you might get gagged by the moderators.
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