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do love spells work?

Forums ► General Info ► do love spells work?
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do love spells work?
Post # 1
hi guys i have a crush and i dont know if he likes me i want him to atleast like me a little bit do any of you know a spell or something that would work ?

Re: do love spells work?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

How about mustering up the courage to communicate yourfeelings for the other person in a manner that would reduce damage done - if any occurs - to your well being, theirs or your current relationships.

basically, talk to him.

Re: do love spells work?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
talk to him.

yes, love spells do work [not all] they are rather tricky and a spell to cast over another imposes your will over them. this has a very high chance of backfire, and it will eventually wear off. if however it doesn't, you have to remember you cast this spell, he might only be with you for that reason alone.

if you're unsure, do some skrying or something. tonight's Samhain, a lot of love deviation is done tonight, you could peal an apple [make sure it's in one long strip] then throw it behind you over your left shoulder, it should land in the letter of your loves name. another fun one is at midnight, walk into your bathroom holding a single candle, with the lights turned off, stare into the mirror, your love should appear beside you.

if you really want to cast a spell, go for a honey jar spell so he sweetens up to you, or a candle spell. in both cases however, you're going to have to talk to him. myself, i'd skry, you're not casting over him, just looking for answers. after that, you're going to have to talk with him, not ask him out, try to get to know him.

Re: do love spells work?
Post # 4
okay i will get the courage t talk to him and i will skry, you are right if i do a spell i might wonder how things wood have turned out then it wood be a stir - thank u guys

Re: do love spells work?
Post # 5
okay so i have good news, i talked to him and know we are kinda friends thanks i can live with him being my friend

Re: do love spells work?
Post # 6
Love spells do work and from personal experience they are a pretty terrible thing. They are a cruel imposing of your will upon another and force a love on someone who may not be right for you. Before you go out and cast a love spell listen to a little personal story of my mine.

My sister knows I am a practitioner and.... i'd say... it's been about... 5 years since I casted this spell for her. She had asked me to cast a spell on some bad boy she liked at the time to fall madly in love with her. I told her I would not but against my better judgement, being she is my twin sister, I gave her the spell and said I would walk her through it because I wouldn't do it personally. The spell did work and he did fall in love with her, he began to text her, call her, get closer to her and she was happy... for about a week. Turns out the guy was a pot head and frequently skipped classes, getting into fights and he showed no sign of change. She was miserable for weeks as she found other guys she liked and he was still in love with her until I forcively removed the spell. I truly feel bad for ever giving her that spell and allowing her to cast it. Love is magic already, 5 years later (today) she has a loving boyfriend whom she did not need a spell to find, I honestly think those two are meant for eachother.

No matter who casts it or for what reason, I find love spells are never a good thing to do. Even to this day, through all my years of practicing, I still hold this same beleif that Love Spells are cruel and unfair, causing only problems and pain.

I still have the spell if you are adamant on casting one (although you seem to have gotten over it), shoot me an email and if you truly want the spell you better give some adamant reasoning as to why you want it.

Peace! xD

Re: do love spells work?
Post # 7

Every spell that is not associated to fluffy buisness or fantasy has the potential to work and let you get your desire.
The love spells section is not associated to fluff or fantasy (unless something not ordinary is included in the spell), thus - most of the ordinary love spells have the potential to wrok properly.

But one thing that everybody has to remember is that even if a spell is logical and associated with real magical practices, it still has to be casted properly and correctly (with a specific level of experience and knowledge about the basics). Please keep that in mind.

This fact is exacly why i said that the spell has only some potential to work. If not done properly and correctly, the potential will get lower and lower. The same rule is connected to every action you take during living your life.
Many things are real and have the potential to work, but they must be done properly and correctly to 100% work.

So your best answer will be : Love spells are real and work if done properly and correctly.

Re: do love spells work?
Post # 8
Yes, go to school dressed pretty and ask him out! It works as good as a spell! If he says no then you have a problem! That just means he is not your true love and you need to move on and find him!
(It's Kiara!)

Re: do love spells work?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
ucantscareme I think you meant to say..If he says no then you don't have a problem. ;-)

Re: do love spells work?
Post # 10
One of the most important things with love spells is that
your emotional state and the images in your mind can influence
another at long and short range. Together with gestures and
the like.

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