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Enchantment template

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Enchantment template
By: / Novice
Post # 1
So I thought I'd lay out in reasonable detail a fairly basic ritual for enchanting that I use quite a lot to see if it could help anyone else. I've not attached any specific enchantments that you might want to put in but that's up to you really and I thought it'd be more use if I just shared the overall template of my methods rather than any specific enchantment as they're all fairly easily interchangeable.

When to perform the spell? I start the preparation during a waxing crescent moon and perform the actual enchantment on the next full moon after it. July is a good month for enchantments so I'd try and aim to get this sort of thing done during that full moon.

Where? Well where ever you feel comfortable, I call upon the power of the moon and so like to do my work outside but if that's not an option you can do it by a window or just not use the moon for power and go for anywhere you like.

What will you need? 5 Candles devoted to the 5 classical elements. One red candle should be consecrated with citronella to help maintain the sanctity of the circle and to guard against exhaustion of the castor inscribed with a symbol of fire (I always use classical symbols being a triangle with one point pointing vertically up for fire). One candle should be yellow for air consecrated with lemon to bring clarity to the workings and inscribed with a symbol for air (I use a triangle pointing up with a horizontal line across it). One green should be consecrated with pine oil to guard against negativity and to help concentrate on your goal inscribed with a symbol for earth (I use an upside down triangle with a horizontal line through the middle). One candle should be blue candle to represent water consecrated with lily of the valley oil and inscribed with the symbol for water (I use an upside down triangle with one point pointing down). The fifth candle is white and represents spirit consecrated with lavender to bring unity between the other elements and inscribed with a symbol of spirit (two triangles overlaid one pointing up and the other down, note that the downward pointing triangle is on top and obscures the connections of the upwards triangle (If I didn't explain that well try drawing it on word and keeping both triangles with a black line and white fill)) I then inscribe a symbol on the other side of all the candles if I'm using a symbol on the object I'm enchanting. You will then need the object you've chosen to enchant whatever that may be (note that different objects are ideal for different enchantments metal holds energy well however gemstones lend themselves well to the process as well and can be useful in amplifying certain traits and rejecting others (useful in keeping negative energy out of the enchantment)). You'll need a bowl of salt water, preferably sea salt. I like to use actual sea water but this can be difficult to get hold of and so I often just make my own up, tap water works fine but has a few other chemicals in it so my OCD forces me to use distilled for spell work. I float my objects in the water usually float my object on a raft but you can just put it next to it if you like, the floating just looks nice to me. I also burn incense pretty much continually in my house but you've already used a lot of oils on the candles so if you're going to burn one like I do I recommend lavender as it's not too strong and goes well with everything as well as unifying them.

Setting up the alter

Place the candles in their relative positions, red is south for fire, yellow is east for air, green is north for earth and blue is west for water and white is central for spirit. (note that you can do this in alignment with magnetic north or just use representations relative to your position). Keep the water central in the alter just below the white candle but above the red. In my work I actually stand inside the four elemental candles that each have small alters of their own then a main one for spirit. If you have chosen to burn incense place it in the east position as it is a representation of air. (any gemstones stay with earth and oils go with water unless being vaporized in which case they belong with air again).

Casting the circle

In an anti-clockwise motion sprinkle the salt water from the bowl in a relatively large circle (might as well give yourself space to work) whilst using your preferred method of circle casting, I like to pray for the area to be cleansed and to cast out negativity. (note that you don't have to sprinkle the water if you don't want to). Once you're finished place the bowl of salt water back onto the alter in a roughly central position. I usually submerge the object that I'm enchanting in the water here to rid it of all possible negativity and leave it there for the rest of the preparation.

Invoking the elements

Working once again in an anti-clockwise rotation speak the following out load whilst calling to the elements, don't speak the bits in double brackets they're actions. Whilst lighting the candles try to think of what it is the elements mean to you, that's why I use these words it helps me focus although you may prefer to use your own.

I call you here I do evoke,
The element of Earth strong as oak,
((Light the green candle in the North position))

I call you here upon the tide,
Element of water I stand beside,
((Light the yellow candle in the West position))

Element of Fire burning bright,
I call you here with me tonight,
((Light the red candle in the South position))

Element of Air full of grace,
I call you here to my embrace,
((Light the blue candle in the East position))

Standing strong in shrouded grace,
I call to spirit to guard this place.
((Light the white candle in the central position))

Beginning the enchantment

The first thing that's needed in any ritual or enchantment is energy so you have to raise that energy from somewhere. The first step for this is to make sure that after you've spent so long cleansing the area that you're drawing in the right energy so focus quite specifically on the task at hand and all the emotions you want to put into the object. Once you're confident you can manage the task ahead of you take the object out of the salt water and leave it somewhere in front of you (either on the raft or just on the alter). The next step is to gather the energy for the enchantment, as I said I like to use lunar energy so I would now stretch my arms to the moon and expose my palms to it whilst visualizing the moons light flowing into my palms and filling me full of all the energy and emotions I use in the enchantment. Once you've collected as much of the energy as you can you then need to direct it into the object so move your palms to point at the object now and visualize a white smoke leaving your palms and swirling into the object whilst focusing very specifically on the task at hand. Words help tremendously here so have some prepared, personally I just repeat over and over again the qualities I want to put into the artifact but you may have a rhyme or spell you want to use. Once all the smoke is into the object congratulations you're done but remember that you need to still thank the elements and close the circle.

Closing the circle

A relatively simple act. You need to extinguish the candles in reverse order so start with spirit and work your way through air, fire, water and then finally earth. As you do thank each element individually for their assistance and stay mindful of what the elements mean to you in order to stay connected to them. After you've dismissed the elements you can close the circle by sprinkling the salt water once again but in a clockwise rotation which acts to both rid the area of your energies and allow new energies to come back into the area once again.

At this stage you will also want ground yourself in order to let off any excess energy you took on and cleanse all your tools once more whilst putting them away. In this ritual all the objects may be put back into their relative homes but be mindful that in some others some components of the ritual should not be cleansed and disposed of specially, either by leaving out overnight, being buried, burnt or scattered to the winds or into water.
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Re: Enchantment template
Post # 2
Murfie you are super awsome! this will help so much
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Re: Enchantment template
Post # 3
Thank you. That was very interesting. Nice work.
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Re: Enchantment template
Post # 4
Cool murfle
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