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Energy Vampire HELP

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Energy Vampire HELP
Post # 1
"Sator to the North, Sator to the West. Rotas to the East, Rotas to the South.




Saved my hide today.

I found this on one of the older posts last night and memorized it... I was walking today and this woman was eyeing me as I walked. I reached into my shirt and pulled out my ring [My talisman and good-luck charm] because I felt a kind of energy pull. Like I was being sucked backwards.

I cast a minor spell that would make my finger stop bleeding [I got it caught on my jacket-zipper and it HURT A LOT... >_> I'm not a wuss...] and the woman was standing RIGHT beside me, watching me.

I looked up and asked what she wanted.

She smiled... Eerily.

I backed away and went into the pizza place 'cause I felt safer there. SHe was still outside, but on her cell phone... Or atleast it looked like that to me...

She was outside for practically and hour. I got up and went into the bathroom, then came back and she was STILL there... but INSIDE...

I went into the bathroom and pulled off my necklace and cast that protective spell. I was practically crying now and I begged my summoned spirit [the spirit of my grandfather] to protect me.

Four words came to mind. 'Energy Vampire', the voice of my own mind... And my grandfather's voice 'RUN' and 'NOW'.

I exited the bathroom and ran smack into the woman. I ran past her and into a booth in plain sight of A LOT of people around me. She walked towards me, but stopped short. She looked mad.

She moved around to the other side and exited, looking at me an instant then walking out of sight of the window. I chased after her. I wanted to know what the hell she wanted!

She was gone.

no one was on the street.

NO ONE HAD EVEN SEEN THE LADY... They said I ran out of the bathroom crying and assumed that I was just insane. I talked to the man at the counter and he said that the only person that had entered was me and the little group of teens from my school.

... I felt weak. I felt empty. I felt sick and had a severe head ache, but when I opened my third eye when I got home, I was surrounded by a sphere of light in my astral plane.

When I tried to do Astral Projection, I saw the light from everywhere I went.


Did I encounter an energy vampire? Or just a freaky woman...? >_ < Someone please help me out.
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Re: Energy Vampire HELP
Post # 2
Listening to your instincts can't hurt. The white light is usually from the crown chakra-- it's said to connect to the divine, also that pure white light of a high frequency will deter lower-frequency entities (so beginner psychics are told to visualize a white light for protection.) Without the protection program, though, it may have been the abundance of energy that attracted the vampire. In case it happens again, here's from one of my favorite sites on psychic self-defense,

"A psi vamp feed has two main components, one is an extension of their will and psi energy out to you -- this is an intrusive force -- and the other is a strong draining force applied to your energy.

To ground out such an attack, you will try to push where the psi vamp is pulling. Now you are not pushing into the vacuum that is their feeding, that would only aid their feeding. You are pushing on the intrusion of their mind energy which is extended out to you . (Think of a vacuum hose coming at you, you push it away by pushing on the hose, not by pushing into the opening.) You are pushing as an extension of will, affecting the other person's energy rather than your own. depending on the relative skill levels, you will likely not be able to push on the feeding intrusion very far, since the owner of energy has a slight advantage in manipulating it. And a psi vamp is usually fairly adept at moving energy about. Despite this, you should be able to push it out to arms length or more, away from the core of your energy. Keep pushing it outward until the draining element is mostly disconnected from your energy.

Now that you've got it disconnected from yourself, push the feeding intrusion down to the ground . Don't push it straight down, just angle your outward pushing slightly and let the intrusive force of their feed attempt move the intrusion downwards.

There is quite an amazing lot of earth energy in the ground. The effect of grounding a drain is like dipping a vacuum cleaner hose into a swimming pool. When the feed reaches the ground the psi vamp will get a jolt of earth energy, and the feed intrusion will disappear while the psi vamp gets a sudden mouthful of something unexpected. It may even be moderately painful, like an electric shock to their subtle body."

It might not be so effective if you encountered an entity, but the above is in case it was a person who was a psionic vampire. The usual protections will do okay at delaying a psivamp attack (except maybe the bubble-shield, I heard that bubble-shielded psychics are called M&Ms by psivamps... "melts in your mouth, not in your hand" :-X) but because vamping is an active attack... the best defense eventually comes down to a good offense. In your other post on the vampires thread you said you can also vamp to some degree, so you can try vamping back (If the other is just so much better at vamping, it should at least stem the loss of energy.) I toxify my energy around where the connection is if I can find it (gave her a bad taste,) and designed some astral equipment that are kind of like angel wings only the feathers are blades that vibe like an electric shaver-- these I put on to relinquish attachments. Be creative. And at least it's over now. Hope this helped.
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Re: Energy Vampire HELP
Post # 3
I'm personally a psi-vampire and a way to work against one of use is to drain more energy from use than we can from you. This is usually hard unless you are a psi-vampire. But there are other ways such as forcing energy into their aura or into them. A large amount more then they can take. This can make them pass out cold but is hard to do. Me for example I have no point like that so that wouldn't work on me. But the aura blast will often work. Also try Mental Blast a spell on this site to try and distract them. Also we don't usually pull from one source unless it is powerful. I don't know how much else I can help but message me with any questions.
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Re: Energy Vampire HELP
Post # 4
Also a reason others probley did not see here is a simple mind trick. I found it is easy to mess with peoples minds expescally if they are week minded, i can change someones thoughts in an instance. Or she could have been a entitie that is a psi-vampire.
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