Using the Positive Hexing

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Using the Positive Hexing
Post # 1
i do a lot of astral traveling i firmly believe that there is two sides of the are of Hexing. the positive and the negative. for hexing energy is made of a variety of different energies. death, shadow, sun, earth, water, spirit, light, nature, chose,and fire. that can be used for good or evil. for in the astral plain there is a certain real were you can get you hexing knowledge from. for i have astrally bean there and received a book that i cray that is an astral book that one can keep in my spiritual wrist. that can be looked at with the third eye. for hexing can be used to remove all negative energy which i call the Light hex. then there is a variety of different earth hexes that can be used to ground or help the earth be more fertile. than there is the nature hex energy which can be used to help nature heal or be plentiful and many other things as well. than there is shadow that to my understanding can only be used to harm. then there is spirit hex energy that can help heal or harm the spiritual body. than there is the light hexing energy with can be used to change your aura form dark to light and or can be placed on a dwelling place to keep all dark energy form being able to inter a home. you can also use this hex energy to on your enemy to force the darkness out of them. than there is the sun hexing energy that can be used form multitude of different thing. than there is the chose energy which i still do not quite know its use for i have not used that hexing energy be for. than there is fire hexing energy which can be used for any thing that has to do with fire. than there is death hexing energy which to my understanding is to only harm others as well.
than there is water hexing energy that can be used to purify or bless water or it can be used to in furs the energy of water in a retail tool.

well i choose to only use the positive hexing energies for to help other in my opinion is far better than harming others.

Blessed be.
i hope this form is helpful to others.
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Re: Using the Positive Hexing
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: Using the Positive Hexing
Post # 3
okay thank you for the up date.
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