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Name: vengeance003
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Location: Rochester, NY
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i am currently 22 years of age. i was born in Leeland Mississippi and moved to Rochester New York.
ever sins i was born in this life i am energy sensitive and is able to see all plains of existence. i also am gifted with the gift of prophecy. for back in Mississippi we lived in the woods far from civilization with no TV. my Path in this life is a mystic wizard. for i learn all my wizardry form Nature. for it is the trees and all living creatures that taught me how to use a seven point star and the meanings of the seven points and how to use that for manifesting your will in both the physical and spiritual plains of existence. the tree also did teach me how to summon the old deity's of the ancient once. i also was taught how to us kinesis by nature and many other things of magic.
back in Mississippi i had and steal have today the seers power to see the future. for back win i was 12 years old i had what i thought was a nightmare of are house burning to the ground. In 2002 we went to a friend's house and wen we came home the windows were smoked covered and then the house burst into flames and burnt to the ground just the same way i saw in the past. Next, i seen my dad die with a massive hart attack at my grandparents 50th anniversary in a vision. a few years passed and my dad died at my grandparents 50th anniversary just the same way i saw it happen in the past. by that time i did not like the gift of the seers so i decided to start dipping tobacco to tern off my seers power for it was to depressing for me.
back wen i was younger in Mississippi i did not read any books on the occults. for i had no need to read books on magic for it was nature that taught me how to use the energy of nature, fire, water, air, earth, life, death, spirit, sun, moon, stars, stones, and crystals. but now since i am in Rochester i do a good deal of reading books on the occults. i also have my own Order of wizards that i teach the old ways of magic and the old deity's of the ancient once as well as what i am learning in the Occults.
i also love working with herbs, crystal, and any thing that has to do with rituals and magic. I am a Reiki practitioner now and completed my second enlightenment and knowledge of the sacred symbols used in Reiki and how to use the symbols.
spell that i am most knowledgeable in is destruction spells, binding spells, bending spell, shielding and gridding, creating spells, enchanting spells, and many other spell.
i am willing to teach the following forms of magic:
earth magic
air magic
fire magic
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