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By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have noticed there has been an increase on people trying to summon all kinds of stuff... Like demons for pleasure and spirits. So why not post something to help them understand how to do it safely and the dangers of doing such a rite.

Before you try to summon something you must understand why you need to summon. What I am saying is, don't summon something because you want to try it or get something of desires. That isn't the proper way of doing it, and trust me with all of the dangers in summoning you need to be prepared. But how do you know when you need to summon something? Well I will tell you this, I have never in my life needed to summon anything yet because their isn't a reason for me to do it. It is all up to you to tell if you really need to do it. Of course doing it for, well pleasure, isn't really good enough because there are safer ways to do it than get a demon to run home base with you.

Why it is dangerous you are asking? What could go wrong or you have this under control, is what you are thinking. Or possible you are not thinking about the dangers at all. Well there will be dangers if you do not get ready for the worst possible outcome. The first danger is not doing it right. Summoning requires some training and getting everything right. There are four steps in doing a basic summoning.
1. Learn how to cast a circle.
2. Practice the rite.
3. Ask the spirit/demon who they are. Do not ask "Are you *blank*?"
4. Lastly, banish them back to once they came.
If you do not have one of these correct, than you are in a world of hurt. Of course the more dangerous the spirit/demon the more protection you will need. Demons and angels will always be more dangerous than a regular spirit. So learn how to cast a barrier in your room so it doesn't leave without your permission and wear some protective charms on you so it doesn't harm you or take over your body. You never know what they will do. If you really do need to summon than please be ready for it. Learn how to cast a circle or two. Learn the steps of the spell/rite and ask help when needed. Don't rush the spell/rite. Summoning a spirit/demon will never get you what you request, any spirit or demon may answer your call so always ask who they are. And lastly, banish them (or softer words, send them back) because they will sometimes stay longer than they should.

Once you know that you need one to do something, like save a life or something, and the correct way to do the spell/rite then the dangers should be reduced by quite a bit. But even with all of that you are still putting up a great risk. If anything goes wrong, it will be bad. It can cause you to get nightmares, act differently, get you sick or deathly ill, and worse. This is why most spellcasters do not like summoning, the risk is always against you.

Hopefully this has helped most of the people trying to summon demons and stuff. Also bring a better understanding towards doing it. If not than at least I made it a bit safer (if they follow the four steps plus some).
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Re: Summonings
Post # 2
i must say i have summoned 9 demons and none of them did something bad to me because i showed respect to them and honored them any spirit you summon no matter what it is angel/demon etc will not harm you in any way if you show them respect and if you can understand them of course there are some spirits that might actualy harm you or even possess you if you don't know who are you summoning or what you are doing don't do it and yes i agree there must be a reason to summon someone and yes they should not be summoned only to see if they are real i mean thats why people get attacked by spirits in the first place because they don't know what they are doing yet they still do it before you do something know the risks and be ready to face them :D
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