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Post # 1
Hi, when I am asleep I think there is a demon trying to get me, when I am asleep I can see my room, I can feel my room and can sense everything in it, then I feel something invading my room, i can hear it moving and I can feel it. I can feel it moving around and I sense it's every move. When it comes to me I feel as though my life is fading away, like I am being drained of everything that is me, I then feel it next to me, I feel it's breath and its energy and I feel it's a demon, I don't know how I know but it just feels like the deepest of evils. When it's on me I can't breath, I try to scream out or shout for help but nothing comes out but a dry whisper, I feel as though I am being pushed downwards. I try my hardest to "wake up" but it doesn't feel as though I am asleep, it feels real. It once spoke to me, it's voice felt pure evil and strong, it said to me "I'm loosing my mind, I'm going to kill you" I know it sounds crazy and believe me I feel crazy, I have always had "dreams" that have been so vivid and I sometimes my dreams come true, I used to see shadows when I was a child and still do now and again and sometimes feel presence in rooms and sometimes see people and in a split second they are gone. When I was younger things used to happen, things would break or move by themselves and I remember a glass exploding in the middle of the table one evening, it was one of those heat proof glasses, it shattered all by its self. I have also died twice, once when I was bored and then when I was about five I was electrocuted, both times my heart stopped amd I have had several near death experiences, but I've always managed to stay alive lol, lucky I know.

But my question is, how do I banish a demon? My mother says I've always had high intuition and have always been "special" no idea what she means but I just know that this demon has been around me for a long time, since I've had this attack happen for a long time. I always feel tired, I suffer from chronic pains and I get headaches.
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Re: Demon
Post # 2
hi there i can tell you this that demon is a trickster by that i mean it's a demon who likes to play with humans by torturing them you should summon an entity who is stronger then that demon and you should make a protection spell so that demon can never touch you again also you should know this not all demons are evil but that one surely is i hope that helped:D
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Re: Demon
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Burn sage in your room, if you can, get sage incense and burn it in your room as often as you can while you're in it (don't leave the house while its there.)

For the initial banishing, take two silver candles and one white, have the white in the middle and sit beside them, face the direction that represents your element. (EAST- Air NORTH- Earth SOUTH- Fire WEST- Water)
Visualize roots going from your body into the ground, seeping in energy from around you, gathering it within you for the strength of the banishing.
Glose your eyes, and imagine/visualize a chain attaching you to this demon.
Imagine a white light going from your roots to gathering the most of its energy at the your stomach and at your head. These lights come together at the heart, being their brightest. Visualize it melting away the chain. During this, imagine a bubble around the demon, keeping it back while the chain is melting away. When the chain detaches, imagine a bubble around you, coming from your heart and spreading outwards, keeping the demon and its negativity away from you, aswell as the chain. Imagine vibrations coming from your body, pushing it back and strengthening the bubble.

Do a short cleansing afterwards, close your eyes and visualize your room while standing in the middle. Imagine the same vibrations spreading throughout your room. Take sage leaves and put small piles at every corner of your room.

I suggest doing this all in one day. I do hope this helps. If it doesn't, I can give you as much assistance that I can.
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Re: Demon
By: / Novice
Post # 4
More over sage, vinegar cleanses "demonic" Energies.

Also another thing that you can do is to call on one of the Arch Angels to help protect you in this situation.

There are also many different banishing that you can use to help, check out the spell book.
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Re: Demon
Post # 5

Best thing to do would be to like said already, burn sage, and cast protection spell, also get a protection charm of some sort on your person. These should bore the demon enough to make it go away.

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