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a saying
Post # 1
Here is a quote, for those who practice voodoo, 'one who is his own puppet master hangs his poppet needle right above his light switch,' meaning those who dabble in the craft, you'll find their correspondences near of reach for the use of their commonality. For instance, if you own a car, there are common places that one puts their keys. I whisper when I say this, 'One who is his own puppet master hangs his needle above his light switch.'

I actually came up with this quote, because I just now noticed how I hang my poppet needle wedged between my light switch panel against the wall. It is an easy reach and doesn't get lost. It is like when I turn the light switch on, the needle comes to life.

Like a mad man with a pen, just wanting eagerly to write his next essay; I have become acquainted with using my poppet needle, for sowing dolls. My whole closest is filled with many special dolls. Just mere representations of people both near and far. Lol! I am not that creepy. Come on!

But that wouldn't be a bad expansive idea, if one were to make voodoo dolls sold in a package, with instructions and the correct materials for their use. You know how much money that could make? It sounds actually smart, because that would be a great way to get people involved in the craft. You have those who like love spells, then you have those who like revenge spells, then you have those who like both.

Second thought, I think I got a few Halloween presents to make, while I prepare for Samhain. Get it? No, they will be actual nice comprised, well constituted, voodoo doll packages, ready for the buyer to use. I could just imagine how much of a nightmare that could dawn on those who celebrate Christmas, if they were to ever receive any such voodoo doll package, as a present.

I, for one, would like such premade packages, just for the sake of having novelty items to look at, on display. Kind of like how I am between awe and being dumbfounded when I walk through the kosher foods isle, thinking to myself, 'So this is what Jews tend to eat?' It is not that I am a tourist, I have a joy for occult and cult-like artifacts, because they have stories behind their little mysteries.

Ones own puppet master hangs his needle above his light switch. I don't know if that saying even flies yet.
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Re: a saying
Post # 2
I usually give my littleone a "magickal" type gift every year. Given Christ was born in the summer or spring/fall depending on which historical/anthropological information you prefer, xmass is a good time fore craft gifts as it is a craft holiday.
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Re: a saying
Post # 3
Hey, you start selling those let me know. Might be interested in purchasing.
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