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Elamental Symbolism.

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Elamental Symbolism.
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Elamental Symbolism.
Post # 1
I came across a table of elamental symbolism in The Twenty One Lessons Of Merlin by Douglas Monroe. This is a book on Celtic Druid magick and lore but I believe that it applies to all aspects of witch craft.

Magick is divided into two primary elements. The moon which embodies the Godess, force, black/dark, passive, invisable, fantasy, otherworld, winter, contractive, cold/cool and female and the Sun which embodies the God,light, form, visible, active, summer, expansive, world, heat/hot day, and Male.

From two comes the four elements. Under Moon is Earth and Water and under Sun is Air and Fire. These four elements can be associated with the four moon cycles as well. Under Earth is the New Moon. Water is the Waning moon. Air is the Waxing moon. Fire is the Full moon.

From these four elements we can then see the eight quarter and cross quarter days of the year. Under earth comes Imbolic and Midwinter or Yule. Under Water comes Samhain and the fall equinox. Under Air comes Beltain and the spring equinox. Under fire comes Lugnassad and the summer solstice.

And then Under those would come the seven chakra's which officially in the book are only colors but we see chakra energy by color which I believe can vary for diffrent people. So these are my associations which are also diffrent in elemantal catagory as those in the book as well. Under earth we have the Sacral chakra which some confuse as the root chakra. The very bottom of the spine is offically known as the sacral vertabrae (Look it up in the med books.) So therefore it is the sacral chakra and is orange. And then next comes the Root chakra which is just above the genatals this is red. Under Water we have the Throat chakra which is associated with speech and concious idea and the Heart chakra which is associated with emotion both of which can be ever changeing.

According to the book Heart spans over into Air with a second one which I believe is the Navel chakra which is located Behind the belly button and is Yellow. Followed by Fire which encompasses The Third Eye chakra which I believe is Violet or purple and the Crown Chakra which is Indigo or white.

I also submit my personal belief that Heart does not span into Air but is replaced by the Third Eye chakra which I believe is an Air chakra because it allows us to see into the other worlds and sense things that are not there. And I believe that the Crown Chakra is also an Air Chakra because it is our connection with the divine and the heavens as some would call them or the universe at large. The Navel chakra would be moved to Fire because this is where our personal power comes from and in Martial Arts is the source flow of our Ki energy for comabat. I also believe that there is an eighth chakra located under the rib cage in the diaphram area which because it is not widely believed in or well known I have deemed to be colorless or black. This I believe is our balanceing chakra. But these are all just my opinions and are not represented in the book or are giving as total fact.
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Re: Elamental Symbolism.
Post # 2
Thank you for sharing this, very well written.
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