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If a spirit is attached

Forums ► General Info ► If a spirit is attached
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If a spirit is attached
Post # 1
If If a spirit is attached to u let's say from birth if it has helped u most of ur life is there a possibility of it ever harming u it has helped me I have even asked it to reveal its self I can sense its energy I talked to my moms friend who is a practicing psychic her wrds were it is a dark being from my past life that I became one wit for power in that life she told me it would be best to ask someone more experience to help me understand better so I came on here to ask one of my fellow practioners who has a high understanding of how past lives work has anyone been through this or known a person who has how can I knw I'm not doomed to repeat my past life one last thing might have no meaning but wen I can hear it speak it tells me our time is. Coming this year the return of them I Dnt knw who is returning anyone wit help i would be very grateful blessings to all
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Re: If a spirit is attached
By: / Novice
Post # 2
holy run on sentence. while the spirit could have other motives, it could care for you like any friend. think of it like this, you make a friend who is really nice to you, and looks out for you, but they don't always make the best choices and a lot of people [parents included] think your friend is going to drag you down and is a bad influence. they could be right and you can't see it, or maybe they just don't know your friend well enough.

the spirit with me is kind of similar, if he doesn't like someone, they'll know, when my friend is doing her pendulum work, she says she can feel two icy hands being slammed into her back when he uses it. all the other spirits are warmer, gentler. i have no clue about this 'return of them' thing, ask for more information. if you ask me, i'd figure out some stuff, like why you want the spirit around, does the spirit harm more people then help, does it influence you in any way. then, talk with the spirit about all your concerns. if you start to get the impression it wishes you harm, you could tell the spirit it cannot harm you or your loved ones or you will banish it, or you could just ask it to leave then cleanse your home. harsh, so use your judgement. i just think you're really close, it could be a negative force, but not with you because your friends. keep a level head to make sure the spirit doesn't turn on you.
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Re: If a spirit is attached
Post # 3
You live your life in the present and for the present and future no matter what you do at the time. So no just because something is attached to you does not mean you are doomed to repeat a past life again. It could be that you enslaved it or made a contract with it in the past and it is still there. It could also be something to help you and will only reveal itself when it thinks it is ready.
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