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Dreamcatcher wont work/AP

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Dreamcatcher wont work/AP
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Dreamcatcher wont work/AP
Post # 1
I've had my dreamcatcher for two days. I made it myself. I didn't have any feathers but I took some nice-looking strings and put some beads at the end of it instead.

I thought about AP yesterday and I wanted to AP into my last holidays. Surprisingly, I dreamed about my last holidays. I was there, happy, and it felt real. Afterwards, the dream turned into a nightmare and incorporated my current worries about my future job and choices I have to make.

I woke up tired and scared.

How can I "fix" the dreamcatcher so that it works better tonight?
Did I experience the beginning of AP or was it just a regular dream?
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Re: Dreamcatcher wont work/AP
By: / Novice
Post # 2
probably just a dream. you could bless and/or purify the dream catcher with a sage smudge stick. also, where exactly is the dream catcher? i've always been told it must be placed near the head of your bed beside a window [or at least somewhere where the morning light will touch it] because dreams will go through the web of the catcher to get to you, and bad dreams will get stuck, being destroyed by the morning light.

another thing you could look into is you routine before bed, what you watch, eat, do can effect your dreams. like when you were thinking about your lest holiday, you can tell yourself to dream of things sometimes, takes practice, but it works. also, certain foods can effect your dreams, my friend will eat cheese before bed if she wants extremely vivid dreams. myself, if i eat cheese before bed, it result in the worse nightmares i've ever experienced. same goes with smell, i have a friend who uses a few drops of peppermint on her pillow when she wants a restless, seemingly dreamless, night, while another friend uses peppermint when he wants prophetic dreams.

try the blessing/purification, if it doesn't work, try making another one. not too sure if it should be made in a certain moon phase or not, i'll ask my friend next time i see her.
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Re: Dreamcatcher wont work/AP
Post # 3
My dreamcatcher is on my printer (it's turned off most of the time). My printer is a meter away from my window, and on the right side of my bed.

I ended up using salt to chase the bad dreams that were caught in it. I walked around it three times, saying a little chant, and let it sit outside for an hour.

I think I'll try dreaming about the same thing tonight, concentrating on it to change the outcome of the dream.

Crime/ Procedural TV shows usually help me go to sleep, as weird as it sounds. I've fallen asleep in front of the TV a couple of times while watching CSI/ The Mentalist/ NCIS, etc.
In any case, they help me sleep well because I find them very entertaining. Watching murders also helps me release inner anger. I'm not a violent person at all, so I guess it must be cathartic.

I didn't watch TV yesterday. I probably should have done something relaxing before going to bed instead of worrying about my future.
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Re: Dreamcatcher wont work/AP
By: / Novice
Post # 4
there you go, you were worrying about something, and it manifested in your dream. with worries, meditation works well, helps you clear your mind and focus, and the answer tends to come to a person in that state. try lavender, it's calming. personally i think it stinks like no tomorrow, but tons of people love it. you could also find some calming tea to have right before bed.
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