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Has anyone scryed and see images actually take form, before your eyes? I have, but it was on a stone that is a part of my fireplace. My eyes were glued to the stone. I saw vivid images, taking place on stone slab. The premonitions that I had were basically what did dwell or is dwelling within my home, and what power resided within my home, as a blessing. I was just sitting in my living room one day, and I took a look at the stone wall of my fireplace, then there it was. Well, the premonitions were that something was closing in on me, from another path, or other people from another path. Like I was surrounded, as if I was attracting something of some sort.

Then some of the images that came to fruition were something that meant I have a dark side that likes to come out, every once in a while. I know some people that will say the same thing about him or herself.

To end on a good note, one of the things that I can describe that I saw; it was like I saw the witch's spirit. They were like in bond, but by the craft. It felt to me like my home was blessed by what felt like the witch's spirit. I saw witches, not wizards, in formation and in integration with one another. I even saw witches on brooms. When I say wizards, I mean male witches.

Well, that isn't the end of my story. I also remember seeing what felt like various spirits attracted to my home, of all kinds, because of my light. I saw forms of entities without legs, drifting towards my home.

I guess that would make sense that my home is blessed, because I put a broom up my chimney, with things that I inscribed on it, with the broom handle sticking out. My idea that putting a broom sticking out of one's chimney would bless the home.

The darkest account I had with the scrying was that my alter-ego was saying hello. I don't believe in alter-egos, but I do believe in counterparts, as an occultist. I believe in an angelic and demonic counterpart. Let's just say, I have come across my demonic-counterpart more than once, in this case. I personally came to believe that one's demonic-counterpart has to do with one's physical well-being, in all aspects. This includes the craft. It makes sense, when one's angelic-counterpart is more concerned with one's relationship with that long lost god, Yahweh, everyone is seemingly forgetting. From what I saw, it only proves that my demonic-counterpart symbolically dwells on my left side. I think the over all meaning was that there was something going to come to pass, but a rebirth in some form, that made sense to me.

Other than that, scrying is awesome.
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