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Post # 1
can you curse some one that harmed you and the three fold law wont come to you
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Re: curses
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to General Info from Magic Items.
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Re: curses
Post # 3
Here is a paragraph from, The Satanic Bible, 'Small wonder that the "white" magician fears retribution after casting an "evil" spell! Retribution, to the guilt-ridden sender, would be assured, by their very conscience-stricken state!'

I personally and rightfully don't believe in karma, because it is someone's conscience that paves the way to retribution, not this "universal karma" itself. I guess if someone wants to welcome good 'karma' from the universe, it is how one presents him or herself towards others, because others will naturally see this light and be astounded by it. Generally when someone gets their darma flowing, I would think that they resonate something that is welcoming, but a guilt-stricken mind only manifests itself, as if the one who dwells on such guilt meditates for retribution to happen, in the first place. Who knew someone could lie to his or herself?

It is like that saying, one's mind can be the best friend or the worst enemy.

That is just my philosophy and one of my path, and I am sure there are many other view points and opinions on beliefs. I've never heard of a three fold law in the bible, but I heard of what goes around comes around. Well, that is to say, I was making a cross-reference.

I would say this though, there is a price for everything in this world, and we generally are accountable for our actions, in some form or some way, but that doesn't mean we always face to pay a price or the price. As far as ethical issues may be concerned about issues that pertain on the hopes of a three-fold law, who is a person to say what is right and what is wrong? Apparently, it is we, ourselves, at times, and many times, but for everything else, I seek answers from the craft, or hand my situation(s) up to my deities.

The best things that I have learned and were given to me, were when I didn't choose to strike down my enemies when it was so easy to do so. Instead, I ignored them entirely and bigger and better things come along. If you could leave this world and jump to another, wouldn't you be so willing to give up all your belongings and possessions that much more willingly than you are willing now?

I believe in blessings and metaphysical weather, because surely what goes around comes around, and it is our choice to make it pour back down, or just let it go.

I think that is a wise question, about if there is a three fold-law. I think it would be even wiser not to share one's own philosophies, but only when asked.

Is it ok to curse someone that harmed you without the three-fold law coming back to fruition upon you? Well, if you believe in the three-fold law, then the answer to the very question is, no. No, because wouldn't that just bring back a three-fold to you, only digging you deeper into what is, a self-made trap? Like I said, just let it go? But I can't tell you what to do, but to move on.

One person once told me, anger will hold a person back and blind them. It makes a person stuck, because they are so focused on that anger that it prevents one from experiencing newer and better things in life. Then again, it is what we love doing that we then find bigger and newer things to that little thing we called life. I guess the thing is, when someone does something malicious and their fruits become of that negative aspect, it can be very hard to find others who find recognition in that person's likings.

I guess the real lesson is that, when you curse someone, don't do it out of overly personalized intent, just do it without doing it, but put that energy into it, and forget about it. Somethings I guess we just have to get out of our system.

There is one more thing, I almost forgot. It was kindness unto the enemy. It is unorthodox, but enemies find it confusing and hate it. Well, the best thing to do in the case of dealing with enemies, I would say, would be treating them with kindness. Because it repels. I would say it is family friend also. I guess everybody is going to love today. Somebody shock-shock me. "Love today."

Well, there is a difference between superficial kindness and selfless kindness. Why can't we all just love today?
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Re: curses
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
The three-fold-law is a wiccan belief, it is only a belief and not something everyone agrees with.

When you consider cursing someone, the best thing to consider is if it may be better to teach them, and not maliciously harm them. Most things people do to cause us anger are trivial in perspective. If they haven't physically harmed you or caused your life or those around you intense traumatic circumstances, then a curse is probably too extreme. If someone hurts your feelings, you wouldn't want to physically assault them. It isn't "balanced" action. Just.

I like to see casting in terms of what I would do physically. So I ask myself, would I use words and actions to ruin someone's life? I have yet to answer yes. Too many people use it as an easy way to hurt people without them being capable of fighting back and hurting them. But it isn't that easy. Curses are dangerous because they can be reflected back onto the caster. The one you curse may not know magick, but there could be a single family member or friend that does. You'll think its "backfire" or "three fold law" but in truth, you've just been outdone. "Wars" develop this way, and they can get very ugly. Throw curse, break curse, throw spell, break spell...until someone "wins" but both are hurt due to the aftermath. And its gone on like this for ages! Conjurers of opposing tribes would battle like this. "Blood feuds" that involved magick could turn into catastrophe. It's just no good!

Now, going back to the subject. You want to curse someone. I'll be honest, I've thrown my share. But I don't do it anymore because life really is a web. And when you hurt one person, you end up hurting those around them too that were completely innocent. And if you're close enough to them, you'll end up effecting yourself. I observed this with my own eyes, so I stopped.

But I'm not going to stop you. I DO believe that when someone maliciously harms another, there should be an equivalent reaction. But like a parent that punishes a child, it should fit the crime and be a learning experience, so they are less likely to ever repeat their deed. That's cause and effect, justice, balance, lessons, not curses. A curse is just purely spite or revenge, it is malice fulled by anger. But wanting to correct someone's misdeeds is taking a higher road. It may be negative magick but putting a child in a time out or taking away their toy isn't exactly positive either.

So choose your action wisely and consider all possibilities.
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Re: curses
Post # 5
If there was a stone for making a decision in the face of determining whether to curse someone or not, it would be chrysocolla. The word that I think surrounds it, as one word, would be balance. Interestingly enough, it is said to be the stone of the shaman. Intuitively, I think that says something about the shaman, in general. "Balance."
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