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Psychic vampire

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Psychic vampire
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Psychic vampire
Post # 1
I know the blood sucking vampires dont exist, but the one thats drain peoples energy do, and i would like to talk to one. I want to understand them and know more about them. Anybody know one or is one?

Re: Psychic vampire
By: / Novice
Post # 2
i know a few but online i've only come across one, and i haven't seen him in a while. is there something specific you'd like to know? i know a little.

Re: Psychic vampire
Post # 3
Try reading the, Vampire Codex. I am sure one can find it online.

Re: Psychic vampire
Post # 4
Im sure theres lots of things online that i can read, but id like to chat with a real psychic vampire that has their own thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences.
And no, nothing really specific, i just wanna chat and see where the conversation goes.

Re: Psychic vampire
Post # 5
There are ones who drink blood,but they're not the same as the movie monsters.

Re: Psychic vampire
Post # 6
I believe those are Sanguine vampires. People think why blood well its simple blood is pack and i mean packed with life giving energy. Its why blood magick is powerful. When you need a lot of energy your going to crave something that has a lot fo it like when you crave chocolate cake cause you love chocolate.

Re: Psychic vampire
Post # 7
Blood is a form of life force. As it is said, that blood is the life, but our bodies make more blood every so often. Correct me if I am wrong, but it varies, and it may be about every two weeks that blood is regenerated.

It is like when summoning something. The way that ceremonial magicians get the entity to appear, it is partly by having enough energy, or else the entity won't manifest itself, because there needs to be given 'life' in order for the entity to take its form. The more blood the more energy. It is like when animals die they let off a lot of life force, which is why 'black' magick can be so powerful, because some magicians, excuse the term, will use blood of their own or sacrifice an animal. When something dies it lets off a lot of life force, a lot of energy. We expel energy all the time, but exerting it during a ritual will explain why the most successful spells will sometimes leave the spell caster tired afterwards.

I personally found that repeatedly casting will make the intended outcome stronger, or the spell stronger. So that just might be another concept to life-force. What energy we give basically accumulates after a while, if we are persistent in ritual. Kind of makes sense to be consistant in our meditations, especially something like chakra meditation, or the middle pillar ritual.

That is a rule of thumb, pardon the term, but you know the spell worked when you get dog tired and or hungry after casting. One time, I could barely drive comfortably because I was so tired, after casting a spell. One can exert a lot of energy out of his or herself, in many ways, and creative ways, and in ways by accident. Interesting what one finds, from time to time.

Blood can be addicting, I think. I don't know why it is very addicting, but I have my hunches; leave it at that. You know what, I, at times, crave blood or the taste of blood. I see that as the most exciting thing in the world, is the sight of blood. When I say exciting, I mean erotic. But I am stuck with just psi-feeding, breathing in peoples' aura, or at times, extending tentacles to subconsciously feed. It is always the weirdest thing, but true, that the partners I sleep next to always complain about not having energy the next day, or so. Well, I guess it goes into that idea that the longer an object is near one's aura, then that object is connected to that person that much stronger than a mere touch of contact. I guess sleeping next to another would leave those tentacles strongly connected, and that donor wouldn't be really regenerating their energy while sleeping, because the psi-vampire would be naturally feeding all night.

One last note. Anyone can make themselves into whatever they so choose, or do what they want, to say the least. Psi-vampires do exist. If one can learn to become empathic, then why not 'pranic.'

Re: Psychic vampire
Post # 8
Feel free to message me

Re: Psychic vampire
Post # 9
so you can only be born one right? or can you do a spell to be one... how do i know if i am one from no spells like just being born one are there like 'signs' or something and also how can i find out if my friend is one

Re: Psychic vampire
Post # 10
I have a friend who told me i am a psychic vampire beacuse i am taking energy from her but i Dont know

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