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sensation of a tattoo

Forums ► Misc Topics ► sensation of a tattoo
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sensation of a tattoo
Post # 1
Well, if I had to ask, then I can't afford it. Actually I want to see what everyone else has to say, about this. I have this tattoo, on my chest. It is the symbol of the horned god. It is the inverted pentagram, or as it is commonly known as. Simple inverted tattoo, that lays over my heart. Black ink. At times it can feel like a portal, because a couple of times I saw and felt orbs run through it. It has been a while since I got that attuned to those orbs, but every once in a while, I see them buzzing around.

My real question is what do you guys think, when I can feel my very soul and heart hurting to the sound of a person playing his guitar, as if the music is way to fast for my comfort? My friend was playing some Metallica tunes, on the six string. Just one of my buddies, hanging out.

He started to play that fast paced heavy metal Metallica plays. Then it was like my very self could feel the music. It felt like it was piercing my soul and my heart, as it also made my heart race, as fast as the strumming. It was like an engulfing piercing pain, but it soon subsided as the guitar playing stopped. I love Metallica, as I do all kinds of music, and all bands, because of the very feeling I can feel from them. This is sort of the feeling that I am talking about, where it feels metaphysical, but physical. It felt black, like a black cloak inside of my body. It is kind of like, when you feel a pressure behind your eyes, and that is one way to sense if someone is watching you, or one way you can literally feel it. Or it is like when my ears are ringing, out of nowhere, and I get the idea that so and so were just talking about me. I think where this whole thing might be getting at, is empathy or empathic. Many times these things happen.
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Re: sensation of a tattoo
By: / Novice
Post # 2
As we will soon be dicussing in the post on magic basics, sound carries energy. Sounds like you are becoming aware of the energy that the music carries with it. I like Metallica too, but I don't listen to them often because of the energy and vibration their music carries. It sounds like you are being given a lesson. The real question is what does it mean for you?

As far as the tattoo... Maybe that wasn't the best choice for someone who is looking to become more spiritually open. Just a thought.


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Re: sensation of a tattoo
Post # 3
Yes, I would take that as a lesson. Sound does carry an energy.

I know that if I play the guitar, and if I focus, I can give someone a headache and a head rush, but it is when I pick the head of the guitar, strumming an inconsistent beat. I do this also with visualization. I think it is something just about anyone can learn to do. I am not talking about a poor sound, I am talking about unleashing an induced energy upon someone.

It was just one of my projects that I tested on a person. The person I tried it on, we were talking about spiritual attack, and I was giving him advice on how to defend what he was up against. He was getting spiritual attacks from this guy who was into 'sorcery,' which is in my opinion, is the consumption or use of drugs to make one's mind more metaphysically sharp or attuned.

That is just my definition, but I am going by a biblical definition for the word, 'sorcery.' I use the bible, in my studies, as a reference from time to time.

So what my friend was experiencing, was from a sorcerer, in my opinion, that kept projecting an energy that I replicated, with the strum of the guitar, but what I did was more in minor fashion, compared to the sorcerer. I showed my friend what his enemy basically does, and how his enemy can do it. I didn't tell him what I was doing at first, but he soon got the picture. ;) End of story.

There is more to using sound for energy use/work. For instance, I had a curse on someone, a spell that was cast, so I stood from the distance and chanted whatever came to mind, but I was aiming at the targets chest, the targets weak point, where I caused him severe chest pain. He claimed he had severe heart burn. Each time I would chant, and direct that focus on his chest, that is when the pain would be inflicted. He would hurl over.

As a disclaimer, my renouncing of my own word, I don't urge anyone to try cursing anyone, and chanting at their targets weak spot, or trying anything without a backup plan, or trying any of the like without realizing the possible consequences. Simply be careful. I don't promote anything malicious. Last note, my metaphysical doing is my own doing, which means my battles are my battles.

Thanks Shawn
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Re: sensation of a tattoo
Post # 4
As for the tattoo, there are personal reasons why I put it in that location. Thanks for the reassurance and concern, Shawn.

Another thing to do with energy work, having to do with sound. It was something I tested, on many subjects to confirm the consistency, and analyze the consistencies. I got onto a live video psychic chat, online. There were a variety of 'psychics,' so to speak. Some very great intuitives, some talented in many ways, and some very wise in simply interpreting the tarot.

So from each subject, I did the same thing, and the aim was to have the fortunetellers give bad readings, or not be able to read at all. It was confusion as I intended. What I did, was light my candle and incense, and with my wand I drew the hexagram in the air, in the invoking manner, multiple times, while chanting my chant of intention. I won't share what I chanted, but it was something where the aim was confusing the intended parties. Each tarot reader; each intuitive gave readings that they either had trouble picking up on, or where their minds were clouded. It was confusion, what else? I also always wear some sort of talisman, while casting.

Casting just doesn't amount to having an altar with a circle, but simply whipping out the wand and drawing imaginary symbols in the air, while raising the intended energy with some chants.

I regret doing that, but I just had to test some things out. I mean, there are things we know by 'theory,' but there then comes the time to put our knowledge to the test.

Well, to end on a more positive note, as a means to share more knowledge, when defending against the most practical types of spiritual/metaphysical attack; such as, a curse, or any other, one should cleanse their house and sleeping area before going to sleep. The time when, in my opinion, the metaphysical aspects are at their strongest, is when an individual is sleeping, because one's body is more susceptible or closer to the affects of something metaphysical while his or her body is in a relaxed state. And that is not mentioning the different aspect, on how the veil is at its closest at some point at night.

For instance, I've seen curses cast the night before, where the victim woke the next morning with some unknown sickness. Just a thought: always cleanse and do a ritual before you sleep, in whatever ways suitable, when the air feels thick or when your premonitions tell you otherwise. Smudging is great, because it is a thick smoke and it is substance, yes substance, that takes up space, while all the while, sage is said to be a cleansing purifying herb.

The reason why I have my tat over my heart, is because I wanted the horned god to stay within my heart, and I also see it as the pouring down of masculine energy, masculine power. I also suspect that is would serve as a mark, so the spirit world can see who I am. Just thought that would suffice as a tattoo that I just had to have, as a . . . whatever. I celebrate the Sabbats and the Esbats, so in political terms I am pagan.

Actually one more note. Whatever vibes that there is in the place, I can just feel the vibes and sort of see the vibes, as they are. For instance, when I am at funerals, I get weak at the knees, when everyone is sobbing and crying. I want to fall to the floor. Especially Russian Orthodox funerals, because where I am from, the whole community comes out, so you can imagine a cathedral full of sorrow. I personally I don't like attending funerals. I don't think anyone does.
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