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Love Magick
Post # 1
Love Magick is used in various ways. Ether unwillingly or willingly to bring a love to you. It can also be used to help others rekindle an old relationship (Which is what I like to do to help others with this mattter.)

Is it okay to help others by doing a good Love spell for them?
And, is it okay to use a Love spell to bring a Love to you (Willingly, not posessing the Love)?
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Re: Love Magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
From what I have seen, love spells seem to be a tricky issue as many see it as taking away a persons free will. However, in my opinion certain love spells or love magik explains that if it is not meant to be, it wont work. And that it will only work if the person it is intended to truly wants to be with you (or whoever the spell is for.)

I have seen many love spells which end with a phrase such as "And it harm not so be it." In my opinion taking away a persons free will is doing harm, which makes me think these certain spells will only work if the other person feels somewhat the same way as you.

One love spell I have seen is simply about sending out "vibrations" to the person, giving them encouragement to respond to them IF they choose to. If you want more information on this spell feel free to mail me.

People have a lot of different opinions on love magik, my only advice would be to be careful and make sure you are certain and that you are not harming anyone or taking away anyone's free will. Because if it does work, you will end up wondering if they really love you or if it is simply the spell working.

However, I am not an expert and this is mostly only opinion. I also dislike to use the term "love spell" but I can't think of anything else to call it.

I hope this helped you in some way. :)
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Re: Love Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 3
love magic is a grey area. 'help' others with your spell, you can, but both have to be willing and know what's going on. if one member in the relationship asks for a spell to keep the other faithful, or to spice up a dying relationship, then it's not helping because the relationship might need to end because there's someone/something better waiting for one/both of them.

willingly bring a lover to you? if the love spell you're casting is not directed at one person and you're visualizing your dream person and asking the universe to bring them to you, then it's ok. to cast over someone you like, then yes it's bad. but if you think 'i want someone who's just like Jonny Depp in Benny and Joon.' then you're ok, you are wanting a funny nice guy, but not jonny depp to come over and fall in love with you. [also, casting on celebrities never work, so i've been told but never tried.]

love magic, like all magic, needs to be thought about long and hard because acting on impulse can lead to disaster.
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