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Odd dream.

Forums ► General Info ► Odd dream.
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Odd dream.
Post # 1
Before i start i should say that ,while norse paganism isn't really my thing,i don't hate any of the norse deities,anyway,part of the dream isn't very relavent to the end and it dosn't really make sensce so i'll just tell you about the part i am curios about,i was walking the the woods somewhere with someone i don't know,we came to a place in the woods and a norse god(i'm not sure who it was) came and there was a goddess whos name didn't sound nordic,she was going to kill us,for some reason(and this makes me think that the dream could have just been random nonsensce)i had a japanese sword and i thought i could kill her first,i was about to try when i woke up,agian i don't hate norse gods and goddesses,in fact,i am a little bit interested in hel,also i'm not sure if it matters but the person i was walking with was supposed to be related to oden,i don't normally have these kinds of dreams,at least i can't remember having a lot of dreams like this,i know i've sed this already but i don't hate norse deities,i don't feel very drawn to them but i don't hate them.
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Re: Odd dream.
Post # 2
Sorry about my spelling mistakes,i was going to fix them but i fergot not to push add comments yet,sorry i just woke up and was trying to post this before i fergot the dream.
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Re: Odd dream.
Post # 3
There are lots of dream interpretation websites out there, try Google. The best way I know though, is to pick out all the important stuff in your dreams, people, animals, places, objects, words spoken, actions, and think about what they mean to you and how they related to each other in the dream.
There are several types of dreams and sometimes they are just nonsense, so don't worry if you can't find a meaning.
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Re: Odd dream.
Post # 4

Here is what i recommend for everyone who asks about dreams, even if information is provided...

It seems like you are not providing many details and information about your dream, which you need to be interpreted. If you want your dream to be explained and interpreted in the best way, with a high qualify you do need to provide as much information and details as you can give us. If you do not wish to share your dream here and present it to us, you will always have other ways to get meaning of every detail you saw.

My advice is : try to get meanings by yourself. In my opinion, dreams i interpret by myself are more qualified for my. And why do I present this statement?

Because you are the one who had the dream, and you do remember all of the details and information by one to one. Even if you will try to provide all of the information you have in your head here, you will still have more potential to get better meanings by yourself. As you know, sometimes we forget to write down some things that we dreamt about.
Also do not forget that people have different meanings and explanations for the things they see. If one person will tell you an explanation of a symbolic item you have seen in a dream, another person might have another meaningful explanation to tell about the symbolic item you have seen.
So i advised you to do it by yourself since you might have other explanations for symbolic things such as specific items which you dreamt about because it is what it means for you. Here your idea is what matters, so it is the best to get meaning about your dreams by yourself. Remember that you dream about meaningful things for you, and that is why you are the one who has to think about your own dreams.

I also advise the same thing for other people who are looking for interpretations for their dreams. Instead of asking another people, and not giving enough details you can simply get your answers by your own self. This is the same situation such as casting your own spells instead of giving a spell caster to cast your spells, this is much better in that condition :)

Go and read about how to get meanings about your dreams, write down details about your dreams - and get information and gather your explanations about any detail one by one. Trust me, the results will be amazing and it will be the best interpretation you can ever get.
Though if you still wish to get someone else who will do this thing for you (less recommended), give details and information one by one, and wait for your interpretation...

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Re: Odd dream.
Post # 5
Thanks,both of You.
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