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Direct contact with E.T.

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Direct contact with E.T.

Direct contact with E.T.
Post # 1
Hi all,
I’m new here. Hopefully I don’t get too much flack for this type of topic. I believe in my recent past I had at least two encounters with extraterrestrials, not just the ship. I mean the actual entities. These two encounters happened when I was awake, and not on any mind altering substances. However, each time I encountered them I only remember their image in my head, how their presence felt, how I felt. I even remember their ability to talk to me telepathically (it was technology being used that allowed this). But, and here is a big but, it seemed like my memory was erased afterwards.

It made it seem like I only remember a basic outline of the experience, mostly their image, but not the details of what one told me. Since I had the chance to encounter entities twice, I believe I may be able to do it again. So I was wondering if anyone here might be aware of methods I can consider that may give me results in making contact. I’d like to be able to experience an encounter where I am fully conscious, and my memory is not wiped afterwards.

Maybe, it’s not possible. But I thought I reach out to this community, and see the type of experiences or related response I could get. I know it’s possible to summon demons, or spirit entities. As I have actually done that before, and know how. However, I am pretty certain that these alien entities are not demons or spirits. Demons/Spirits have a hard time taking physical form in my experience. These alien entities are physical beings that harness technology in a very unimaginable type of way. So they’re different.

Anyways, I appreciate the sincere responses and ideas, thank you.
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Re: Direct contact with E.T.
Post # 2
Well people will give you grief and call you a "fluffy" but not me. Anyways if it happened twice already if they want to find you they will. That's mostly all I have to say. I've never encourtered something like that. Sorry
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Re: Direct contact with E.T.
By: / Novice
Post # 3
As it happens, I do not know a whole lot about abductions. The only time I encountered them was during meditation, in a telepathic, non-physical state. I think they got more than they bargined for. (Big Evil Grin)

As a hypnotherapist, I would recommend you find a good hypnotist. Not to help you remember. Too many hypnotist do not know how to lead a client, and will input false memories. that is why hypnosis is not accepted as evidence in court. However, a good hypnotist will be able to put in a post hypnotic suggestion that when and if the event happens again you will recall the entire event in full detail.


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Re: Direct contact with E.T.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

i believe you are on the wrong site this site is about magic not aliens

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Re: Direct contact with E.T.
Post # 5
I can't say I have any experience with that but I agree with the other comments, except the last one, you're allowed to ask anyone's opinion. No harm in that.
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Re: Direct contact with E.T.
Post # 6
I disagree with the post about not being able to talk about it. This is a site which is intended for serious magickal discussion, something which requires an open mind. Your story if true would require advice from such people as the traditional world might otherwise disregard your story entirely. I have never had such an experience however if I were you take what you have learned and let it be. You have been fortunate to come out of these experiences unscathed , not everyone who had similar experiences can say the same.
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Re: Direct contact with E.T.
By: / Novice
Post # 7
I see no problem with this post. It doesn't detract from any thing else in this site. And, according Clarke's Third Law, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." I would say that being kidnapped by something not of this world is magical. Even if it is fiction (and I'm not saying it is), it's no more inappropriate than all the vampire/werewolf posts.


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Re: Direct contact with E.T.
Post # 8
Hey Shawn/ToG,
I'd like to learn more about the type of meditation you used to see these aliens in your head. I have actually seen aliens while astral projecting, and also while meditating, but it was somewhat uncontrolled and I wasn't sure if it was just my subconscious imagining it. That could be a step towards communicating with them to possibly have them appear in my actual physical space.

Thanks for the suggestion about hypnosis too. I don't think I'd like a hypnotist to help me remember what happened in my previous visits, because I don't know if that would really be accurate. But what you said about one possibly being able to help me remember if the scenario ever happened again is what I'd be interested in.

Hi Rachael7958,
Thanks for your concern, but if it's something I can actually do, I'd really like to do it. Ever since I was a small child I've had some sort of connection with extraterrestrials. When I was 7 I saw my first UFO. It was a golden shape egg, very brightly lit at around 9pm in front of my house. My mom was there to see also see it. She said "Look it's a UFO!". And I was actually shaking and terrified lol.

I saw the same golden shape bright UFO again at 11 years old. When I saw it the second time I was so terrified I ran and lock myself in my room. This time it was closer to the ground, and I truly thought it was coming for me.

After that I began having dreams, where I would end up on a spaceship and I would meet these entities. They were never scary dreams, they just felt extremely real, yet I could not for certain verify that they weren't dreams. So I never really accounted those as anything, but dreams.

It wasn't till about 3 years ago, where I actually had my first encounter with the physical being. It actually appeared there in my room. I remember it's image clearly, as it was pretty terrifying. It wasn't a dream too, this time I knew it was real. That time was terrifying, yet I appreciate the experience, it is something special to get to see these beings in your own actual space.

The second time it happened to me, where they appeared in my space. I was beginning to try to contact them through telepathy. When they appeared the second time, I was not expecting them at all. And it was 3 of them instead of 1. I vaguely remember them asking if I wanted to go with them, and some other stuff that sounded so clear in my mind as telepathy. And for some reason even though I asked for them to come, I wanted them gone. I told them they could leave now. Because in my core, I must of still been terrified for some reason?

The main thing I remember are their images, their presence, and the fear that overtook me. Me being a martial artist and a pretty tough guy who has summoned demons, and spirits before, I would think I wouldn't be afraid, but some how every time I came into contact with them. I was naturally terrified. Like it was out of my own control. Like it was my bodies natural response, like I didn't even have time to try and grasp what was actually happening.

So I'd like to be able to have the encounter again, and this time I truly believe I won't be as afraid. I'd like to be able to fully appreciate it, and not have it end in a blur like the last few times. I have a lot of questions for them.
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Re: Direct contact with E.T.
By: / Novice
Post # 9
ToG! I love it!

I would be lying if I told you what meditation I was doing. That was almost 20 years ago. I was meditating (I think it was experimenting with astral projection, but don't quote me on that.) when out of the "void" appeared these three ailen faces. Think classic greys. They looked at me for a minute and then came racing toward me, full of not good intentions.

I don't think they had ever met someone that was trained in esoteric martial arts. After shreading one and having him for dinner (Ailen psyche is tasty!), the other two decided they didn't want to stick around.

As a word of caution, I do not recommend anyone going out and picking a fight like that. Unless you are protecting yourself or someone else, you have no right to bring harm or pain to any living thing. Karma is real. Also, I had been initiated into a Hunting Lodge by this point. This was nothing new at that point of my training. Today, I might handle the situation differently.
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Re: Direct contact with E.T.
Post # 10
Just the other day, well night, I saw a bright green light that pulsed. Later that night I heard trees snapping. I blacked out, but when I woke up I was surrounded by three tall dark grey masses. In the back of my mind there was a voice saying to "just stay still, we will not harm you". Then I remember they gave me this weird shock-feeling in my arm, and I had relized every thing was so vast.The beings were huge. They put this thing (it looked like a shower head) next to me I could see a green gas coming from it. Before I had first blacked out, my watch said 11:30 pm. When everything seemed so big, my watch read 4:32 am. After being exposed to the weird "gas" everything seemed normal again. I blacked out again and when I woke up my watch said 1:12 am. I was also back in my room. I have expirienced an encounter where I "left" at 3:26 am and returned at 1:09 am. Could it be possible that "they" have some sort of temporal displacer aka a time device?
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