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Cure Depression

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Cure Depression
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Cure Depression
Post # 1
A spell to cure Depression
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Re: Cure Depression
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Meditation and self actualization is enough:)
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Re: Cure Depression
Post # 3
This isn't a spell, but I offer natural remedies for various problems, so I thought I'd just give you one, in case you can't find a spell or meditate etc. (always perform an allergy test behind your ear or on the inside of your wrist 48 hours before use)
Nose drops of warm sesame oil or brahmi ghee (2 to 3 drops in each nostril) is effective for relieving depression. If you can't get the oil anywhere, try to fast for 2 to 3 days on apple juice. This will act as a very effective nerve tonic and recharge the nerves with new energy and life. DO NOT try to use both remedies! Under any circumstances.
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Re: Cure Depression
Post # 4
Ritual for Banishing Depression
Timing: Start this ritual on a Saturday during the waning or dark moon.
Goddess candle -- White, once at center of the altar, or two at the back.
Banishing Candle -- Black, placed at the left front of the altar.
Invoking Candle -- Pink or red, placed at the right of the altar.
Incense -- Sage, cedar, rosemary or pine at the beginning of the ritual, changed later to rose or amber. Burn loose herbs on charcoal blocks to do this.
Oils -- Use Goddess or Altar oil on the Goddess candle; sage, pine or other banishing oil on the banishing candle; and rose oil on the invoking candle and for self-blessing.
Symbol Objects -- Use a black gemstone for banishing, and a piece of rose quartz or a rose quartz pendant for invoking. Place the pendant on the altar and put it on before doing the self-blessing.
Matches to light candles and incense.
charcoal blocks for loose incense.
ritual wand (if used) to cast the circle.
Light candles -- "Dress" the candles with the oils, working base to tip, (away from you) for the banishing candle and tip to base (towards you) for the invoking candle and the Goddess candles. Visualize the intent, banishing depression when handling the banishing candle, and invoking joy and self-love while "dressing" the Goddess and invoking candles. Light only the Goddess candles at this time.
Purify -- Start the charcoal block and give it time to heat up. Sprinkle loose herbs of sage, cedar, rosemary or pine on the hot coal and use the smoke for purifying. Visualize the intent of the ritual, at this point visualize banishing depression and emotional pain, while smudging with the smoke. Then light the black candle from the Goddess candle.
Cast circle/invoke a Crone Goddess or Goddesses to help in banishing, and a Goddess of gentleness and peace for the invoking part of the ritual. Try Kali the Destroyer or Hecate for banishing, and Kwan Yin for gentleness and invoking. Use Goddesses for the five elements or these two aspects only, or whatever feels right. do a full casting and invoking to make the circle, or as informal invitation to the aspects and elements.
Invocation -- Say:
Dear mothers of wisdom and grace,
I invite you here to ask your help.
I refuse my depression
and choose to banish it,
and ask instead for joy
and peace of mind.
Help me in my work tonight,
Kali and Kwan Yin.
Body of ritual -- Focus on the flame of the black candle, thinking of all the things that need changing. Remember fully all the reasons for depression and pain, acknowledge all your anger, all your rage, and all your fear. Dwell on every hurt, every feeling, every negativity. When you have focused them all onto the candle, shout "NO!" and blow the candle out in a decisive, quick motion. Watch the smoke rise from the extinguished candle, and feel all the negativity dissolving in the rising air. Breathe the banishing incense for awhile.
Now lighting the invoking candle. Do it from the Goddess candle, and sprinkle rose incense on the charcoal block. Let the light of the pink candle and the fragrance of the rose incense fill you as you watch and breathe them. Breathe the energies in deeply, remembering the qualities of Kwan Yin, or other Goddesses of mercy invoked in the ritual. Ask Kwan Yin for her presence and help.
Focus on the candle flame and think of all the good things in your life. Refill each banished item and negativity with some positive attribute; where there was pain before, replace it with love. For every wrong remember something to give thanks for; for every pain remember something joyful. Remember your accomplishments in life, how good a woman you really are. Do a series of affirmations, "I am" or "I have", to list your good qualities and the qualities you choose to become or gain. Continue stating the positives and affirmations untill you feel filled with pink light and the scent of roses.
Self-blessing -- Put on the rose quartz pendant or hold the rose quartz stone. Do your favorite self-blessing ritual slowly and lovingly, anointing your chakras with the rose oil. Breathe the scent deeply and draw it into your body, emotions, mind and spirit.
Thank Kwan Yin for your joy and Kali for her energy of change.
Open circle/ground.
Allow the pink candle to burn out itself, or extinguish and relight it nightly until at least the next Full Moon. Do affirmations nightly with the flame. Continue burning pink candles for as long as needed to remind you of new joy and positive attitude. Repeat the ritual on the next waning moon if needed; it will be needed less each time you do it. Each time, bury the remains of the black candle in the earth, along with the ashes from the incense; visualize your pain being buried and recycled with them. Repeat the self-blessing at any time, and do it often, at least every New and Full Moon. Continue wearing the rose quartz pendant, or carry a piece of the stone with you at all times. Remember you are Goddess.

Also I used to have it, there's no shame, I never did this I got through depression on my own, also had anti-depressants in the past they just mask the problem. I broke mine by forcing myself to get up, get in a routine, get out & about, try not to think things through all the time & keep busy. It's hard but u can break depression. Also access consoling through your GP they have to help and I found it very beneficial. All the best, inbox me if u want a chat any time cus I've been there b4. Blessed be :-) x
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Re: Cure Depression
Post # 5
gona post this in forms also
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Re: Cure Depression
Post # 6
Ok, thanks to all
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