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Has anyone experienced?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Has anyone experienced?
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Has anyone experienced?
Post # 1
Has anyone experienced a situation where auras were reflected and/or magnified off another person.
Basicaly, and I didnt think of this untill recently, a while back a couple of friends of mine were talking about auras. While this happened we all began looking at each others aura. When I looked at one it appeared to be a darker color kinda blue-gray and the other person's aura was a very light yellow color. When the one with the dark aura looked at mine they saw pitch black he even described it kind of like a black whole like it was pulling the surounding light into it. And the person with the light colored aura looked at mine and said I had a pure yellow aura. And when they looked at each other they saw the same thing I saw in eachother. And when I look at my own aura, I know everyone says not a good idea, I saw no color just a disturbance around myself.
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Re: Has anyone experienced?
Post # 2

This seems like you were leeching energy from your friends, not that I can without a doubt say for certain being that I can only work with educated assumptions based on what you described. People can unknowingly and even un-intentionally leech energy from others, especially if their own system is off balance or something of that sort.

I suggest trying some meditation exercises follow with grounding and balancing exercises if you intent for this phenomena to stop.Of course you can always seek someone in your area that works with the auric field and energy manipulation. But speaking with personal experiencing in working with the auric field, people's auras do interact with each other. Speaking of your situation reminds me of the article I have been working on for ages, I should probably work on that. Anyway I am curious to hear other peoples opinions and suggestions on the situation.

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Re: Has anyone experienced?
Post # 3
I get what you are saying and I have worked with this same concept. After a long period of observasions. Grounding exercises and meditation. I still run accross the same occurance when people look at my aura. And each time they say this I am usualy doing some kind or aura/energy field manipulation around my body. I have found one person that had a rainbow type aura that said they could see no color to my aura. Not realy sure. Would love to find someone in my area to talk with just havnt been able to find anyone.
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Re: Has anyone experienced?
Post # 4
Forgot one last thing I have worked with Psycic Vampirism for a while.
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Re: Has anyone experienced?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Color of energy is based off of perception, it is not like the physical where color is consistent due to wave lengths of light. Especially when observing auras people will see different colors that reflect their own interpretation of the energy and their own view points on what those colors mean. Color meanings can greatly differ from culture to culture. So its important that when someone looks at our aura and tells us the color(s) they see that we ask what that means to them.

Also, I'd also like to add that aura color can change with our moods. When I'm very angry, my aura turns black and when I'm meditating or practising magick it is usually more white. The rest of the time I usually have a deep blue all around with some purple by my head. I have been told I can't conceal my emotions, and apparently neither can my aura. Haha, joke? Ok, shake your head at my corny attempt at humor.

Anyway, I really don't put much importance on auras unless it looks/feels dirty, damaged or irregular in shape and size. A good size, strong, clean, consistent aura is really all that matters.

And as for auras working off one another, yes they do. When people are in love, their auras tend to mingle. When someone has wild or very prominent energy that doesn't sit in one place but fills every room they walk into, well it isn't good, but it tends to provoke change in other people's auras as they subconsciously react to the person's energy. And when people invade others personal space / personal "bubble" the reaction is greater. Our auras are a reflection of the mind, emotions, and spirit of each individual (and sometimes even physical health) and we all know energy can effect these, so of course a strong resonance of energy from another person can effect others around them for better or worse. Some people "light up a room" and others can "bring down" those in the same vicinity.
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